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Top Fuel And Funny Car crash compilation. All brut
Top Fuel And Funny Car crash compilation. All brutal crashes which the drivers survived

9 years ago    283,375 views    jjslapnuts
Major car wreck
Okay... I don't think this guy survived this wreck.

8 years ago    47,050 views    PhilKTM
Road Rally accident, Lancia Delta Integrale is tot
Road Rally accident, Lancia Delta Integrale is totaled doing 211km/h, driver survived with broken shoulder, ribs, and arm.

10 years ago    30,218 views    mikelloyd7
EPIC Rally Car Nosedive FAIL - WIN?
You decide if its a fail or a win. Apparently they were going way to fast and missed there landing spot by like 2500 miles. Everyone survived. Check out my profile for more videos!

5 years ago    20,840 views    69Chevelle454
RECARO Presents "Devil's Playground." We head to Lewisville, Texas to meet with the Evolution Dynamics team who drove the infamous Mitsubishi Evo during this year's Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and had one of the most horrific crashe...

3 years ago    13,487 views    idagency
Semi Truck Slams Cop! (Warning)
Cop survived but ouch!Check out my profile for more videos.

5 years ago    11,499 views    69Chevelle454
Sand dune V8 Accident terrible (the driver is ok )
Sand dune V8 Accident terrible (the driver is ok )The other side of the dune is also steep.amazing he survived.

9 years ago    16,213 views    41189a85
Deadly Race - Co-Driver filmed his own death!!
A race between a Porsche 911 and a 300HP VW Golf on the german autobahn ended with a deadly crash. The Porsche changed the lane because of a slower car and ignored the Golf. The VW hit the guardrail, crashed and caught fire. Only the driver...

7 years ago    14,062 views    9f5f4d0d
Multiple rollover crash POV Truly amazing
The girl who posted this video survived. She admitted she was stupid, but also said that seatbelts saved her life. I wanted to cut it short (as I usually do), but I think this vid is a tribute to stupidity and should be watched whole. Truly...

2 years ago    4,198 views    barrister
Muscle Car Of The Week Video #8: 34.2 Mile 1970 Chevelle SS LS6
What would you pick if you had a time machine to take you back to the year of your favorite Muscle Car? If a 1970 Chevelle SS with the 450 HP LS6 454 winds your watch, than we have the time machine for you! This 100% original and corr...

2 years ago    4,042 views    V8TV
1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Winston Cup Stock Car for sale at Gateway Clas
Stock #55931986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Winston Cup Stock Car for sale. It's not every day that you see a car like this listed for sale - this is the actual Kodak sponsered, Morgan-McClure Motorsports owned, Winston Cup Stock Car that has surviv...

3 years ago    3,139 views    GatewayClassicCars
2013 Ram HD First Drive and Impressions
We drove some heavy machinery with gigantic trailers and heavy loads in order to test the new Ram Hds to their extreme capabilities...and we survived just fine. Check out our video and see what we think about the new three-quarter and one-t...

3 years ago    2,647 views    Carscom
Good Samaritans Save Man Trapped Under A Burning BMW!
A motorcycle crash in Logan just outside Utah State University trapped a young man beneath a burning car Monday morning. Good Samaritans jumped into action and likely the sole reason the young man survived, albeit serious injuries.

4 years ago    3,777 views    89FoxBody
Trailer Truck CRASH in Ontario, Canada!
A Canadian driver survived a spectacular crash, when his car was almost wiped out by an out of control semi-trailer.

5 years ago    2,273 views    GTRfanboy
2011 UK Ford Fiesta Championship - Rounds 7 & 8 Brands Hatch shown on
Round 7 -- Class A and BIt was a good number of class A and B cars that took to the track and we welcomed some new drivers out. Ian Scruton, Richard Beach, Barry Edwards and Tim Glover (the latter two in Zetecs).From the red lights going ou...

3 years ago    3,107 views    GoRacingTV
Inside View Of Car Swamped By Tsunami Japan 2011
Modern technology means that the world has an almost constant and unlimited amount of coverage of major news stories from all around the planet. That's certainly true of the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, especially since Japan is...

5 years ago    2,617 views    XtremeCarZone
Truck tyre loose on road causes nasty head on collision between a mini
No-one was killed in the crash. 10 taxi passengers miraculously survived after a terrible accident, which occurred on the 80th km of the highway Ekaterinburg - Serov, Sverdlovsk region. The driver of the Scoda also survived.

2 years ago    1,518 views    dayi
Honda Mangled during a Chase in Lakewood, Washington!
A car split in half during a chase in Lakewood, Wash. Tuesday. A suspect fleeing police lost control and hit a tree. The driver survived. (Dec. 29)

5 years ago    3,629 views    GTRfanboy
1951 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible for sale at Gateway Classic Cars in
A bright red 1951 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible is up for sale! This is a beautiful car that has spent many of its recent years attending car shows. Not too many of these convertibles have survived! Under the hood lays a 350 CID V8 backed b...

3 years ago    1,660 views    GatewayClassicCars
Muscle Car Of The Week Video #8: 34.2 Mile 1970 Chevelle SS LS6
What would you pick if you had a time machine to take you back to the year of your favorite Muscle Car? If a 1970 Chevelle SS with the 450 HP LS6 454 winds your watch, than we have the time machine for you! This 100% original and corr...

2 years ago    2,110 views    MCOTW
A terrible accident in Tver 06/19/2014
From the author: Apparently, the incident happened on the outskirts of Tver proud, sung by Michael Circle. Directly in front of the camera DVR occurs concrete ring road leading off from the city in different directions. After a few meters w...

1 years ago    972 views    pavlusha112
The Luckiest Man In Moscow.
CCTV captured an horrific accident in Moscow today and incredibly,the guy survived.The guy suffered both legs broken and severely damaged lower spine.His injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

7 years ago    5,071 views    barnesy
Street Racing Car crash 2008
After aprox 200-300m the side wind takes the car, and it goes out of track.The driver survived with only minor fractures.

7 years ago    5,636 views    Midnit3
Nissan DeltaWing Wreck
The Nissan DeltaWing team is in fightback mode after Gunnar Jeannette was forced into a roll after a 7G impact from a Porsche GTC class car in testing at Road Atlanta. The tough GoPro camera survived unscathed.

3 years ago    1,209 views    FerrariFF
Exploded armored car from WWII
This armored car is an actual relic from World War 2 that survived an explosion. Even though it's been exploded, it's really hard to tell. Goes to show you the quality of armored vehicle craftsmanship during WWII despite fire damage and dec...

5 years ago    635 views    Michael_Berenis
The Rookie Episode 2: Sounds Like a Rookie
Thanks to Tony Stewart’s handiwork, the Rookie survived his first day at Stewart-Haas Racing. What will his next do it yourself challenge be? This is episode 2 of the 4 part web series “Off Track With Tony Stewart: The Rookie,” presented ...

6 years ago    109 views    offtrackwithtonystew...
Mazda's Suspension Magic - Autoline Daily 847
The auto bailouts of GM and Chrysler have been a lightning rod in this year’s election campaign, but new polls show Americans are starting to warm up to them. GM and Chrysler dealers that survived the restructuring are now seeing record sa...

4 years ago    284 views    Autoline
BJ: '33 Pierce-Arrow
BJ: The Silver Arrow caused a sensation when it was unveiled at the New York Auto Show in 1933. Only five were built and this is one of three that survived. the motorsports authority for NASCAR, Formula 1, auto racing, moto racing...

4 years ago    290 views    SPEED-Barrett-Jackso...
Motorcycle Totalled By Collision With Car
A motorcycle race goes very wrong when a car ahead of the racers swerves. One racer's bike gets destroyed, and he cartwheels through the air. Amazingly, he survived.

7 years ago    2,341 views    Mutlee