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GAY STOPPIE! VERY VERY FUNNY! Neither rider nor pa
GAY STOPPIE! VERY VERY FUNNY! Neither rider nor passenger are actually gay... do not flame ! Please do not offensive comments unless you yourself are a flaming homosexual. THANK YOU

10 years ago    351,303 views    traxxas76
Traxxas XO-1, World's Fastest Supercar
Traxxas XO-1, World's Fastest Supercar

4 years ago    20,133 views    FerrariFiend
All bikes are stock and at the time we were all be
All bikes are stock and at the time we were all beginners. Bikes include a Suzuki GSXR 600, 2004 Yamaha R6, 1999 Suzuki GSXR 600, and a 2003 Honda 954

10 years ago    33,644 views    traxxas76
RC Bashing Video With Traxxas MAXX trucks and othe
RC Bashing Video With Traxxas MAXX trucks and other popular videos. Tons of off-road mud action.

10 years ago    20,954 views    Platinum_Racing
RC Cars vs Real Cars
Hooning around with RC cars! I've always wanted to see how an electric rc car would do drag racing a real car, now I know. We were using a Traxxas Slash 4x4 and an E-Revo, both are brushless running Lipo batteries.I was only racing to about...

3 years ago    14,815 views    hightechcorvette
Traxxas revo 3.3 donut. my first Nitro RC car.
Traxxas revo 3.3 donut. my first Nitro RC car.

10 years ago    7,493 views    459039
Dogs Attacking RC Car
Some dogs decided to attack my Traxxas Slash at the park today, luckily they didn't break it. I couldn't run over them because I would have messed them up with the power of that 3s Lipo battery.This is the Slash 4x4 Ultimate version.Check o...

3 years ago    3,861 views    hightechcorvette
Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle
A stretched 05 Kawasaki ZX10 piloted by Nick "Apex" Brocha vs. a Corvette-Powered RX7 driven by Jim Guthrie in a high speed drifting battle.Download Hi-Res Desktop Images:

4 years ago    3,296 views    italianstreetracer
RC Car vs Cadillac CTS-V (Drag Race)
Traxxas Slash 4x4 vs Cadillac CTS-V Wagon (real car).Bet you didn't think these things were really that fast. We were at Royal Purple Raceway for the ASA (Automotive Service Association) and BG Products race day. There weren't many cars so ...

3 years ago    2,967 views    hightechcorvette
100mph RC Car - Traxxas - SEMA 2012
This was a cool little RC car, it did 0-100 in about 4 seconds. The controller had an iphone hooked to it so you could see speed, rpms, engine temp and battery life. Looks like a blast if you had a smooth surface.http://www.performancedrivi...

3 years ago    2,857 views    hightechcorvette
Bashing RC Cars!!
Seeing how much it takes to break a Traxxas Slash Ultimate and E-Revo Brushless.The hobby shops keep telling me not to use the Lipo batteries on these cars because they make too much power and I'll break things, so I wanted to see how easil...

3 years ago    2,795 views    hightechcorvette
E-Revo Brushless - backflips - 6S
Traxxas E-Revo doing backflips off a fence. It's completely stock with 6S LiPo batteries.We decided to take a break from cars today and play with an RC car.Check out http://www.hightechcorvette.comhttp://www.performancedrivingnetwork.comHTC...

3 years ago    2,650 views    hightechcorvette
Rocket Slash 4x4 - Warning Loud!
Officially hit nerd status!Attempt #2 with the rocket boosted Traxxas Slash 4x4. Once again we stuck a G Motor in it but this time it hit 81mph with the stock body on it and it didn't flip!It was setup so the rocket could be remote fired, a...

2 years ago    1,878 views    hightechcorvette
TRAXXAS E Revo Brushless HD Video with 5 cameras, 4 GoPro HD and 1 Ca
This video was shot using 5 different video cameras. One Canon CMOS Pro HD cam and 4 GoPro HERO HD cams. I just made a quick little track out behind my house, setup all of the cameras in sync and had some fun.

3 years ago    1,861 views    CanyonRunVideos
TRAXXAS E REVO Brushless Edition Video.mpg
TRAXXAS E Revo Brushless Edition in action at a TRAXXAS demonstration events at the Big Bear Bash in Big Bear City California. These trucks are simply amazing super powered 65+ mph with so much power the truck will flip backwards from givin...

3 years ago    1,809 views    CanyonRunVideos
Climbing a VERY steep hill and sinking my 2002 Hon
Climbing a VERY steep hill and sinking my 2002 Honda foreman.

10 years ago    3,079 views    traxxas76
This Week in Motorsports -- Week of July 23
This Week in Motorsports is a video recap of weekend motor sports events in NASCAR, the Nationwide series and other competitions under the Chrysler Group LLC banner. This week, it was a winning weekend for Mopar, as victories were earned at...

3 years ago    1,074 views    pentastarvideo
Traxxas Funny Car Race
Traxxas Funny Car Race

4 years ago    1,040 views    89FoxBody
Edited together some shots from the different times my XO-1 was travelling at full throttle down the highway. Couple of 15-16sec blasts of continuous wide open. I haven't seen anyone else squeeze the trigger for this long. Last shot was not...

2 years ago    865 views    1LEZ28AJ
This XO-1 probably has more mileage and time at speed than any other XO-1 in existence. This is almost a 10km speedrun. Information learned on this run is my stock Traxxas batteries are starting to lose their steam. (all bearings etc are go...

2 years ago    1,005 views    1LEZ28AJ
#14 Mobil 1 Chevy Driver Tony Stewart Takes On FOX NASCAR Team
In advance of the Budweiser Shootout on February 12 in Daytona, #14 Mobil 1 Chevy driver Tony Stewart took to the track (literally) of the Daytona International Speedway to showcase the track’s new surface to the FOX NASCAR team. With fully...

5 years ago    633 views    Mobil1
Ford Traxxas Rally RC Car Exhibition
Ford Traxxas Rally RC Car Exhibition

5 years ago    2,126 views    GTRfanboy
Traxxas Ken Block Ford Fiesta!
Traxxas Ken Block Ford Fiesta!

4 years ago    654 views    GTRfanboy
Range Rover vs RC Car off-road race
Anybody can race and review a Camaro vs. a Mustang in a straight line. It's been done tens of thousands of times over the years, but what about an off-road race between a 2011 Range Rover Sport vs. a Traxxas Slash 4X4?

5 years ago    759 views    TFLcar
Traxxas E Revo in Snow
Traxxas E Revo in Snow

4 years ago    1,315 views    89FoxBody
On-board camera shots of a highly modified Traxxas
On-board camera shots of a highly modified Traxxas Bandit R/C buggy. Pretty cool movie...

10 years ago    1,974 views    Platinum_Racing
traxxas 4 tec 3.3 nitro
this is my traxxas 4 tec 3.3 nitro just driving videos yet cause the charger doe not work

7 years ago    540 views    djb71
Badass RC Has Overkill Body & Floatation Tires
Badass Traxxas Has Overkill Body & Floatation Tires

3 years ago    645 views    GTRfanboy
Traxxas 2WD Slash RC Truck
Mopar Muscle Magazine checks out the Rob MacCachren edition Traxxas 2WD Slash R/C Truck.

3 years ago    26 views    Mopar-Muscle