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how not to get a car out of the snow...pretty funn
how not to get a car out of the snow...pretty funny

9 years ago    262,356 views    guest
Nascar Motored Snow Performance 1993 Mustang Cobra 900+hp
358ci Ernie Elliot Truck Series motor with F2 Procharger.

2 years ago    194,191 views    SnowPerformance
Top Gear - 15x05 - 2010.07.25
•Richard races two snowmobiles over snow and ice in Sweden using the Dakar Volkswagen Touareg•James takes the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport to 259 MPH and the Stig races it around the Top Gear track•Jeremy looks back at F1 driver Ayrton Senna’...

4 years ago    92,328 views    husyk
Dumb NYC Workers Destroy Ford Explorer
Dumb NYC sanitation workers destroy Ford Explorer during the big snow storm in December 2010 with a loader

3 years ago    25,253 views    Daily_Commute
Subaru WRX STI tows semi out of snow
How long before this is a commercial? If I worked for Subie, I'd be all over this...

4 years ago    62,748 views    JohnnyMayday

8 years ago    69,885 views    QualityOregon@hotmai...
Top Gear America - 05x04 - 2014.06.24
-The guys build a snow bus and see who did the best mods by doing a series of challenges.-Winner of challenges drives the Nissan GTR in the snow.

1 months ago    6,834 views    husyk
Top K&N ATV and Off-Road Competitors Put K&N Products to the Test
The proving grounds for K&N filters' ultimate goal of protecting your valuable engine has always been deep in the world of off-road competition and racing. K&N's top race teams, riders and drivers put their products to the test week in and ...

3 years ago    55,708 views    KNFilters
Mika Häkkinen and his wife driving a F1-Car in the
Mika Häkkinen and his wife driving a F1-Car in the snow. Enjoyable sound :)

8 years ago    57,477 views    195722
Fast And Awesome Snow Shoe Mud Races!
Our first episode! Of Fast And Awesome. We went to check out the Snow Shoe Mud Races! If you love mud racing Snow Shoe, PA is where its at!

1 months ago    281 views    ecobaby
Tire Rack - High Performance All-Season Tires: Which Focus on Good Han
Responsive steering and stable handling along with good overall dry/wet traction are what set High Performance All-Season tires apart from touring or regular passenger all-season tires. How well do they perform in winter? We found out durin...

2 months ago    811 views    TireRack
Volvo 850R AWD on Snow
Volvo 850R AWD

4 weeks ago    17 views    MaxYas2
Porsche GT3 on snow
Porsche GT3 on snow

8 years ago    52,312 views    SLICK
Meanwhile in...New Zealand
The snow has just started falling again in New Zealand's Southern Alps so we teamed up with a helicopter and online content creators Diaries Downunder and heli-dropped them onto Isobel Glacier. Air New Zealand gives Australia daily access t...

2 weeks ago    74 views    deonpaauwe
A funny video of my friend using a snow bank as a
A funny video of my friend using a snow bank as a ramp and ramping his dodge dakota. In the end he gets stuck and in trouble with the police. VERY FUNNY! LOL!

8 years ago    51,664 views    glass_05
Rubber Matting
http://www.rubberflooringuk.comOur commercial-grade rubber mats are made to withstand the most extreme environments, whether it be rubber door mats exposed to snow and sun outdoors.

1 months ago    0 views    RubberMatting99
Tire Rack - Standard Touring All-Season Tires That Strike the Perfect
Standard Touring All-Season tires are usually a great choice for drivers who want a combination of good ride and noise comfort, all-season capability, and a longer tread life than more performance-oriented tires. Sounds like a lot to ask, b...

2 months ago    660 views    TireRack
Red Volkswagen Golf R Flyby 20131112 090434
My first Volkswagen Golf R on video . Double center exhaust n LED's plus Xenon lights to pierce the snow . Wed 13 filmed a sec R ! Share , G+ , like make it social get other's to subscribe along w u .

4 months ago    715 views    GrapheneRTS
Axial Wrangler Rubicon and The Spring River Runs Deep #7
I saw this river walk and thought lets take the Jeep out but as winter thaws and the rains fall the river was way to deep to cross and the water was a little fast for the Rubicon.Check out the Previous Video, Click Here;Axial Honcho Climbin...

4 months ago    490 views    RocketDogRc
Rubber Matting commercial-grade rubber mats are made to withstand the most extreme environments, whether it be rubber door mats exposed to snow and sun outdoors, rubber comfort mats covered with cutting fluids in indust...

1 months ago    0 views    PlaygroundTiles
Axial Honcho Climbing on a Dirty Snow Hill #6
Today I'm in St Paul Minnesota and I had some time to take the Axial Honcho out and play on this Dirty, Dirty Pile of snow.and having some fun.Check out the Previous Video, Click Here;Axial Honcho On The Beach

4 months ago    418 views    RocketDogRc
Nikola Tesla Model S BMW 3er 20140317 154817
An BMW 3 Series drove past as I decided how to spend time w the Tesla Model S . Part of a series done on 3 17 14 after the snow ended . Share , like , +1'd , subscribe for new video's .

4 months ago    430 views    GrapheneRTS
Launch Control: A Cold Start - Episode 2.1
For 2014 the slate is once again wiped clean. Both the Subaru Rally Team USA and Subaru Rallycross Teams have new cars and new challenges ahead. Join us as we once again bring you the inside story on Season 2 of Launch Control. #launchcontr...

3 months ago    38 views    drivingsports
Audi S5 Snow Pt2 20131217 065639
Walk around of this V-6 S5 . Shod w alloys , set it apart from other new S5 Coupes . Share , comment , use my CC , +1'd , subscribe for more video's .

4 months ago    118 views    GrapheneRTS
Two Audi S4's In Snow 20140116 073019
Two BiTurbo V6 S4 of the same model w Quattro drive to topple winter weather . The Avant and the Sedan variant feature the Avus style wheels n discrete bodywork . Share , like , G+ , subscribe for new auto content .

4 months ago    262 views    GrapheneRTS
Audi S5 Snow Pt1 20131217 065217
Brief look of a custom Audi S5 V-6 w alloy rims . Covered by snow . Share , comment , +1'd , use my CC license , subscribe for new auto video's .

4 months ago    115 views    GrapheneRTS
Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song) On iTunesracing built k20 k24 b series k iamtaiboogie streetracing races racing drag racing dragrace dragracing street race track ¼ slicks skinnies strip highway cops police musi...

4 months ago    809 views    npain
Illinois Back Institute - Carmelita Back Pain "I was walking in heels in the snow and I took a fall. After that I just began to have back pain. The pain was so unbearable that it caused my blood pressure to go up and I almost endured a stroke. If I h...

2 months ago    62 views    pabloenni
Ricky Johnson POV at Red Bull Frozen Rush
CLICK to watch the ACTION clip: more moto visit The Polar Vortex may have brought freezing temperatures across the country, but the action at Maine's Sunday River Resort was burning up as Red B...

5 months ago    2,705 views    glonk