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Top gear season 18 episode 1
Brand new series of Top Gear three supercars are taken to italy.

4 years ago    649,752 views    vlss222
Gumpert Apollo- Fastest New Supercar?
Maybe you've seen it fly around the Top Gear track to set a new record... now the newest contender for supercar king is on sale here in North America. The hand-built Gumpert Apollo is a completely customizable race track monster weighing in...

7 years ago    217,845 views    StreetFire
Joe's FORD GTTT documentary from IMV Films
DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO HERE:'s FORD GTTT documentary from IMV Films. Stage 6 Motorsports fabricates a Twin Turbo setup on the Ford Supercar, then HP Performance tunes it to 1...

9 years ago    208,090 views    IMVFilms
***Ferrari FXX Evo 860hp Supercar DONUTS!!***
**Ferrari FXX Evo 860hp Supercar DONUTS!!**Posted with permission of our friend/owner. Awesome FXX#28 doing some serious donuts!!!

7 years ago    194,782 views    speedandmotion
Top Gear Season 10 Episode 1 - Full Epi
* Jeremy attempts to drive the 641 horsepower Volkswagen Golf W12 * Jeremy, Richard, and James drive from Monaco through the Alps in three lightweight supercars — a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and Aston Ma...

7 years ago    165,100 views    That_Guy
Top Gear - Season 10, Episode 9 - December 9th, 20
In this episode:* The Top Gear team compete in the Britcar 24 hour race at Silverstone in a BMW 3-series diesel powered by bio-diesel that they grew last season* James races some BMX bikers through Budapest to test out the brand new Fiat 50...

7 years ago    177,109 views    willtherealstigstand...
Top Gear - Season 11, Episode 1 — (Full Version)
Season 11, Episode 1 — Originally aired on June 22nd, 2008 * In an effort to help viewers save money on fuel, Top Gear finds out which supercar is the most economical * Jeremy takes the Ferrari F430 Scuderia out onto the Top Gear trac...

6 years ago    152,110 views    CaspersZ06
Top Gear Season 15 Episode 4 - Full Episode (HQ)
•Jeremy compares two supercar convertibles, the Audi R8 and the Porsche 911 Turbo, and the Stig gives them lap times •The boys are challenged to build their own cool motorhomes and put them through a series of challenges •SIARPC: actor Andy...

5 years ago    146,945 views    LanciaDeltaRally
Top Gear Season 13 Episode 1
Top Gear Season 13 Episode 1:The boys race from London to Edinburgh as if it were 60 years ago using the fastest types of transport at the time — a Jaguar XK120, a Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle, and a Peppercorn A1 Class Tornado steam tra...

6 years ago    119,682 views    VWTHDcars
Ferrari 430 scuderia onboard Spa Francorchamps (Gopro Hero 3) HD!
A friend of mine had a ride in this awesome 430 Scuderia @ Modena trackdays at the legendary racetrack Spa-Francorchamps. To record this, I've installed my gopro in the car on the windshield. Enjoy the sound of this 510 bhp supercar. Don't ...

2 years ago    108,856 views    agcarvideos
How to ADD 300 HP to a FORD GT
Our debut StreetFire TV Episode! Available via Podcast worldwide in the iTunes Store!One thing to note: The white GT in the video that reached 190 was not actually stock, it was the Hennessey 850hp (at the fly) package GT! A stock GT woul...

8 years ago    105,391 views    Autograf
Top Gear season 7 episode 4 - full episodeo
* Richard takes the incredibly hot Pagani Zonda F out onto the airfield, and the Stig sets an amazing lap time with it * A tribute to Richard Burns, a rally champion who recently passed away * Jeremy, Richard, and James are given...

7 years ago    92,477 views    That_Guy
Twin Turbo Ford GT Preview - IMV Films
Full video here: Turbo Ford GT - IMV Films.Joe decides to take his exotic red Ford GT supercar to the next level. Twin GT35R turbos are installed, making around 830 horse...

10 years ago    83,741 views    IMVFilms
Jay Leno's Jet Bike
Jay Leno's Jet Bike...Jay Leno showed up to Supercar Sunday in Woodland Hills with a Jet Bike

7 years ago    78,217 views    speedandmotion
VOD Cars in HD: Supercar Cruise by Speed & Motion
The folks at Speed and Motion return for the second ever episode of VOD Cars in HD. Carrera GTs. Lamborghinis. Ferraris. And more. Watch the tunnel shots at the end... You will NOT be disappointed. To get this episode in HD you can click he...

7 years ago    76,942 views    VODCars
VOD Cars in HD: Supercars
Speed and Motion presents Supercars in HD, an episode full of screamin' machines which is sure to make your head spin!

7 years ago    73,132 views    VODCars
SharkWerks Porsche 997 GT3 RS - Compilation
SharkWerks GT3 / GT3RS exhaust video, footage from Speed Channel, SuperCars Exposed, track and street footage.

7 years ago    62,236 views    sharkwerks
Supercar Club Drifting, Burnout & Tunnel Run
Supercar Club Drifting, Burnout & Tunnel Run

4 years ago    14,400 views    FerrariFiend
Supercars Exposed: Ferrari Museum - NASCAR, Formula 1, Auto RacingCars on SPEEDtv.comSPEED Program Schedule - PINKS, Wrecked the motorsports authority for NASCAR, Formula 1, auto racing, moto racing, cars, bikes, automotive, motorcycles, PINKS and mo...

7 years ago    57,594 views    SpeedTVSpeedX
13year old boy driving an Ferrari Enzo - one very,
13year old boy driving an Ferrari Enzo - one very, very luck kid enjoying the 660hp supercar

9 years ago    54,275 views    SLICK
Traxxas XO-1, World's Fastest Supercar
Traxxas XO-1, World's Fastest Supercar

4 years ago    20,133 views    FerrariFiend
Bugatti, Zonda, Agera & More @ Shanghai Supercar Meeting
Bugatti, Zonda, Agera & More @ Shanghai Supercar Meeting

5 years ago    18,107 views    FerrariFiend
Gumpert Apollo's first American Track Test
The world's newest German supercar comes roaring out for its' first American Track Test. Samuel Hubinette and friends take the Apollo for some hot laps and give us an exclusive first-hand report on how one of the world's fastest new track c...

7 years ago    44,431 views    StreetFire
Ferrari 458 Italia Review
The Smoking Tire takes Ferrari's newest supercar to an appropriately exotic for a thorough road test. Somewhere home to celebrities, billionaires, and guidos. Somewhere like New Jersey. Host Matt Farah wrings the 458 Italia out on New Jerse...

5 years ago    62,492 views    TheSmokingTire
rare 599 mansory stallone acceleration
rare 599 mansory stallone accelerations and rev, also has alot of supercars in background!!

7 years ago    40,324 views    zachmoore
Ferrari P4/5 driven through Italy, here is the fi
Ferrari P4/5 driven through Italy, here is the first video of James Glickenhaus driving his magnificent Enzo derived Ferrari P4/5 supercar in the streets

9 years ago    48,190 views    Shinkaze
The Edonis Supercar This Car Sounds Insane!!!!
There’s not many video footage of this particular car. I was able to find an inside view of a person driving this car on the country roads. The Edonis is a car created by Italian automobile manufacturer B Engineering. This car is based on t...

7 years ago    39,005 views    KingKnight
3000 Miles: The Film, Part 1 of 4
Tony Hawk and the stars of MTVs 'Jackass' race 3000 miles around the world from London to Los Angeles in just 8 days against 120 supercars in the famous Gumball 3000 Rally. '3000 Miles' follows the action, adventure and Jackass style antics...

8 years ago    36,507 views    TheRing
SPEED Channel's Fastest Street Car Shootout 2008
What happens when you get some of the fastest cars in the country together to crown one King???? Here is a preview to what is coming to Supercars Exposed on Speed Channel....soon...very soon... =)A Special thanks to HRE WHEELS for building ...

8 years ago    35,195 views    VRAlexander