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Analysts Get it Wrong, Sales Soar in March - Autoline Daily 1347
- Mary Barra Takes the Stand- Toyota Canadian Workers Hold Union Vote- More UAW-VW Drama- Side Vents Pricey To Develop- Honda Mower Breaks Speed Record- U.S. Sales SoarGet more video everyday at

2 years ago    10,189 views    Autoline
Corvette Stingray Concept - Autoline Daily 79
GM and the UAW are in intense negotiations about cutting labor costs. Mitsubishi is pulling out of the Frankfurt auto show due to the industry slump. Chevrolet unveils a stunning Stingray concept car influenced by the original 1959 model. A...

7 years ago    3,670 views    Autoline
A Piece of Plexiglas Between You and the World - Episode 1205
The UAW's vice president says he thinks Ford could add another 8,000 workers in the U.S. According to a report, Volkswagen could pass Toyota as the #1 producer of light vehicles by 2016. Detroit Electric says it will produce cars overseas i...

2 years ago    3,481 views    Autoline
Hyundai Reveals Upcoming Sports Coupe Concept - Episode 1097
The head of Germany's IG Metall union sends a letter to VW workers in Tennessee urging them to join the UAW. Subaru announces it will introduce its first production hybrid at the New York Auto Show. Jeep unveiles six new concept vehicles at...

3 years ago    3,014 views    Autoline
UAW's Bob King Speaks Out on Right-to-Work - Episode 1131
There was a time that vehicles were said to be made out of steel, but these days you say they're made out of steels. Structural adhesives can make a quieter, stronger, lighter car that is easier to manufacture, which is why one automaker is...

3 years ago    2,975 views    Autoline
UAW in Deep Talks with VW - Episode 1106
BMW gets ready to unveil yet another crossover at the Shanghai show. Sales of the Toyota Prius fell 22 percent last month in the U.S. market, which could be the result of one company offering more hybrid models. We ask UAW President Bob Kin...

3 years ago    2,999 views    Autoline
LPG Trucks Save Fleets a Fortune - Autoline Daily 1219
Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has tapped Ron Bloom to advise him on buying the rest of Chrysler from the UAW's VEBA health care trust fund. And speaking of Chrysler, it's taking a more "hands on" approach to boosting engine output. Jo...

2 years ago    3,138 views    Autoline
How the UAW Can Organize the Transplants - Autoline Daily 1072
SEAT, the Spanish automaker owned by Volkswagen, is set to introduce the all-new Leon SC at the Geneva Motor Show next month. In the third quarter, Ram will offer a diesel package in its 1500 pickup. The UAW has been spectacularly unsuccess...

3 years ago    2,927 views    Autoline
First Look: 2014 GMC Sierra Denali - Episode 1143
Chrysler quietly hires back a UAW worker it fired, after his dismissal caused an outcry. According to one source, Dodge is going to drop its best selling model, the Avenger. Unlike the new Silverado there's no mistaking the new 2014 GMC Sie...

3 years ago    2,993 views    Autoline
Subaru's First Production Hybrid - Episode 1096
The head of Germany's IG Metall union sends a letter to VW workers in Tennessee urging them to join the UAW. Subaru announces it will introduce its first production hybrid at the New York Auto Show. Jeep unveiles six new concept vehicles at...

3 years ago    2,849 views    Autoline
Autoline Viewers Contradict Automotive Designers - Episode 1063
New U.S. car sales figures are out for the month of January, and they look very strong. Red Bull Racing inked a four-year deal with one carmaker to become the Vehicle Performance Partner of the team. At a labor conference in Washington D.C....

3 years ago    2,671 views    Autoline
Toyota Tries to Change Its Hybrid Image - Episode 1207
According to a report, UAW president Bob King met with VW officials last week about letting workers vote on a "works council" for its Tennessee plant. Lexus will show off a concept in Frankfurt with what it calls its L-finesse design langua...

2 years ago    2,353 views    Autoline
Labor Problems: The UAW is Running Out of Money - Episode 1068
Anyone who lives in the United States definitely has noticed that the price of gasoline shot up dramatically in the last month. Now, find out why. Holden unveiled the redesigned version of its rear-wheel-drive VF Commodore sedan, which will...

3 years ago    2,326 views    Autoline
UAW Blunders, Toyota Wins - Episode 1088
Over the last several years, automakers boosted car sales globally thanks to explosive growth in emerging markets, but now some of those markets are starting to cool down. In an effort to boost electric vehicle sales, Nissan is making some ...

3 years ago    2,112 views    Autoline
Volvo Finally Reveals the XC90, Honda's Subprime Concerns Overblown, G
- Volvo Reveals XC90- AutoVaz in Trouble in Russia- Anti-UAW VW Workers to Form own Union- Subprime Concerns Overblown- GM’s Corrosive IssueGet more video everyday at

1 years ago    1,959 views    Autoline
American Market Swings More Toward Trucks - Autoline Daily 1306
- U.S. January Sales Slip- Ram 1500 Diesel MPGs- Toyota's in the Money- NHTSA Blesses V2V- UAW Vs. VW- A Transition in Automotive Interiors- Chevy SS Exhaust NoteGet more video everyday at

2 years ago    2,213 views    Autoline
UAW Targets Nissan - Autoline Daily 909
The UAW in its latest attempt to unionize a foreign owned auto plant is targeting Nissan's U.S. factories. Reports are rolling in about legions of unsold cars in China, with factories and dealers reporting different numbers and extra invent...

4 years ago    2,158 views    Autoline
UAW Party Dudes Get Chrysler Jobs Back - Autoline Daily 1031
Fiat can't fight Volkswagen financially in Europe, so it is broadening the war against the German automaker in the American market. New York is facing a lawsuit from taxi operators and Nissan is stuck in the middle. Remember two years ago w...

3 years ago    1,860 views    Autoline
Exterior Design Walk-Around: 2014 Jaguar F-TYPE - Episode 1188
The UAW wants to organize Tesla workers at the former NUMMI plant in California. The new smart fortwo EV features an all-new electric powertrain that is a big upgrade compared to the previous model. Skip Barber Racing adds two Hyundai model...

2 years ago    1,778 views    Autoline
IG Metall Won't Help UAW - Autoline Daily 898
The UAW wants to organize Volkswagen's plant in Tennessee but it won't get help from German union IG Metall. One way Nissan is getting a best-in-class 38 MPG highway in the new Altima is by gearing it way down with its CVT. Chrysler's Super...

4 years ago    1,849 views    Autoline
U.S. Car Sales Soften but Prices Shoot Up - Autoline Daily 1226
A group of workers at Volkswagen's Tennessee plant is fighting the UAW's attempt to organize the facility. In an unsurprising move, Aston Martin ended production of the Cygnet. Even though September car sales in the U.S. are expected to dro...

2 years ago    1,616 views    Autoline
GM Budgets $500/Car for Recalls - Autoline Daily 1333
- GM Budgets $500/Car for Recalls- UAW Outraged at NLRB- Driving Impressions: 2015 Audi A3 Sedan- Tesla Hires Renault/Nissan's Simon Sproule- Tesla Hits Dealership Roadblock- Diesel Engine Powered by GasolineGet more video everyday at http:...

2 years ago    1,580 views    Autoline
Will Mark Fields Get Passed Over at Ford? - Autoline Daily 1025
Nissan is changing the LEAF to a different name in China, the Venucia C30. As if it didn't already have enough problems, Peugeot workers are protesting the company's plan to shut down a plant in 2014. Chrysler pays the remainder of a $3,500...

3 years ago    1,552 views    Autoline
Green Car Sales Soar - Episode 1085
The UAW is holding a press conference near the Geneva auto show today as part of its effort to ramp up its organizing effort at Nissan's assembly plant in Mississippi. Fueled by higher gas prices, sales of hybrids, plug-ins and electrics en...

3 years ago    1,379 views    Autoline
China Market Could Grow to 50 Million/Year - Autoline Daily 1314
- War of Words Heats Up amid VW-UAW Decision- Detroit Automakers Root for UAW to Win- Big Trucks Garner Big Sales- Mercedes Tortures Leather for the Country Club Crowd- BMW 2 Series Gets New Variant- Chinese Automakers Say "No" to Imports- ...

2 years ago    1,353 views    Autoline
Chrysler Earnings Soar, but Only in U.S. - Autoline Daily 1060
Chrysler posted strong financial earnings last year but the company is still too reliant on the U.S. market. Speaking of financial earnings, Ford's UAW employees are going to reap the benefits of the company's positive results. Find out how...

3 years ago    1,470 views    Autoline
How Ford & Chevy Upgraded Their Drop-Top Halo Cars - Autoline Daily 13
- Tesla's Gigafactory- VW Workers Counter UAW Appeal- Volvo Concept Estate- MINI Clubman Concept- 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible- Chevrolet Corvette ConvertibleGet more video everyday at

2 years ago    1,561 views    Autoline
UAW Losing Money - Autoline Daily 894
In a surprisingly frank admission, the United Auto Workers Union says it is losing money and has been for years. General Motors will skip advertising during next year's Super Bowl because it's too expensive. Toyota says it will make design ...

4 years ago    1,429 views    Autoline
Global Sales Headed to 100 Million - Autoline Daily 1321
- Global LV Sales On the Rise- UAW Losing Market Share- Honda Focuses on Acura Sedans- CODA Turns to eBay- EV Sales to Double in 2014?- Citroen Shows New C1- You Said It!Get more video everyday at

2 years ago    1,143 views    Autoline