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Ford GT (Super Car)
The Ford GT began as a concept car designed in anticipation of the automaker's centennial year and as part of its drive to showcase and revive its "heritage" names such as Mustang and Thunderbird. At the 1995 Detroit Auto Show, the Ford GT9...

1 years ago    206 views    jdmwagon
800hp Shelby Prudhomme Edition Super Snake GT500 M
Shelby Automobiles, has returned to drag racing with a limited edition Prudhomme Edition Super Snake package for the Shelby GT500 Mustang. Carroll Shelby and Don “The Snake” Prudhomme unveiled the program during a private reception at the ...

5 years ago    226,569 views    StreetFire
TT Lamborghini Murcielago In Action!
Doug Levin Motorsports show off the first ever Twin Turbo Lamborghini Murcielago against a Ford GT, a stock Murcielago, and a Super Charges Viper SRT-10.

6 years ago    174,766 views    DynamicVideoImages
H2H Ep 14, Shelby Super Snake Vs. Nuformz Challeng
Head 2 Head is Torque.TV's exciting new series where two cars duke it out to see who is number 1. On this episode we go all American--with Ford versus Mopar! A blown Shelby Super Snake GT500 takes on the Hemi powered Nuformz Challenger.

5 years ago    105,980 views    TorqueTV
9ff Carrera GT . BiTurbo. 0-303 KM
0-300 km in just 14+ sec.900+ HP on engine> maybe that what i think. 9ff site shows 900 hp kit us max...I think this car is faster than the fastest street super cars in the world which in between 1000 - 1200 HP RWHP rang . this carrera gt c...

5 years ago    93,351 views    Mxlove
Porsche Carrera GT covered inSticky Notes
VRAlexander made the mistake of leaving his $400.000 porsche carrera gt with us for a couple of days... and we made a super car look even better. :-)

6 years ago    63,421 views    Fireshake
Muscle Car Of The Week Video #34: 1970 Mercury Cyclone GT 429 Super Co
This 1970 Mercury Cyclone GT from the Brothers Collection packs all the cool go-fast parts you could get on this car - a 375 horsepower 429 V8, a 4-speed manual transmission, and 4.30:1 rear gears making it the Super Cobra Jet package. ...

2 months ago    1,539 views    V8TV
Ford Cortina 4L turbo ~ WILDTC
Vince's immaculate trophy winning Ford Cortina TC hits the dyno for the first time. The car is powered by a straight gas Tunnel Vision Ford SOHC 4L engine and Garrett GT42R turbo, Preston Automatics C4 3-speed trans and a Borg Warner rear e...

3 weeks ago    504 views    glonk
Ford Shelby GT500 Powerslide vs MB C Class 20131024_162919.mp4
Oct 24 2013 best spotting day for me . An GT500 vs a MB C Class . The Stang burnout/powerslide to over come the base spec German compact limo . Hear the exhaust roar and a slide induce by the super V8 as it goes . Share , subscribe and like...

3 weeks ago    479 views    GrapheneRTS
Muscle Car Of The Week Video #34: 1970 Mercury Cyclone GT 429 Super Co
This 1970 Mercury Cyclone GT from the Brothers Collection packs all the cool go-fast parts you could get on this car - a 375 horsepower 429 V8, a 4-speed manual transmission, and 4.30:1 rear gears making it the Super Cobra Jet package. ...

2 months ago    468 views    MCOTW
Super Car Shelby GT500 Loud Exhaust 20131024 214035
Pt2 of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 video done on Oct 2 2013 . Hear the super charged V-8 in action , w plenty of deep rumble exhaust sound . Share , like , +1'd , subscribe for new muscle car video's .

2 weeks ago    350 views    GrapheneRTS
Carrera GT street races AC Cobra + VRAlexander int
Porsche super car- Carrera GT- & its' infamous mystery driver VRAlexander stop by the Streetfire office to talk exhaust mods, 2800 horsepower and Ferrari posers before hitting the pavement to play with Chris' AC Cobra.

6 years ago    46,728 views    StreetFire
Super Car Bentley Continetal GT 20140321 165418
Flyby of a sterling Brit the Bentley Continetal GT !!! My unique form of exotic car spotting pays big time . Share , G+ , do give a like for the video . Subscribe for new exotic car videos .

2 weeks ago    286 views    GrapheneRTS
Super Car F13 BMW M6 Loud 20140321 173620
After the Bentley GT along comes a BMW F13 M6 Convertible ! W a 4.4L twin-turbocharged V8 w 560Hp ! I think the paint is San Marino . Share , leave a comment , G+ , give a thumbs up . Subscribe for new super car content .

2 weeks ago    278 views    GrapheneRTS
GT 500 SHELBY SUPER SNAKE cruisinaussie muscle car by DRAGONSLiVED interesting local & import cars in AUSTRALIA Please subscribe to aussiemuscleCAR Thank you in advance

2 weeks ago    171 views    DRAGONSLiVED
Super Car Bentley Continetal GT Acceleration 20140321 165444
Sec video on the British Bentley Continetal GT . Pulling away from others in traffic . Become an subscriber . Leave a comment n give a thumbs up .

2 weeks ago    184 views    GrapheneRTS
Quintarelli and Rossiter Spin Oliveira Off @ 2014 Super GT Okayama
Quintarelli and Rossiter Spin Oliveira Off @ 2014 Super GT Okayama .

1 weeks ago    11 views    Racing2014
Hirate Gets Hit Spins @ 2014 Super GT Okayama
Hirate Gets Hit Spins @ 2014 Super GT Okayama .

1 weeks ago    1 views    Racing2014
falcon GT ,FORD,ford muscle,XY falcon 1971,SLOW MOTION393 HIGH PERFORMANCE SUPER ROO XY falcon 1971,DRAGONSLiVED,XY falcon 1971,GT HO PHASE 3 V8 393 CID HI PERFORMANCE

2 months ago    246 views    DRAGONSLiVED
FORD falcon GT XW 1969

3 months ago    318 views    DRAGONSLiVED

4 months ago    862 views    PLATINUM1320tv
SS Shaun PRO CHARGED LSX Chevelle VS Heavy N The Game GT-R
SS Shaun pro touring LSX pro charged 1970 Chevelle VS Heavy in the game Nissan GTRSS shaun takes the WIN! first race. second race didn't happen cops showed up and there was NO race with the Candy Gold SS camaro he was just pre staging the ...

6 months ago    5,844 views    PUMPKIN_NOTCH
The Racing Insiders Episode 23 Air date Oct. 3, 2013
'The Racing Insiders' Talks Racing with Rocky and from the Rock! Altamonte Springs, FL/October 2, 2013-The "The Racing Insiders" stalwart crew of Bill Wood, Jim Daniels, Peter Keane, and Jeff Lepper push the quality envelope ever further wi...

5 months ago    601 views    GoRacingTV
The Racing Insiders Episode 27 Air date Oct 31, 2013
'The Racing Insiders' Speaks With Pirelli World Challenge President Scott Bove Bill Wood, Jeff Lepper, and Jim Daniels are back with another awesome episode of "The Racing Insiders". This week the crew takes a look back on the latest acti...

5 months ago    580 views    GoRacingTV
******INSTAGRAM PUMPKIN_NOTCH ******PUMPKIN NOTCH ENTERTAINMENTBAYAREA1320 streetracing races racing drag racing dragrace dragracing street race track ¼ slicks skinnies strip highway cops police street outlaws 1320 oakland speedway 7th stre...

5 months ago    1,398 views    PLATINUM1320tv
The Racing Insiders Episode 28 Air date Nov 7, 2013
'The Racing Insiders' Talks Sportscars, Formula Drift, and More Altamonte Springs, FL/November 6, 2013-"The Racing Insiders" returns in full force to your television screens as hosts Bill Wood, Jeff Lepper, and Greg Creamer take a look at t...

5 months ago    585 views    GoRacingTV
SPE R35 GT-R 9.62@149mph!
SP Engineering now holds the fastest record time at 9.62@149mph!Hing has also reached super impressive numbers with his best hitting 9.84@148mph.Both cars were built and tuned by SP Engineering using their very own SPE900 and SPE1000 custom...

4 years ago    41,315 views    soujiroseta
Supercar Showdown Aventador vs McLaren and many more!
Racing! TT Gallardo vs. V12 Vantage, Z28 Camaro vs. Shelby Super Snake, Ford GT vs. Gallardo, TT 370ci Camaro, C63 vs. 430 Scuderia, C6 z06 vs. V12 Vantage, Ford GT vs. Nissan GTR, TT Ford GT vs. Mustang GT, Supercharged SLS vs E63, GTR Alp...

5 months ago    1,656 views    MyWs6
2008 Shelby GT500 Super Snake
I Love That Car! Mustangs are Simply nice but when it´s got SHELBY written on it then it´s simply HOT!

6 years ago    41,380 views    CupraxXx