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Turbocharged Oldsmobile Cutlass w Stock 455 BBO
Just a test drive from swapping 3.42 gears too 2.73 reduce tire spin and load the turbocharger too help it spool the Holset HX60 much faster

1 years ago    295 views    TheBigO
INSANE RC DRAGSTER BENCH TEST! Foam Tires ballooning, pretty funny.

8 years ago    97,120 views    Platinum_Racing
Ferrari 458 Italia Review
The Smoking Tire takes Ferrari's newest supercar to an appropriately exotic for a thorough road test. Somewhere home to celebrities, billionaires, and guidos. Somewhere like New Jersey. Host Matt Farah wrings the 458 Italia out on New Jerse...

3 years ago    62,101 views    TheSmokingTire
Climb - Pikes Peak Hill Climb with a Monster
Ride on the bumper of a screaming 910hp, Twin-Turbo, All-wheel Drive, 150 mph Suzuki SX4 as it races up one of the world's most dangerous hills. An attempt by the "Monster" to break his own record of 10:01:41...COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (June 29...

3 years ago    58,446 views    FalkenTire
0-60 0-150 mph in the 2011 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG—When life gives you an E63 AMG, you flog the sh*t out of it! We tested the E63 from 0-150 mph (actually 151), 0-86 mph with the Race Start activated and did a few donuts to test out the, adhesion ability.If...

3 years ago    55,267 views    0to60mag
2011 Falken Formula Drift Test
Coming off a dominating 2010 season in which Team Falken driver Vaughn Gittin, Jr.¸ competing in the Monster Energy/Falken Tire 2011 Ford Mustang, became the Formula Drift Champion, the high performance tire manufacturer will be gunning for...

3 years ago    54,596 views    FalkenTire
2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Review
The Smoking Tire heads to Mulholland Highway's infamous "Rattlesnake" to test Ford's new Mustang GT, featuring the return of the 5-liter engine for the first time since 1995. Host Matt Farah also gets to drag race the GT against a Camaro S....

4 years ago    45,022 views    TheSmokingTire
Radical Rides and the Optima Ultimate Streetcar In
The Smoking Tire heads out to Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch for the Optima Batteries Ultimate Streetcar Invitational, where SEMA Showcars get the crap kicked out of them on the race track. While there, host Matt Farah not only gets to t...

4 years ago    41,924 views    TheSmokingTire
2010 Tierra Del Sol 4x4 with Falken Tire
Last weekend marked the 48th annual Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari in Ocotillo Wells, CA, and Falken Tires first year as an event sponsor and supporter. Despite forecasts of inclement weather, enthusiasts in RVs and Off Road vehicles were out...

4 years ago    39,729 views    FalkenTire
High Performance All-Season Tires: Which Focus on Good Handling?
Responsive steering and stable handling along with good overall dry/wet traction are what set High Performance All-Season tires apart from touring or regular passenger all-season tires. With two new tires recently debuting in the category, ...

6 months ago    677 views    TireRack
Krazy House Customs: GT500 Street Fun
Took the Shelby GT500 out for a test run to see how it does on ET Street Radials.This is the same Shelby from our earlier dyno video. It is running 18psi on a 3.4l Whipple putting about 700hp to the tires with a street tune.For more info vi...

4 years ago    35,660 views    krazyhousecustoms
Tire Rack - Standard Touring All-Season Tires That Strike the Perfect
Standard Touring All-Season tires are usually a great choice for drivers who want a combination of good ride and noise comfort, all-season capability, and a longer tread life than more performance-oriented tires. Sounds like a lot to ask, b...

6 months ago    893 views    TireRack
Tire Rack - Is the Pilot Sport A/S 3 the New Benchmark for All-Season
Michelin wants to change the game and reduce seasonal performance trade-offs with the Ultra High Performance All-Season Pilot Sport A/S 3. Packed with new technology, it's traction/handling levels approach those of summer performance tires ...

6 months ago    1,903 views    TireRack
Tire Rack - Can the New Crossover/SUV Tires Help Yours Drive More Like
Today's CUVs and SUVs have evolved from their "light truck with the enclosed, cargo carrying convenience of a hatchback" design. Many prioritize on-road sportiness vs. all-around utility. To keep pace, new tire options for these vehicles bl...

6 months ago    1,160 views    TireRack
Tire Rack - Latest vs Greatest Max Performance Summer Tires
Max Performance tires deliver an unsurpassed blend of dry/wet traction and handling for the street via high-tech materials and advanced manufacturing. They aren't hampered by the inherent compromises of an all-season tire. And unlike Extrem...

6 months ago    1,046 views    TireRack
Honda AP2 S2000 vs Honda Civic EP3 TypeR Rolling &
Honda AP2 S2000 vs Honda Civic EP3 TypeRMMPower Honda S2000 AP2 White Project Modified List:OZ Racing Ultraleggera RG Yellow 18" Wheels,Bridgestone Adrenalin Front 225/40/18, Rear 245/35/18 Tires, XYZ Suspension CoilOver ,Mugen Power 4-1 He...

4 years ago    17,996 views    MMPowerTeam
200 hp Hayabusa Golf Cart: 100+ mph POV test drive & owner interview - Watch a walkaround review, interview with the owner, and an insane POV test drive on a Hayabusa powered Yamaha golf cart at over 100 mph on public roads! Equipped with wheelie bars, racing slicks, and a fully c...

10 months ago    4,736 views    Tampa_Sports_Car_Exa...
Road Race Engineering Evo X Track Test
The Smoking Tire heads out to Willow Springs International Raceway to test a friend's Mitsubishi Evo X, tuned by Road Race Engineering. Is the Evo quick enough to keep up with a Porsche 996 Cup Car? We'll see.....

4 years ago    30,038 views    TheSmokingTire
Outlaw Mustang Test & Tune, all Ford Mustangs drag racing Edgewater 20
All Ford Mustang & Outlaw Mustang Test & Tune, all Turbo, Supercharged and Nitous Ford Mustangs drag racing, filmed 8-10-12 at Edgewater drag strip for the 2012 season. This video features some wicked local cars testing and tuning their mos...

1 years ago    2,254 views    WyldFantasies
2010 Volkswagen GTI Review
The Smoking Tire heads out to Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, CA to test the most requested car of 2010, the Volkswagen GTI. Will it beat the Mazdaspeed3's standard-setting lap time? Watch and see...

3 years ago    29,173 views    TheSmokingTire
Potenza RE970AS Pole Position
Bridgestone's newest Ultra High Performance All-Season tire gets put to the test. Read report.

8 months ago    8 views    CarDomain
What's in a Name?
We test several of the newest tires with "promising" names in these categories. Read report.

8 months ago    11 views    CarDomain
The Boys of Summer
Does the g-Force Rival truly rival the dry performance of other category tires in our tests?

8 months ago    9 views    CarDomain
Testing in the Arctic Circle 2
Come with us to Sweden to test Studdable Winter / Snow tires. Read report.

8 months ago    17 views    CarDomain
Tire Rack - BFGoodrich Brings Sport to the High Performance All-Season
BFGoodrich has taken their sporty Ultra High Performance All-Season g-Force Super Sport A/S tire line and expanded it to also include a number of High Performance All-Season H- and V-speed rated sizes, targeting coupes and sedans with selec...

9 months ago    1,176 views    TireRack
Tire Rack - 3rd Generation Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position R
The Potenza RE960AS Pole Position RFT is the first non-O.E.M. tire line to feature Bridgestone's 3G run-flat design. It also uses the same tread pattern and compound as the non-run-flat Potenza RE960AS Pole Position. This presented a unique...

9 months ago    1,151 views    TireRack
Tire Rack Tire Test - Testing Max Performance Summer Tires Tuned for N
Driving in the U.S. and Canada vs. Europe or Asia is very different. The condition of our roads, the mix of urban driving plus extended highway cruising and even consumer preference vary. Continental Tire recognizes this as they develop tir...

9 months ago    1,164 views    TireRack
Tire Rack - Front-Wheel Drive and All-Season Tires Enough for Winter D
Drivers living in the northern U.S. have already discovered a set of dedicated winter/snow tires increases their vehicles' wintertime capabilities enough to reduce their driving times, tension and stress. However, if you're among the skepti...

9 months ago    1,147 views    TireRack
Tire Rack Tire Test - Turning Potential Into Performance No Matter Wha
Can winter / snow tires control the power of a Maserati in slippery, snowy conditions and make them more practical to drive in the winter? This video demonstrates the differences experienced in real world winter driving between a Maserati G...

9 months ago    1,000 views    TireRack