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Superlap battle Lancer Evolution vs Subaru Impreza
they put the JUN build Evo X and the Original Runduce Impreza against each other. The other two competitors are an Evo VIII and a GDB Impreza. On Tsukuba the JUN Evo X mamaged a time of 1:01.309 and the Original Runduce Impreza managed a ti...

7 years ago    2,018 views    Ryosuke_Takahashi
Drift Crash Superlap 2011
Drift Crash Superlap 2011

4 years ago    2,358 views    GTRfanboy
Arroyo Seco - SuperLap - 1991 1.5l Miata (Build in
First time out at Arroyo Seco in the new Miata build in progress. Accumulated 174 track miles... great learning experience.

6 years ago    345 views    leadfootgurl