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ATV Sand Drags at L.A. Dunes
ATV Sand Drags at L.A. Dunes

9 years ago    29,298 views    114230
sand drags hill climb
sand drags hill climb

9 years ago    27,782 views    042937
sand drags silver lake
sand drags silver lake

9 years ago    20,252 views    042937
video of my 88 cherokee with a 383 stroker sbc and
video of my 88 cherokee with a 383 stroker sbc and a 150 shot of nos. Custom made paddle tires and big roost. Sand drag jeep cherokee (bad ass)

8 years ago    13,004 views    denverjay77
Supertoy V carrying the wheelie the entire length
Supertoy V carrying the wheelie the entire length of the sand drag track

8 years ago    9,868 views    1f7c45d9
Atv sand drags
Atv sand drags

9 years ago    10,218 views    114230
'86 Chevy Blazer 454ci. "Sand Drags"Pretty goo
'86 Chevy Blazer 454ci. "Sand Drags"Pretty good for my dad's first time sand drag racing.

9 years ago    5,896 views    13IG13LAZE
Sand Drag racing in Qasim between Nissan Patrol an
Sand Drag racing in Qasim between Nissan Patrol and Toyota fj

10 years ago    8,699 views    guest
Lucas Oil: 'Run What Ya Brung'
The Quick 8 Sand Drag races at West Michigan Dragway is all about 'Run What Ya Brung' to win! the motorsports authority for NASCAR, Formula 1, auto racing, moto racing, cars, bikes, automotive, motorcycles, PINKS All Out and more...

4 years ago    2,269 views    SpeedTVSpeedX
Sand rail Rollover and Fire, Glamis New Years 2014
Not a good way to end 2013 and begin the New Years 2014 in Glamis Ca. The driver swerved to avoid hitting a bush which resulted in loss of control. Thankfully the driver and passenger walked away from this rollover and fiery crash with mino...

2 years ago    3,165 views    TheRidersChannel
Jeep 460 Big Block
Fiber glass body with ford big block"SAND DRAGS"

8 years ago    3,690 views    13IG13LAZE
Glamis New Years 2013 at the Drag's.
Video was taped in Glamis California at the sand drags, oldsmobile hill, competition hill, and china wall on 12/27/2012 thru 1/1/2013. Check back soon for additional Glamis footage of New Years 2013.

2 years ago    2,060 views    TheRidersChannel
86' Chevy Big Block BlazerPics & Vids Of How 13i
86' Chevy Big Block BlazerPics & Vids Of How 13ig 13laze Got Started"SAND DRAGS"

8 years ago    5,996 views    13IG13LAZE
Glamis Presidents Day 2014
Check out the crazy times in Glamis Sand Dunes that were had again this year for Presidents Day 2014. This is video #1 of 2. Video, stills, aerial photography, drone, multi rotor, and UAV were shot at the Sand Drags, Oldsmobile Hill, China ...

2 years ago    1,917 views    TheRidersChannel
Sandrail Shuts Down Glamis Sand Drags Halloween 2013
After dominating at the drags, this custom Buckshot X5 sand car loses wheel, spins out, and gets towed out of the sand drags in Imperial Sand Dunes, Glamis Ca.

2 years ago    1,161 views    TheRidersChannel
Best of Glamis Halloween 2013
Glamis Sand Dunes Halloween 2013 HD compilation. Featuring footage from the sand drags, Camp Rzr, and aerial views.

2 years ago    1,115 views    TheRidersChannel
Sand Drags, San Felipito
testing out the blazer still needs work, stock gear ratio

7 years ago    1,577 views    13IG13LAZE
Close call at the Sand Drags in Glamis Sand Dunes Ca.
Fix a flat at the Glamis Dunes Sand Drags.This buggy almost rolled and took out a motorcycle after his tire popped off the bead. Video taped in Glamis sand Dunes Imperial Dunes Ca. New Years weekend 2014.Caution: DO NOT try this without the...

2 years ago    906 views    TheRidersChannel
Sand Drags at Dumont Dunes 2010
Presidents Day weekend 2010

6 years ago    907 views    Sandified
sand drag races
our garages car

6 years ago    780 views    its-up-to-u
UAV Glamis Halloween 2013 At The Drags
UAV Footage of Glamis at The Sand Drags.

2 years ago    572 views    TheRidersChannel
Glamis New Years 2014 2nd Sandcar Rollover
In this video Glamis New Years 2014, you will witness another sand rail crash at the sand drags. See our previous video for the first buggy rollover. Thankfully, only minor scrapes and scratches to the drivers of both videos. The crashes ha...

2 years ago    414 views    TheRidersChannel
saudi sand drag
sand drag in saudi

7 years ago    376 views    algalag
CBR 600 F2 trike at the sand drags. 200 ft in 3.9
CBR 600 F2 trike at the sand drags. 200 ft in 3.99 with only 1st gear.

9 years ago    4,757 views    coreygreat
sand drags silver lake
sand drags silver lake

9 years ago    8,624 views    042937
Sand Drags 2

5 years ago    326 views    bigcow22
sand drag race
jeep wrangler

6 years ago    751 views    its-up-to-u
Awesome Sand Drags
Awesome Sand Drags

5 years ago    1,256 views    FerrariFiend
sand drag race 3

6 years ago    683 views    its-up-to-u