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Best of Streetfire - Week of Dec 1, 2008
This week catch 2 huge boats colliding in open water & a Caterpillar tractor doing wheel stands. Top Seven clips of the hottest auto footage on the internet- we count down the best videos of the week from the web's largest automotive enthus...

5 years ago    1,153,352 views    bestofstreetfire
MUSCLE CARS!!! I had some time so i made another v
MUSCLE CARS!!! I had some time so i made another video for all muscle car fans on streetfire! Enjoy!!! By ArminAtoR.

8 years ago    411,629 views    Burnout
1183 HP SSC Aero vs. Lamborghini - Podcast 15
What does 1183 HP V8 Push-rod do in a car that weighs less than 2800 lbs? We rode with the actual record-setting SSC Ultimate Aero as it hit the street to show-up an LP640. Also, a revealing interview w/ SSC on the design behind the world's...

6 years ago    282,304 views    StreetFire
PRI 2006 - does a technical intervi
PRI 2006 - does a technical interview about how clutches work with Fidanza.

7 years ago    267,642 views    cjonesy
2010 Mustang FIRST Reveal!!
An automotive star-studded evening in Los Angeles, Ford unveiled the 2010 Mustang.

5 years ago    256,420 views    StreetFire
800hp Shelby Prudhomme Edition Super Snake GT500 M
Shelby Automobiles, has returned to drag racing with a limited edition Prudhomme Edition Super Snake package for the Shelby GT500 Mustang. Carroll Shelby and Don “The Snake” Prudhomme unveiled the program during a private reception at the ...

5 years ago    228,171 views    StreetFire
Gumpert Apollo- Fastest New Supercar?
Maybe you've seen it fly around the Top Gear track to set a new record... now the newest contender for supercar king is on sale here in North America. The hand-built Gumpert Apollo is a completely customizable race track monster weighing in...

6 years ago    217,481 views    StreetFire
The Fastest Mile- 256.79 MPH on a Turbo Hayabusa
One of the fastest street bikes around- 636 WHP powers Charlie Anstaett down the Maxton Mile at a best-of record 256 MPH. How does he make this kind of power? Better yet how does he connect & survive the ride? Dave Owens & Charlie dish all ...

6 years ago    169,254 views    StreetFire
Bullrun Rally 2007 Episode 5 of 10
The Bullrunners go from Staunton to Savannah. Bullruner arrested and the Teams talk about the equipment they use to evade cops. StreetFire's own Karan is the navigator in the E-Class Mercedes. The teams take their cars on to an oval track a...

6 years ago    171,179 views    Bullrun
2009 Hennessey Corvette ZR1 zr750
2009 Hennessey Corvette ZR1 zr750 testing at MSR Houston.

5 years ago    168,230 views    StreetFire
Outrageous Trucks at SEMA 2008 teamed with StreetFire and chose the most outrageous trucks at the 2008 SEMA Show.

5 years ago    161,734 views    SEMA-2008
Chicks Dig it or Don't Dig It Part 2
StreetFire's cjonesy and Deal or No Deal's Leyla Milani discuss which cars Chicks Dig or Don't Dig. Part 2 of 2.

5 years ago    146,660 views    SEMA-2008
The TEXAS MILE- Top Speed for You
600 HP turbo bikes & 1300 HP Supra's don't show up in every town, but each fall and spring in Golaid, TX, one of America's premier mile-long top speed events gives amateurs and pro's the opportunity to set new records and win new bragging r...

6 years ago    125,560 views    StreetFire
V8 Mazda Miata III
Featured Project: The Banshee III - a 1995 Mazda Miata with a Monster V8 engine. This clip shows the first segment of the episode where Stacey starts the rebuild of the Banshee. Search the videos on Stacey David's Channel to ...

6 years ago    122,741 views    StaceyDavid
V8 Mazda Miata V
Featured Project: The Banshee V - a 1995 Mazda Miata with a Monster V8 engine.This clip shows the second segment of the episode where Stacey implants the engine into the Banshee. Search the videos on Stacey David's Channel to...

6 years ago    122,310 views    StaceyDavid
C6 Z06 Corvette Flyby @ 198 MPH !!!
C6 Z06 Vette does a crazy flyby. He hit 320 km/h which is about 198 mph.*Not my video*- Saw it almost a year ago and thought I would add it for Streetfire users to enjoy.

6 years ago    113,346 views    9kFever
How to ADD 300 HP to a FORD GT
Our debut StreetFire TV Episode! Available via Podcast worldwide in the iTunes Store!One thing to note: The white GT in the video that reached 190 was not actually stock, it was the Hennessey 850hp (at the fly) package GT! A stock GT woul...

6 years ago    105,389 views    Autograf
E3 Spark Plugs, in conjunction with, is bringing you the E3 Spark Plugs Plug-N-Play Sweepstakes 2009 where one lucky winner and a guest will win the grand prize to become E3 employees for a week and visit the 2009 SEMA Show. ...

5 years ago    177,041 views    E3SparkPlugs
Ken Block Gymkhana Two Preview
Ken Block will drop his Gymkhana Two Project video on June 1, 2009. One week prior he invited some people out to a top secret location at the Port of LA for a sneak peak at the video.

5 years ago    97,700 views    StreetFire
Zoom Clutch and Flywheel Install
Zoom Clutches and Flywheels. Search the videos on Stacey David's Channel to lean more about other cool products.WATCH THIS EPISODE IN IT'S ENTIRETY FOR FREE AT WWW.GEARZTV.COM.Stacey David's GearZ featuring Stacey David. Vide...

6 years ago    95,905 views    StaceyDavid
Top Gear - 21x06 - 2014.03.09 - Burma Special 1/2
The guys drive loris from Burma to the river Kwai in Thailand to build a bridge.Part 2:

6 months ago    88,401 views    husyk
RICEKILLER.COM - 1000hp TT Battle - Cobra VS Viper
RICEKILLER.COM VIDEO - Filmed on the streets of MEXICO, 2 amazing machines battle for dominance of the highway! In this corner, we have a 1000rwhp Cobra, and in this corner, we have a 1000rwhp Viper, who has turned his boost down to be a eq...

6 years ago    85,836 views    Ricekillercom
Dodge Challenger Bikini Car Wash
Challenger Week at Streetfire begins! And what's a more All-American kickoff than the new Dodge Challenger getting its first bath by some beautiful friends of Streetfire. Check back tomorrow for more exclusive Challenger Week content on St...

6 years ago    81,187 views    StreetFire
Top Gear Magazine shoot for new Challenger SRT
Streetfire is invited by to an exclusive shoot of the soon-to-be-released new Dodge Challenger SRT. We compare the new car side by side with a classic 1970 Challenger and shoot the FIRST running footage on the West Coast

6 years ago    83,532 views    StreetFire
New Production CAMARO - First Reveal
GM introduces the new 2010 Production Camaro publicly at it's North Hollywood, California design studios. Streetfire brings you exclusive on the scenes coverage.

6 years ago    82,467 views    StreetFire
BFGoodrich KDW Shotgun Challenge
The BFGoodrich KDW Shotgun Challenge was a one day event held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway that gave 25 ordinary people a chance to ride shotgun in 7 extraordinary rides. And StreetFire was invited enjoy in the festivities.

5 years ago    101,111 views    StreetFire
Best Of 2007
Some of my highlights from 2007. Next season starts on december 29th on the Xmas Rally. So until then a mery xmas and a happy new year to all at streetfire.

6 years ago    83,216 views    SubaruNorway
6 15" Treo SSi subwoofers running off roughly 5,20
6 15" Treo SSi subwoofers running off roughly 5,200+ watts in a 2006 Ford Expedition. Heres a video i had of my old subwoofers, 3 15" Alpine Type Rs.

8 years ago    73,075 views    421794
50th anniversary Hurst Viper brings you the first and only rolling footage of the Hurst Viper; #1 of 50 being built by the legendary Hurst Performance Vehicle Group. This special edition commemorates Hurst's 50th anniversary making performance products ...

5 years ago    71,992 views    StreetFire