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LG Motorsports - Texas Mile 2008 - TT Z06 210mph
LG Motorsports - 1000hp TT Z06 sets the all time speed record for corvette at the Texas Mile, October 2008. Car is driven by professional race driver, Lou Gigliotti. For more information on the car or parts and service for your corvette, pl...

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Autobanh Motorsports Supra breaks a new record for
Autobanh Motorsports Supra breaks a new record for Street Cars at the Texas Mile with a Top Speed of 201MPH. Keep in mind the car rolled out very slowly and stayed calm until the 1/2 mile mark before getting on the gas. This car easily gets...

10 years ago    135,351 views    blitzsupra Venom Twin Turbo Viper Co Venom Twin Turbo Viper Competition Coupe Sets Texas Mile Record of 217.4 mph on March 25, 2007 and runs 0-220 mph in 24.1 sec.

9 years ago    132,458 views    272127
The TEXAS MILE- Top Speed for You
600 HP turbo bikes & 1300 HP Supra's don't show up in every town, but each fall and spring in Golaid, TX, one of America's premier mile-long top speed events gives amateurs and pro's the opportunity to set new records and win new bragging r...

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Supras at the Texas Mile - October 2010
Here are 2 of the really fast Supras at the Texas Mile. One went 223mph and the other ran 233mph. Texas Mile - October 2010

5 years ago    152,876 views    hightechcorvette
VRAlexander and EVOMS set new CGT record
VRAlexander and EVOLUTION MOTORSPORTS team up to set a new standing mile record at the TEXAS MILE for Porsche Carrera GT

8 years ago    71,323 views    VRAlexander
Underground Racing Gallardo Crashes at 200MPH!
Twin Turbo Gallardo crashes at 200MPH during the 2010 Texas Mile

5 years ago    85,798 views    scape_goat
705 hp ZR1 Standing Mile - Warm-Up Run
John Heinricy drives the 2009 Hennessey ZR1 at the Texas Mile. This is the first run of the event.

7 years ago    43,718 views    HPEDesign
Jet Car goes 324 MPH for Texas Speed Record
Live on afterburner from the Texas Mile, Spring 2008, we join Team Dewitt as they set the new Texas top speed record in their Jet turbine powered funny car.

8 years ago    34,485 views    StreetFire
Autobahn Supra 228 mph @ Texas Mile
Autobahn Supra 228 mph @ Texas Mile. Becomes the worlds fastest street car in 1 mile.

8 years ago    33,385 views    TheSupraGuy
Busa 449km/h. Texas Mile

5 years ago    11,302 views    glonk
lambo crashHD (Computer).m4v

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Runs from Texas Mile
Runs from Texas Mile(Porsche 964 Turbo, Corvette Z06). Including the record from the Autobahn Supra.

8 years ago    26,487 views    TheSupraGuy
SuperCars Exposed - Autograf's 200 MPH Ford GT
During this years Texas Mile, the host of 'SuperCars Exposed' on the Speed Channel was given the chance to drive Autograf's 960hp Ford GT (the same Ford GT featured on Streetfire TV) as he was looking to break the 200 MPH mark, and sadly hi...

8 years ago    26,855 views    Autograf
1450HP Hennessey Viper Blows Tranney on Record At
Years after wrenching on old imports and racing in the Texas streets, John Hennessey holds dozens of records for his world famous SRT engines- especially the Dodge Viper. This year Team Hennessey set out to break another record in their mos...

7 years ago    21,911 views    StreetFire
Subaru Impreza WRX in-car video. 0-135mph at the T
Subaru Impreza WRX in-car video. 0-135mph at the Texas Mile.

10 years ago    20,729 views    Hotrodguru
LMR - 1800rwhp TT Camaro - Texas Mile car
Late Model Racecraft's Twin Turbo 1800rwhp Camaro. Owner - Kelly BiseThis car was built for the Texas Mile, look for it in the March 2011 Texas Mile event.Check out http://www.hightechcorvette.comFollow us on Facebook

4 years ago    9,441 views    hightechcorvette
Official Video of 230 MPH Corvette Crash at Texas Mile
Definitely the most talked about story this week is the huge crash of the 230 mph Corvette Z06 at the Texas Mile. Hinson Motorsports was running the 1400 hp twin-turbo Corvette when it crashed spectacularly off the runway. Posting on Facebo...

5 years ago    18,673 views    XtremeCarZone
A.R.T. Ballista Twin Turbo Viper - Texas Mile - March 2012
American Racing Technology A.R.T.Ballista Twin Turbo Viper: out http://www.hightechcorvette.comhttp://www.houstonperformancedriving.comHTC Facebook

3 years ago    13,307 views    hightechcorvette
211mph C4 Corvette - Texas Mile
All Motor C4 Corvette running 211mph in a standing mile.This is only the 2nd car I've seen run over 200mph all motor.The Texas Mile - 2012Check out http://www.hightechcorvette.comhttp://www.houstonperformancedriving.comHTC Facebook http://w...

3 years ago    12,668 views    hightechcorvette
Record 263.3MPH Ford GT - Texas Mile
263.3 mph Ford GT at the October 2012 Texas MileThis is now the fastest car at the Texas Mile!http://www.performancedrivingnetwork.com

3 years ago    12,953 views    hightechcorvette
87 Mitsubishi Starion (or Chrysler Conquest - whic
87 Mitsubishi Starion (or Chrysler Conquest - whichever you prefer) beats a late model Mustang GT with a 9.69 et, and then a late model Pontiac GTO with a 9.15 ET at the 1/8th mile Redline Raceway in Texas. 95 degrees and humid, not great a...

9 years ago    12,975 views    324488
Scary fast street racing in texas. Summer Cash Day
Scary fast street racing in texas. Summer Cash Days. UNREAL CRAZY FAST!!! 1/8th mile street race. 2 grand to the winner!!! Winner gold mustang from oklahoma city. W.O.T. Style

9 years ago    13,192 views    BigChief405
244mph on Fire - Twin Turbo Camaro - Texas Mile
LMR's 1800rwhp Twin Turbo Camaro had an oil fire but was quickly extinguished by the cars fire system. It went 244mph through the mile on it's 4th pass of the October 2011 Texas Mile.The fastest speed of the event for the car was 246mph, th...

4 years ago    8,601 views    hightechcorvette
229.7mph - Texas Mile Record - Boost Logic 6spd
229.7mph - Texas Mile Record - Boost Logic 6spd

8 years ago    13,646 views    jasmtz531
TX2K13 "The Movie" Streets of Houston, Texas drag racing 2013 Full Eve
FULL EVENT: TX2K13 "The Movie" Streets of Houston, Texas & Lonestar Motorsports Park drag racing 2013! Follow Aries Xecutioner filming on his first 3,200 mile round trip epic solo road trip to the city of Houston, Texas to see the racing ac...

3 years ago    7,737 views    WyldFantasies
Exotic Supercars at the Texas Mile 180+ mph. Porsc
Exotic Supercars at the Texas Mile 180+ mph. Porsche Carrera GT, Porsche RUF Turbo and a De Tomaso Pantera.

10 years ago    13,708 views    Hotrodguru
SVS TTRS Fastest Car In Standing Mile @ 231.66mph
The SVS Stryker TTRS achieved 4 world records with this 1 standing mile run of 231.66mph that was achieved in Oct 2007 at the Maxton Monster Mile in N.C. The TTRS is now the worlds fastest production car in the standing mile, the first prod...

8 years ago    7,648 views    SVSTurbo
Eddie Bello's RPM North Porsche 911 1200+ WHP!!
Checkout Eddie Bello's Porsche as he recently came back from the Texas Mile where he came in 2nd place. Watch how easy this car lays down 1,200+ wheel horsepower!

8 years ago    8,719 views    nyce1