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College Park Tuning Spring Meet Car Show
May 4, 2008 College Park Tuning's Spring Meet Car Show at the University of Maryland. Including a 842whp Toyota Supra, and many others.

8 years ago    9,575 views    swartz37
Driver blacks out and plows into gas station
CLARKSVILLE, TNA man suffered serious burns after an out-of-control car crashed into a gas pump Thursday morning.A pedestrian, Chris Porter, walking through the gas station parking lot was unable to avoid a fireball caused by the explosion ...

2 years ago    5,601 views    barrister
86 CRX Wind Tunnel Testing
1986 Honda CRX SI in the Langley Full Scale Tunnel (LFST) operated by Old Dominion University. This is a senior project I am working with my roommate on (he is the owner of the car). This is one of the testing runs that shows the parts th...

8 years ago    5,182 views    Blaze86Vic
Success in racing is dependent upon many factors. A key component is having great teammates. Mazda Motorsports has joined a great team to promote broader awareness of distracted driving for new drivers. Mazda Motorsports gathered at the ...

3 years ago    2,755 views    GoRacingTV
Good Samaritans Save Man Trapped Under A Burning BMW!
A motorcycle crash in Logan just outside Utah State University trapped a young man beneath a burning car Monday morning. Good Samaritans jumped into action and likely the sole reason the young man survived, albeit serious injuries.

4 years ago    3,777 views    89FoxBody
Michigan Grand Prix Club, And Regal Members
Michigan Grand Prix Club, And Regal Members @ the Grand Valley State University Car Show 2007. Burnouts, Dub Edition Cars, And Rice Burns!! Not Burners!! Haha

9 years ago    2,668 views    BuickBoy
Coming Through
Footage captured on STOMPer Chin Tian's camera shows the SMRT bus skidding past his car -- which narrowly missed being rammed into -- before it overturned at the junction of Bukit Timah Expressway and Dairy Farm Road.The accident took place...

2 years ago    2,258 views    dayi
Ethanol Reducing Gasoline Prices - Autoline Daily 895
A study released by two universities indicates ethanol production in the U.S. significantly reduced gasoline prices last year. J.D. Power says American consumers are finally warming up to small cars, but could there be other factors at wor...

4 years ago    2,149 views    Autoline
Design Spazz Attacks - Episode 1199
Supplier company Continental teams with Google and IBM to develop technology for autonomous cars. Ford partners up with St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in Russia to develop robots for use in space. BMW offers an individual consulting ...

2 years ago    2,103 views    Autoline
Smart Drive App for iPhone - Autoline Daily 424
General Motors met with Wall Street investors and analysts yesterday and delivered a generally upbeat message about the company. The University of Michigan won its third-straight American Solar Challenge race. Audi plans to sell imported R8...

5 years ago    1,243 views    Autoline
86 CRX Wind Tunnel Shakedown
1986 Honda CRX SI in the Langley Full Scale Tunnel (LFST) that is operated by Old Dominion University. This is a senior project I am working with my roommate on (he is the owner of the car). This was the shakedown run in the morning.

8 years ago    2,245 views    Blaze86Vic
U of M Solar Car Tested at Chrysler Wind Tunnel
The University of Michigan tests its solar car, Continuum, at the Chrysler Wind Tunnel. Continuum later won the North American Solar Challenge, a 2400-mile race from Plano, Texas to Calgary, Alberta.

7 years ago    1,781 views    ChryslerVideo
How to drive a Model T
Henry Ford Estate volunteer, Ed Hebb describes the intricacies of driving the ubiquitous Model T. Produced for the Henry Ford Estate's "Centennial of the Model T " celebration. Filmed in the garage / powerhouse at Fair Lane, the historic ho...

6 years ago    17,911 views    JohnnyMayday
Mehrzweck-Roller für überfüllte Megacitys
Ein völlig neues Konzept für einen Mehrzweck-Roller stellen Wissenschaftler von TUM CREATE auf der 3. Taiwan International Electric Vehicle Show (EV Taiwan) vor: Das Zwei-Rad-Konzept-Fahrzeug VOI hat seinen Namen von dem vietnamesischen Wor...

3 years ago    1,439 views    UnitedPictures
Chrysler Under the Pentastar Oct. 12, 2012
The top stories from Chrysler Group LLC for the week of October 12, 2012: Stories include: Ram "Moving Heaven and Earth" ad campaign, 2013 Ram 1500 Wrap on the Chrysler HQ building, Sergio Marchionne visits Ohio State University to discuss ...

3 years ago    1,314 views    ChryslerVideo
Hertz to Rent Porsche Panamera - Autoline Daily 925
Rental car company Hertz announced it's adding the Porsche Panamera to its fleet. Chevy and Chrysler are offering new incentives to try and boost sales. Researchers at Michigan State University have come up with a new biofuel production pro...

3 years ago    1,003 views    Autoline
DJI Phantom Quad Copter RTF With GPS Navigation and Autopilot System #
So I'm in Boston MA at the Boston University and we finished unloading this morning the Mike ( The Quad Copter Owner ) breaks out his DJI Phantom Quad Copter for some flying fun.The wind was a light breeze out, I was amazed how stable this ...

2 years ago    584 views    RocketDogRc
Audi TT Production
Györ, the Hungarian city on the Danube, is an ideal for the manufacturing of high-tech engines and cars. Its merits lie not merely in the high availability of skilled workers and highly qualified university graduates.AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft...

2 years ago    649 views    qauser University: Head Stud Install
Two Guys Garage's Kevin Byrd explains how to properly install head studs in your engine as well as some tips to keep from damaging your block.

5 years ago    205 views    PowerTV
PRI 2013 E3 Spark Plugs
Developed in conjunction with and validated by researchers from leading engineering universities, E3’s patented Edge-to-Edge technology provides maximum performance with increased combustion efficiency. Learn more at:

2 years ago    157 views    SIMedia
Gold Nanoparticle
Scientists have achieved a Nano Silver breakthrough they believe will revolutionize the printed electronics industry. Industry leader GoldSol’s formula provides a functional and cost-effective solution for printed electronics. See more at ...

1 years ago    57 views    NanoSolutions
WarHawk Block Mod. Nelson Racing Engines Univer.
NRE's Tom Nelson modifys the War Hawk block to withstand much higher horsepower. More at This is from NRE's University section of videos. Also see the mods to the ZR1.

7 years ago    305 views    AMRACER09
GM Futuristic Head-Up Display Tech
General Motors R&D and several universities are working on a system that would use data gathered from an array of vehicle sensors and cameras and project images generated by compact ultra violet lasers directly onto the entire surface of th...

6 years ago    1,721 views    NadsyNads
EDISON Project Would Rather Blow to Charge, Than G
Next week, leaders from around the world gather in Copenhagen to discuss how to address one of the biggest challenges facing the planet – how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to climate change. At the same time, on t...

6 years ago    247 views    NadsyNads
Nano Solutions scientists create Microbisil: A new standard of Nano Silver Concentrate for Anti Microbial applications.Water, drinks and soda cans around the world can now become Cost-effectively Sterilized and become ...

1 years ago    2 views    NanoSolutions - Dart University: Oiling Systems
Kevin Byrd from Two Guys Garage explains the advanced oiling systems of Darts blocks.

6 years ago    203 views    PowerTV
Travis Pastrana on Several Stages
2009 Rally America Champion Travis Pastrana won the Lake Superior Rally last weekend and he won on a different stage at Michigan Tech University. You'll enjoy both performances. Watch and listen... You can always learn more at http://www....

6 years ago    221 views    CarDomain
E=GM Sued - Autoline Daily 401
It looks like General Motors isn’t going to receive any help from the German government to restructure Opel. Independent vehicle manufacturer Karmann could go out of business. GM is in trouble with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem for u...

6 years ago    198 views    Autoline
BJ: '65 Ford Ranchero Charity - Orange County 2012
BJ: This Ford raises $200,000 for the Loma Linda University Children's Hospital. the motorsports authority for NASCAR, Formula 1, auto racing, moto racing, cars, bikes, automotive, motorcycles, PINKS All Out and more.

4 years ago    78,574 views    SPEED-Barrett-Jackso...