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Tesla Roadster vs CGT, GT3, Exige
Short dragrace between Tesla Roadster, Carrera GT, Porsche GT3 and Lotus Exige

5 years ago    7,944 views    hmhaga
Top Gear reviews Tesla Roadster
Jeremy Clarkson takes the Tesla Roadster for a spin

5 years ago    147,071 views    SupraMan
Chrysler Group Takes Huge Hit to Bottom Line - Autoline Daily 1376
- Chrysler Group Q1 Earnings- Ex-GM Exec Lands Job at Harley-Davidson- Tesla Exempt From Plate Bidding in China- VW Developing 10-Speed Transmission- Interview With First BMW i3 Owner in U.S.- Ward's 6th Annual Interior ConferenceGet more v...

2 months ago    37,933 views    Autoline
Top Gear Season 12 Episode 7 - Full Episode (HQ)
Touring Car Rallying anniversary celebrated at TG. Christmas gift ideas for the car lover you know. Richard tries to beat 5th gear in a caravan jump across a field of cars. Jeremy tests the Battery Powered Tesla Roadster. No Copyright inten...

3 years ago    67,499 views    LanciaDeltaRally
Ford Revenue Stalls Despite Increase in Sales - Autoline Daily 1364
- Ford's Economic Engine Stalls- April Sales Forecast Looks Good- Incentives on the Rise- Top 10 Global Automakers by Sales- Federal Trade Commission Backs Tesla- Nissan's Self Cleaning Car- Autoline This Week PreviewGet more video everyday...

3 months ago    7,814 views    Autoline
Top Gear America - 04x07 - 2013.11.05
-The guys see what is best electric vehicle sold in USA by doing a series of challenges.-Winner of challenges drive the Tesla Model S.

8 months ago    19,566 views    husyk
Talking about - and driving - the Very Orange Tesl
AutoblogGreen got a chance to spin around Santa Monica in Jason Calcansis' Very Orange Tesla Roadster. It's the most gorgeous color, for sure, and the Shell tanker truck interruption is just the icing on the cake.

5 years ago    60,277 views    Autoblog
Fiat Loses $14,000 on Every 500e it Sells - Autoline Daily 1383
- FCA Loses $ on Every 500 EV- Tesla's Stock Headed Down- Production Set to Grow in N.A.- Daimler Truck Workers Ratify UAW Pact- Toyota Improves Hybrid Computer Chips- Lincoln Navigator Price Goes Up- Tailgating Made Comfortable- Memorial D...

2 months ago    928 views    Autoline
BMW Triples Carbon Fiber Production - Autoline Daily 1375
- BMW Expands Carbon Fiber Production- BMW Develops Solar Carport- Tesla & Toyota Split?- Hyundai Boosts Tucson Production- Volkswagen Holds Design Contest- What Driving 255 MPH Feels Like- Ward's 6th Annual Interior ConferenceGet more vide...

2 months ago    837 views    Autoline
Ford Lowers Fuel Economy Ratings Again - Autoline Daily 1397
- Ford Lowers EPA Ratings on 6 Models- Tesla Tech Now Open Source- BMW & Tesla Talk EVs- The Carbon Dioxide Dilemma- A Race Car with Solar Panels?- Big Trucks Continue To Surge- Chevy's Global GrowthGet more video everyday at http://autolin...

1 months ago    575 views    Autoline
Hurricane Protection with GM's 4G LTE - Autoline Daily 1373
- Tesla Still Losing Money- GM Rehires Former PR Chief- GM's OnStar 4G LTE Connection- CNG Impala Pricing Announced- Citroen Hires Female CEO- PSA's China Plan- You Said It!Get more video everyday at

2 months ago    838 views    Autoline
Future of Battery Tech? Challenger Hellcat Driving Impressions - Autol
- Another Opel Restructuring- Volvo Wants Safety Crown- nanoFlowCell's New Battery Technology- Tesla Gears Up for Model X- Driving Impressions: 2015 Challenger HellcatGet more video everyday at

2 days ago    259 views    Autoline
Cradle-to-Cradle Aluminum Cars Pollute Less Than Steel - Autoline Dail
- Honda Reveals Fit Based SUV- All-New 2015 Subaru Outback- Nissan Drops CrossCabriolet- Aluminum Cars Help Reduce Pollution- Tesla's Fire Fight- Autoline This Week PreviewGet more video everyday at

3 months ago    1,458 views    Autoline
GM Budgets $500/Car for Recalls - Autoline Daily 1333
- GM Budgets $500/Car for Recalls- UAW Outraged at NLRB- Driving Impressions: 2015 Audi A3 Sedan- Tesla Hires Renault/Nissan's Simon Sproule- Tesla Hits Dealership Roadblock- Diesel Engine Powered by GasolineGet more video everyday at http:...

4 months ago    1,451 views    Autoline
Driving Impressions: CNG Ford F-150 - Autoline Daily 1346
- NHTSA Mandates Backup Cameras- Tesla Reaches Deal With NY & OH Dealers- Model S Gets New Battery Shield- GM Top Automotive Advertiser- New Mercedes Sprinter Van- Driving Impressions: CNG Ford F-150Get more video everyday at http://autolin...

3 months ago    968 views    Autoline
Nikola Tesla Model S Scalar 20131111 073920
Previous Tesla S have escaped me . Not this one , 11/11/13 was one great morning . This is why subscribers should come to me . I get results ! Eventually I will get one of the other two Tesla's . Which on 12/2/13 occurred go to http://yout...

4 months ago    574 views    GrapheneRTS
3 17 Nikola Tesla Green Scalar Model S 20140317 160041
Snowing on 3 17 14 when I came up on this money green "green" hybrid . Painted green as well . Share , +1'd , give some positive feedback n subscribe for new videos .

3 months ago    300 views    GrapheneRTS
Nikola Tesla Model S BMW 3er 20140317 154817
An BMW 3 Series drove past as I decided how to spend time w the Tesla Model S . Part of a series done on 3 17 14 after the snow ended . Share , like , +1'd , subscribe for new video's .

3 months ago    430 views    GrapheneRTS
Nikola Tesla Model Scalar S Subaru WRX Flyby 20140317 155901
On 3 17 14 found this "green" Tesla Model S . Decide to due some videos . A brash , loud turner Subaru Impreza WRX did a flyby . Share , like , +1'd , subscribe for more Tesla content .

3 months ago    346 views    GrapheneRTS
Audi V8 S5 Acceleration 20131115 064921
These videos cap off an impressive wk for me . From Audi S6 V8 TSFI to Tesla Model S and AMG SLS ! Nov 22 2013 update , correction this is an S5 w the 4.2L V8 . Went past it while was parked . Now the owner goes by in a fast flyby !

4 months ago    311 views    GrapheneRTS
Scalar Nikola Tesla Model S Pt2 20131218 175211
Hold up in traffic an Model S awaits the green to proceed . Share , like , G+ , subscribe for new exotic car videos

3 months ago    168 views    GrapheneRTS
Nikola Tesla Coil Model S Cabin 20140317 160218r
Cabin of a green Tesla Model S . Share , like , subscribe for more .

3 months ago    158 views    GrapheneRTS
Grey Nikola Tesla Model S Scalar 20131205 082447
Cold weather hasn't hampered performance nor luxury . Filmed on 12/05/13 this Tesla Model S went by during traffic . Share , G+ , like , comment and subscribe for continual content .

3 months ago    143 views    GrapheneRTS
Red Nikola Tesla Model S 20131220 082047
Walking to the store n this Tesla Model S went down my way twice . Got part of it the sec time . Share , like , G+ , subscribe for new exotic car videos .

3 months ago    179 views    GrapheneRTS
BMW to be First with Laser Headlamps - Autoline Daily 1312
- Big Toyota Prius Recall- Toyota Tundra May Get Cummins Diesel- China Extends EV Subsidies- Tesla Lobbies China to Subsidize Imported EVs- BMW to Beat Audi in Laser Light Race- Insight on Team USA's Radically New BobsledGet more video ever...

5 months ago    1,393 views    Autoline
Same Hue As Nikola Tesla Model S M3 20131119 061311
Shot on 11/19/13 actually video two . Released them in reverse order , this particular E92 M3 went past me on Fri . The AMG n Audi S4 today . Share , G+ , like , subscribe for more auto videos .

4 months ago    160 views    GrapheneRTS
Magnifiying Transmitter Nikola Tesla Model S Scalar 20140115 072845
Walking about on 1/15/14 n found yet another Tesla Model in action . Under very heavy foggy conditions . In which atmosphere conditions laden w additional moisture didn't affect performance . Share , like , subscribe .

3 months ago    195 views    GrapheneRTS
911 Porsche Flyby 20131105_075939.mp4
Nov 5 missed an Pontiac GTO , Tesla Model S , BMW M6 Grand Coupe , Audi S6 V8TSFI !!

4 months ago    150 views    GrapheneRTS
No Nikola Tesla Model S Ferrari California .20131118 080613
The Tesla seen during the Porsche Boxster S in late Oct still eludes me . About to pack it in an Ferrari comes along !!! Haven't seen one otr in a yrs , so this is quite a shock . Share , Twitter , G+ , like , subscribe for new exotic motor...

4 months ago    429 views    GrapheneRTS