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GoPro HD Cameras @ 2009 SEMA
Nick from GoPro show the latest in HD cameras to mount anywhere.

6 years ago    152,750 views    SEMA
Hot Rod Jim's PT-57 SEMA 2009 Story
The Story of the 4 month build on the PT-57 going to SEMA 2009. Check out more on this bad ass little truck at www.HotRodJim.com1957 Chevy Pickup. C5/C6 Corvette Suspension, LS motor, 6 Speed and 600+ HP.

6 years ago    45,727 views    RatRodRussell
The World's First 2009 Widebody Dodge Challenger
Check out the world's first wide-body 2009 Dodge Challenger that was custom built by expertise fabricator Topo and JW Motorsports in Bellflower, California. The Challenger was a crowd favorite at this year's SEMA and features 24-inch front ...

7 years ago    39,652 views    DUB_Magazine
Fox Marketing/Artisan Twin Turbo IS-F on the Dyno
527hp/494ft. torque at 5psi on the dyno at hours before being loaded on a truck for the 2008 SEMA Show. Two Turbonetics GTK350 rear mounted turbo set up.2009 Stock Lexus IS F is 8 speed paddle shift and 419hp.

7 years ago    15,943 views    FoxMarketingCars
SEMA 2007 - G-Force Design 69 Camaro V8TV
The team at G-Force Design Concepts built "Devious", a 1969 Camaro powered by a supercharged LSX block based 400+ cubic inch V8. It rides on an Morrison subframe, and features a look with styling cues taken from the 2009 Camaro concept. ...

8 years ago    12,441 views    V8TV
New product for GTR from STILLEN

6 years ago    25,511 views    SEMA
High Risers and Off Roaders at SEMA 2009
This is a group of High Riser Trucks, with a Toyota Off Roader Mixed in, at the SEMA 2009 Show.

6 years ago    9,261 views    SEMA
High Risers and Off Roaders at SEMA 2009
This is a group of High Riser Trucks, with a Toyota Off Roader Mixed in, at the SEMA 2009 Show.

6 years ago    8,925 views    SEMA
2010 Camaro revealed at SEMA
The folks behind the 2010 Camaro discuss the attributes of this much-anticipated vehicle at the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

7 years ago    10,739 views    IGotShotgun
Bed X-Tender Installation
MOTORZ TV shows you how to install a Bed X-Tender from AMP Research on a 2010 Ford F-150. Special guest: Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire!Show notes:

6 years ago    43,472 views    Motorz
Myles Kovacs from DUB at SEMA 2009
The sun in Vegas was serious, so some of the bling came through a little bright. But we still got some insight from DUB President Myles Kovacs and some good shots of the DUB booth.

6 years ago    8,408 views    SEMA
Lingenfelter Camaro Unveil at SEMA
SEMA 2009 in the Hotchkis Booth

6 years ago    7,352 views    SEMA
Nitto's Newest Max Performance Tire: The NTO5 @ SE talks to Stephen Leu @ Nitto tires about there newest addition the NTO5. The NTO5 is their most aggressive max performance street tire ever.using special diagonal cuts in the tread they are able to reduce heat build up, and ...

7 years ago    8,726 views    SEMA-2008
Steve Darnell, and his 1947 Diamond T and 1929 Die
This combo was at the SEMA 2009 Show, and it a little wild. It's a break from all the flashy cars and jacked up trucks that were all over the parking lot of SEMA. Narrated by the builder Steve Darnell.

6 years ago    4,217 views    SEMA
Toyota Booth Walk Around SEMA 2009
This is part 1 of the Toyota Show Booth at SEMA 2009. Includes Tacoma, Tundra, Yaris, Prius, and Camry models.

6 years ago    3,985 views    SEMA
2011 Lexus LFA: Engine Sound
This is a short clip of the Lexus LFA which was displayed at the Lexus Booth at the 2009 SEMA show. Includes startup and some nice revs. Check it out.

6 years ago    3,532 views    GarethFoley
Tjin Edition Camaro SEMA 2009 Teaser Video

6 years ago    50,002 views    TjinEdition
Top 5 American Muscle - SEMA 2009 - Octane Report
Visit for more. Stephen takes us through our top five domestic muscle car picks from the 2009 SEMA Show. All American sports cars - Cadillac, Ford, Chevy and Pontiac. From turbo V6 engines to 2,000hp monsters, th...

6 years ago    3,414 views    TheOctaneReport
Scion xB Tuner Challenge 1st Place
First Place winner of the Scion xB Tuner Challenge from SEMA 2009

6 years ago    27,127 views    SEMA
Stage 4 Engine Management System from Professional Products ID6308.flv
SEMA TV SEMA SHOW 2009 NEW PERFORMANCE-STREET PRODUCT: This is the most advanced EFI computer system available. 'Adaptive Learning', full fuel and spark control plus fuel pump control eliminating a return line.Find this product and more at ...

3 years ago    2,166 views    performanceinjection
Professional Products Fuel On Demand @ SEMA 2009.flv - Fuel On Demand debuts at the 2009 SEMA show. Use the F.O.D. to decrease fuel pump noise, heat, and strain, while increasing life. Can be used with high pressure EFI or carburetor applications, naturally...

3 years ago    2,214 views    performanceinjection
SEMA 2009: The Very Best and the Very Worst
The Smoking Tire heads to Las Vegas for the 2009 SEMA show. We look at some of the best and the worst examples of customization on the market today, and host Matt Farah also gets a look inside the all-new Ariel Atom 3!

6 years ago    18,215 views    TheSmokingTire
ICON 4x4 @ Sema 2009
Icon shows off the new CJ3B "The Dog" at SEMA 2009

6 years ago    23,081 views    SEMA
Sponge Bob Caprice
At SEMA 2009

6 years ago    2,184 views    SEMA
SEMA 2009: 1977 Firebird Feature V8TV
This super-slick 1977 built by Ron Jones' Garage features one-off wheels, an LS-7 V8, Detroit Speed suspension, and a completely custom interior. Jones' crew and Pinkie's Hot Rods even created aluminum inner panels, a custom steel dash, ...

6 years ago    2,325 views    V8TV
The 2009 Dodge Ram Bianco ready for SEMA 2009
Mark Allen, Mopar Design Team Leader, with the new Dodge Ram Bianco, in a walkaround just before it's revealed at the 2009 SEMA Show.

6 years ago    2,850 views    ChryslerVideo
Kicker @ SEMA 2009
Kicker shows off the latest and greatest in Audio at SEMA '09

6 years ago    20,958 views    SEMA
SEMA 2009 Preview
This is a short clip of the project we built for the SEMA Showback in 2009.

4 years ago    1,267 views    Centerforce
Grave Digger Dennis Anderson SEMA 2009 Magnaflow
Interview of Dennis Anderson of Grave Digger at Magnaflow's 2009 SEMA booth.

6 years ago    23,801 views    SEMA