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scion squad audio

5 years ago    142 views    CarDomain
Turbo Scion tC vs STI w/mods. finally a clip showi
Turbo Scion tC vs STI w/mods. finally a clip showing the potential of the 2AZFE.

8 years ago    156,461 views    645dc486
Tanner Foust Street Drift: Mulholland
Tanner Foust drifts his Rockstar Energy Drink Scion TC Drift Car on a legendary stretch of Mulholland Highway known as "The Snake". Watch Tanner unleash his 600hp NASCAR V8 powered Scion drift car on this famed road. There were no rehearsal...

4 years ago    62,103 views    TannerFoust
WORLD Racing 2011 Webisode #4: LIGHTER, FASTER, STRONGER
Take an exciting behind-the-scene sneak peak at Chris Rado's new Scion tC FWING 2.0 as the crew from WORLD Racing preps it for battle!Ron Mathis Time Attack crew chief and lead fabricator Scott Standwood have a brainstorming session and...

3 years ago    113,383 views    WORLDRacing
$100,000 Maserati Vs. Zpi Turbo Scion Tc.Guess
$100,000 Maserati Vs. Zpi Turbo Scion Tc.Guess who wins :)

8 years ago    98,567 views    457775
WORLD Racing 2010 Season - Part 10 - Debut of a Beast
The WORLD Racing crew has been hard at work finishing up their all new 2010 Team Need For Speed Scion tC. Follow them as they head in to Atlanta to debut the AWD beast and try to set a new FWD record in the Fwing tC. For more information, p...

3 years ago    90,684 views    WORLDRacing
WORLD Racing 2010 Season Part 4
As the WORLD Racing team worked through the night to get their Scion tC ready for race day at California Speedway, it was apparent that them giving up and parking the car just wasn’t an option. Once again the boys pull it off and send Rado ...

4 years ago    72,754 views    WORLDRacing
WORLD Racing's All-New Time Attack Monster -FWING 2.0
Look out... Rado and his crew have their hands wrapped around another new project for the 2011 season! Meet Fwing 2.0, WORLD Racing's all-new time attack monster. Rado's 2010 Scion tC a.k.a Fwing 1.0 currently holds over 20 time attack trac...

3 years ago    56,415 views    WORLDRacing
Scott Kelley Racing - NHRA, O'Reilly Raceway Park 9/1-9/6/10
Scott Kelley wins Super Stock class at the U.S. Nationals in his Scion xB!

3 years ago    60,774 views    scionracing
WORLD Racing 2010 Season Part 9 - Birth Of A Beast 2
In episode nine follow Cousin Rob thru the final weeks of the AWD Team Need For Speed Scion tC build. The racecar goes from NuzMovmentz to Auto Explosion for the Esteban 48 hour special! Then follow the team back to WORLD Motorsports West...

3 years ago    49,775 views    WORLDRacing
Ford Opens Racing Tech Center - Autoline Daily 1379
- Another GM Recall- Cadillac ATS Coupe Details- Ford Opens Racing Tech Center- Kia Considering Production GT4 Stinger- Scion FR-S Updates- Bridgestone's DriveGuard Ad Campaign- Autoline This Week PreviewGet more video everyday at http://au...

2 months ago    4,671 views    Autoline
WORLD Racing - Redline Time Attack 2010 Season Opener
Rado and crew head in to Willow Springs, California for the 2010 Redline Time Attack Season Opener. Will the WORLD Racing crew give Chris Rado the car he needs to dip into the 1:45's at Buttonwillow? Chances are looking great for an Unlimit...

4 years ago    58,379 views    WORLDRacing
Rihanna Inline BMW M Coupe
This time it's wet early am . On the hunt for whips to spot , this M Coupe pops up again . So w the overcast skies helping to reduce glare , went ahead fimled it . Like , share w others all my previous works . Or get others to subscribe to ...

4 months ago    169 views    GrapheneRTS
Ravishing Rihanna Red FR-S
After last nights dwnpour brings about better filming techniques . Case in point this vibrant hue Scion FR-S ! W a 200hp @7,000rpm boxer engine n 151lb_ft @6,000rpm , capped in a light weight body . Subaru BRZ donated much to Toyota for thi...

4 months ago    164 views    GrapheneRTS
M-B CLK Blue BMW F10 Flyby 20140301 181013
On 3/02/14 came across this duo a M-B CLK n Scion FRS . As luck will have it the same blue M5 , I'd miss on 2/23/14 went by ! Share , like , subscribe .

4 months ago    143 views    GrapheneRTS
2jz swapped FRS
Scion FR-S with Toyota Supra 2jz-gte engine swap at Sema 2013.

8 months ago    1,759 views    hayabusa7
2009 Formula D Round 1 Winner: Ryan Tuerck
Right after Ryan Tuerck hopped off the podium we had him talk to us about the event. He reviewed his toughest battles of the day which he said were against Tanner Foust in his new Scion tC. He reviewed what happened to Conrad Grunewald when...

5 years ago    44,947 views    WreckedMagazine
Chris Rado takes the NFS AWD tC for a spin @ Miller Motorsports Park!
Chris Rado and the World Racing team take the newly built AWD Unlimited Scion tC sponsored by EA Games and NFS to Miller Motorsports Park for a hot lap. Recording a time of 1:59! This thing sound wicked!

3 years ago    42,707 views    scionracing
World Racing AWD Scion tC Build
First they did it in FWD... and now they are doing it in AWD! Check out this video that chronicles the build of the World Racing, Team Need for Speed, Scion tC.

3 years ago    38,899 views    scionracing
Honda Wagon or Scion FRS Vote Your Ride winner
visit Honda Wagon or Scion FRS Vote Your Ride winner

8 months ago    269 views    Import2race
2010 BOTB: Kai Hei Tai - 29 Palms, CA
See the build for Team Kai Hei Tai in the 2010 Scion Battle of the Builds competition. Watch behind the scenes as members of Team Kai Hei Tai show us their inspiration behind their build and what they are trying to accomplish.

3 years ago    40,940 views    scionracing
Scion Racing -Driven to Drift Long Beach Rd 1 2009
Driven to Drift- a new web series highlighting the trials of Pro Drift drivers Ken Gushi and Tanner Foust as they compete in the 2009 Formula Drift Series. Discover the personalities behind the team and go through the paces as they travel a...

4 years ago    40,712 views    scionracing
Scion Racing -Driven to Drift Monroe, WA Rd 5 2009
Driven to Drift- a new web series highlighting the trials of Pro Drift drivers Ken Gushi and Tanner Foust as they compete in the 2009 Formula Drift Series. Discover the personalities behind the team and go through the paces as they travel a...

4 years ago    40,571 views    scionracing
First Look at Nissan's New Rouge - Autoline Daily 1248
The 2014 Nissan Rogue is the first vehicle in the company's line-up that uses its new Common Module Family architecture. Tesla and Panasonic announce a deal to expand their partnership for another four years. Scion unveils the modified cars...

8 months ago    835 views    Autoline
Scion FR-S
Front engine & rear drive

9 months ago    430 views    vipmd
Nissan GT-R vs. Scion tC Drift Cars
Executive editor Edward Loh pits our long term Nissan GT-R against its strangest competition yet -- a pair of Scion tC drift cars from the Formula D drift racing series.

4 years ago    37,389 views    scionracing
NYIAS: Scion iQ
Scion iQ

5 years ago    36,579 views    CarDomain
ZPI Stage 1 Scion tC vs. Chubb Tuning Subaru STi
ZPI Stage 1 Scion tC vs. Chubb Tuning Subaru STi

8 years ago    35,499 views    guest
Tanner Foust : Slow Motion Scion tC
Check out Tanner Foust doing his thing at Formula Drift Atlanta in his new NASCAR V8 Scion tC. This slow motion flick really gives an amazing look to this AEM x Rockstar Energy Drink Scion tC from Formula Drift Round 2.

5 years ago    36,201 views    WreckedMagazine