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My 1966 plymouth valiant burnout. i should probably stop the money funnel going to the toyota truck and dirtbike for a while, to get my 8 3/4 rear end posi stuck under the old bomb cause one tire fires are lamo. but this was with no power b...

6 years ago    1,261 views    CarDomain
Supercharged Silverado pulls 7.29et
Video of my Z71 making its second fastest run yet, best is 7.20 with 1.69 60', mods include: whipple s/c @ 7psi, 6.0L stage 2 heads, dynatec LTs, NX 75shot, TR cam, tci 3000 stall, built 4L65, stock F/R 3.73 diffs and transfer case, its cap...

6 years ago    93,243 views    sprayinls1s
ROLL OVER, Live SRT 10!!!
Opps!!! No Dude. You did not pop a tire, you just totaled your truck!!!

4 years ago    77,890 views    MPLIGHTNING01
Truck Driver Doesn't See Car Jammed in Front of Hi
We've all heard the jokes about having to clean VWs out of your tire treads, but this is kind of ridiculous...

4 years ago    54,123 views    JohnnyMayday
Record-holding drag truck makes a run up Mount Bal
Record-holding drag truck makes a run up Mount Baldy! Turely an awesome run, but with so little shut-down area, he jumps the hill and lands on his front tire, popping it off of the bead.

7 years ago    71,156 views    Pyro6000
Truck's Epic Tire-Scorching Burnout down to the Rim!
Truck's Epic Tire-Scorching Burnout down to the Rim!

2 years ago    10,772 views    GTRfanboy
Cars & Coffee Dallas // June 7th 2014
Welcome to the June 7th 2014 Cars & Coffee: Dallas! In this edition: imports... exotics... vintage... bikes... Han's truck (from F&F4), nice exhaust notes and a little tire squeelage here and there. The usual awesomeness!

1 months ago    1,209 views    TheDutchTexan
Tire Rack - Street Survival: UPS Truck Demonstration
Behind the wheel of your vehicle, you know what you can see. But do you know what the drivers of semi-trucks don't see? Street Survival students learn first hand what obstacles truck drivers must overcome on the road and how that affects ea...

2 months ago    599 views    TireRack
rcmp cop truck with military tires on it at mud bo
rcmp cop truck with military tires on it at mud bogs, my truck in the deep pit.

7 years ago    49,738 views    879394
Pachenki Off Mascarello Loses Tire @ 2014 Formula Truck Caruaru
Pachenki Off Mascarello Loses Tire @ 2014 Formula Truck Caruaru .

4 months ago    601 views    Racing2014
World Record Drive Attempt by the Canadian Tire Ice Truck (Winter 2013
World Record Drive Attempt by the Canadian Tire Ice Truck (Winter 2013)Learn More About the Ice Truck December 12 2013 the Canadian Tire Ice Truck attempted to set a World Record for being the first sel...

6 months ago    5,545 views    glonk
Lucas Oil...On The Edge! Episode 160 - Drag Racing / Monster Trucks
American Drag Racing League: $50,000 and the world championship is on the line for the fastest doorslammer drag racing machines. Monster Trucks: Monster trucks on 64 inch tractor tires and head to head racing outdoors at the world famous In...

5 months ago    400 views    motorsportsTV
Seattle Helicopter Crash extinguished with Novacool UEF
2 cars, 1 pick-up truck and the helicopter were all extinguished in under 5 minutes using Novacool UEF. Consider this: both cars and the pick-up were fueled with e-10 (10% ethanol gasoline), had tires and metals involved and the helicopte...

2 months ago    59 views    way210e0pa
350 Blazer tying to drift lol
me trying to slide/drift my 350 swapped 2wd 2 door blazer. its got good street tires and like 200hp (truck 350) only thing done to it is ps/ac delete, intake, carb, exhaust, lowered 3 inches front and back, iroc wheels, and 4x4 rear end (3:...

7 months ago    702 views    FULL_EFFECT
Studebaker body, a truck chassis, a 1400hp turbocharged tank engine, and Yokohama Tires. It's Rodzilla!

8 months ago    602 views    YokohamaTire
This XO-1 probably has more mileage and time at speed than any other XO-1 in existence. This is almost a 10km speedrun. Information learned on this run is my stock Traxxas batteries are starting to lose their steam. (all bearings etc are go...

9 months ago    725 views    1LEZ28AJ
Behind the Scenes - Duck Duck Goose - X's and O's
Yokohama Tire Corporation takes you behind the scenes of the company's newly-launched TV spot: Duck, Duck, Goose. See high-octane footage, hear exclusive interviews with Yokohama, and get in the minds of the creative teams of Kovel/Fuller a...

8 months ago    530 views    YokohamaTire
Monster truck accident Raw Footage Original Monster Truck Show 8 dead
Monster Truck Accident 8 dead 80 injured Driver Losses Control Into Audience Monster Truck Show || CHIHUAHUA, Mexico — An out-of-control monster truck shot into a crowd of spectators at a Mexican air show, killing at least eight people and ...

9 months ago    1,450 views    glonk
Wheel Alignments West Kelowna | Oil Changes West Kelowna
Get more details on : are passionate about serving the Okanagan as a hub for Automotive & RV repair services. we provide high quality performance Car tires, Truck tires, & RV tires. Wheel alignments extend the life o...

6 months ago    23 views    CallousStretch
truck insurance
A truck is a motor vehicle developed to transport payload. Trucks differ greatly in dimension, power, and configuration, with the tiniest being mechanically similar to an auto. Commercial trucks can be very large and powerful, and may be se...

6 months ago    41 views    richardorsey889
Tire Rack - Can the New Crossover/SUV Tires Help Yours Drive More Like
Today's CUVs and SUVs have evolved from their "light truck with the enclosed, cargo carrying convenience of a hatchback" design. Many prioritize on-road sportiness vs. all-around utility. To keep pace, new tire options for these vehicles bl...

10 months ago    1,160 views    TireRack
Used Ford Raptor Houston Texas / 2010 Ford F150 SVT / For Sale
Used Raptor Houston TexasUsed Raptor Houston TexasPrice: $38,000 OBOCall or Text: (281)381-8622Miles 65,629 milesEngine: 6.2 V8Trans: AutomaticWow!!! Take a look at this BEAST of a truck!!! This is a 2010 ford f-150 SVT Raptor 4x4 6.2 liter...

10 months ago    3,011 views    tonysale2
Insane Twin turbo Cummins diesel
Twin turbo dodge ram diesel playing with a 1st gen Powerstroke. The Dodge's chip was never at full power for any of the video or used its nos... My truck was (chip)Speed compairasion, the dodge at a local track a month before the clip was r...

5 years ago    35,154 views    5spd
An awesome burnout in Chevy truck with lots of sm
An awesome burnout in Chevy truck with lots of smoke, sparks, and a popped tire!

8 years ago    29,560 views    361693
Semi Truck Autocross with Samuel Hubinette
The Smoking Tire meets up with Samuel Hubinette at El Toro Marine Base for an autocross lesson. The problem is, the only vehicle we've got is a semi truck. Hilarity ensues.

4 years ago    29,834 views    TheSmokingTire
Loose Truck Tire Hits Taxi Bad!
Loose Truck Tire Hits Taxi Bad!

2 years ago    14,347 views    GTRfanboy
Tire Rack Tire Test - Sooner or Later You'll Own Generals - Maybe Now
If you ask people about General tires, many will remember the decades-old slogan "sooner or later you'll own Generals." General recently introduced the Grabber HTS as the newest member of the Grabber family of SUV and pick-up/light truck ti...

1 years ago    811 views    TireRack
Tire Rack - Putting a Trio of Street/Sport Truck All-Season Tires Thro
Street/Sport Truck All-Season tires offer a sporty blend of handling, reasonable ride comfort and all-season traction. Many are design to complement SUVs and CUVs.During our tests, we got to know the different personalities of three tires f...

1 years ago    536 views    TireRack
person strapped to a huge truck tire while they sp
person strapped to a huge truck tire while they spin him around and around. FUNNY

7 years ago    24,037 views    690893