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Turbo Scion tC vs STI w/mods. finally a clip showi
Turbo Scion tC vs STI w/mods. finally a clip showing the potential of the 2AZFE.

10 years ago    156,730 views    645dc486
$100,000 Maserati Vs. Zpi Turbo Scion Tc.Guess
$100,000 Maserati Vs. Zpi Turbo Scion Tc.Guess who wins :)

10 years ago    98,896 views    457775
Tanner Foust Street Drift: Mulholland
Tanner Foust drifts his Rockstar Energy Drink Scion TC Drift Car on a legendary stretch of Mulholland Highway known as "The Snake". Watch Tanner unleash his 600hp NASCAR V8 powered Scion drift car on this famed road. There were no rehearsal...

6 years ago    62,464 views    TannerFoust
WORLD Racing 2010 Season - Part 10 - Debut of a Beast
The WORLD Racing crew has been hard at work finishing up their all new 2010 Team Need For Speed Scion tC. Follow them as they head in to Atlanta to debut the AWD beast and try to set a new FWD record in the Fwing tC. For more information, p...

5 years ago    96,452 views    WORLDRacing
WORLD Racing 2010 Season Part 9 - Birth Of A Beast 2
In episode nine follow Cousin Rob thru the final weeks of the AWD Team Need For Speed Scion tC build. The racecar goes from NuzMovmentz to Auto Explosion for the Esteban 48 hour special! Then follow the team back to WORLD Motorsports West...

5 years ago    55,382 views    WORLDRacing
2009 Formula D Round 1 Winner: Ryan Tuerck
Right after Ryan Tuerck hopped off the podium we had him talk to us about the event. He reviewed his toughest battles of the day which he said were against Tanner Foust in his new Scion tC. He reviewed what happened to Conrad Grunewald when...

7 years ago    44,998 views    WreckedMagazine
WORLD Racing's All-New Time Attack Monster -FWING 2.0
Look out... Rado and his crew have their hands wrapped around another new project for the 2011 season! Meet Fwing 2.0, WORLD Racing's all-new time attack monster. Rado's 2010 Scion tC a.k.a Fwing 1.0 currently holds over 20 time attack trac...

4 years ago    62,113 views    WORLDRacing
WORLD Racing 2011 Webisode #4: LIGHTER, FASTER, STRONGER
Take an exciting behind-the-scene sneak peak at Chris Rado's new Scion tC FWING 2.0 as the crew from WORLD Racing preps it for battle!Ron Mathis Time Attack crew chief and lead fabricator Scott Standwood have a brainstorming session and...

4 years ago    119,015 views    WORLDRacing
ZPI Stage 1 Scion tC vs. Chubb Tuning Subaru STi
ZPI Stage 1 Scion tC vs. Chubb Tuning Subaru STi

10 years ago    35,559 views    guest
NYIAS: Scion iQ
Scion iQ

7 years ago    36,787 views    CarDomain
Tanner Foust : Slow Motion Scion tC
Check out Tanner Foust doing his thing at Formula Drift Atlanta in his new NASCAR V8 Scion tC. This slow motion flick really gives an amazing look to this AEM x Rockstar Energy Drink Scion tC from Formula Drift Round 2.

7 years ago    36,259 views    WreckedMagazine
Tanner Foust Scion TC
Tanner Foust talks about his new ride for the 2009 Formula Drift season.

7 years ago    29,629 views    StreetFire
Scion FR-S Test Driver's Close Call with Deer
Scion test driver Ken Gushi nearly hits a deer during FR-S commercial shoot.

4 years ago    23,410 views    GTRfanboy
Foust's New Rockstar/AEM Scion TC
Not only is this Scion rear wheel drive but its also got a Joe Gibbs Racing/TRD built NASCAR truck V8 under the hood! Looks like Tanner's going to have alot of fun this season.

7 years ago    23,453 views    jjashik18
Tanner Foust 2009 Scion Drift Car
Tanner Foust testing his new 2009 Drift Scion

7 years ago    25,227 views    jjashik18
scion tC "tries" to take a camaro z28...haha
scion tC "tries" to take a camaro z28...haha

10 years ago    25,596 views    silentscreams85
WORLD Racing "Over The Top" 1700hp 4cyl
Chris Rado's WORLD Racing2007 PRO FWD SCION tCBest et: 7.34 @ 193mphest: 1700HP 4cyl Toyota 3rzFilm Compilation of drag racing with Linkin Park

8 years ago    27,438 views    WORLDRacing
Little priview i have to a vid i'm working on. vid
Little priview i have to a vid i'm working on. vid features my buddy joe's 2005 scion tc which is in this months modified mag.

9 years ago    24,016 views    2scani
Scion tC vs 02 Civic Si
Scion tC vs 02 Civic Si

10 years ago    24,429 views    bLazN_ChEnGY
Infiniti G35 sedan 6MT vs scion tc turbo 6psi
The g35 is stock, the scion tc has a custom kit not tunned yet at 6 psi.

8 years ago    23,987 views    maxspeed96ct
WORLD Racing - Redline Time Attack 2010 Season Opener
Rado and crew head in to Willow Springs, California for the 2010 Redline Time Attack Season Opener. Will the WORLD Racing crew give Chris Rado the car he needs to dip into the 1:45's at Buttonwillow? Chances are looking great for an Unlimit...

6 years ago    58,587 views    WORLDRacing
Turbo Scion Brothers
Turbo Scion tC

8 years ago    34,319 views    yamaha16bw
EnriqueTC turbo Scion TC vs LS1 Camaro (Chapping C
EnriqueTC turbo Scion TC vs LS1 Camaro (Chapping Crew Production)

9 years ago    16,011 views    MrGoingdown
06 Scion tC, with GReddy EVO 2 Exhaust
06 Scion tC, with GReddy EVO 2 Exhaust

10 years ago    16,172 views    rusty
CHRIS RADO featured in EA GAMES: BIRTH OF PRO STREET previewChris Rado: PRO FWD SCION tC/Unlimited FWD Time Attack SCION tC

8 years ago    29,328 views    WORLDRacing
EnriqueTC turbo Scion TC vs 300+ whp SRT4
EnriqueTC turbo Scion TC vs 300+ whp SRT4

9 years ago    18,130 views    MrGoingdown
Cobb Stage 2 STi vs Turbo Scion tC TurboToyotas
Cobb Stage 2 AccessPort STi with Turboback exhaust vs Scion tC TurboToyotas Stage 1 with exhaust. Las Vegas street race.

8 years ago    15,584 views    olaHalo
World Racing AWD Scion tC Build
First they did it in FWD... and now they are doing it in AWD! Check out this video that chronicles the build of the World Racing, Team Need for Speed, Scion tC.

5 years ago    39,065 views    scionracing
Remember the Scion tC that raced the STI and every
Remember the Scion tC that raced the STI and everyone was saying the STI wasn't trying or didn't know how to drive. Well this is that same Scion tC only this time against a Maserati

10 years ago    16,910 views    RhythmnSmoke