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Top Gear Season 7, Episode 3 — Originally aired on
* The Top Gear crew heads to that new huge bridge in southern France — Jeremy in his Ford GT, Richard in a Pagani Zonda S, and James in a Ferrari F430* In the news: Top Gear won an Emmy, some weird fish car, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, an...

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Top Gear Season 8, Episode 4 — Originally aired on
* Richard compares the new BMW Z4 M to the Porsche Boxster S and the Stig takes it around the track for a laptime* Jeremy examines the new Mercedes S Class to see what technology might appear on normal cars in 10 years* Richard races in a ...

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Rumen Dunev Onboard - Rousse 2008
Bulgarian touring cars championship - Rousse circuit 2008. Onboard video from Rumen Dunev's Renault Clio S1600 - winner in group A & N and class A6. He overtook the leader George Tanev (Subaru Impreza) in the lap before the last, despite th...

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Mercedes S-class
TopGear drives the Mercedes S-class

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Fifth Gear - Season 14, Episode 8 — (Full Episode)
Season 14, Episode 8 — Originally aired on September 29th, 2008 * Vicki tests the new Honda Jazz by using it as a support vehicle for The Tour of Britain, one of the United Kingdom’s biggest cycling events * Tim finds out if he can se...

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Fifth Gear season 14 Ep.8 (Full episode)
In this episode: * Vicki tests the new Honda Jazz by using it as a support vehicle for The Tour of Britain, one of the United Kingdom’s biggest cycling events * Tim finds out if he can service a modern car instead of paying to have a de...

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Top Gear Australia - Season 2, Episode 8
Season 2, Episode 8 (Full Version) — Originally aired on June 29th, 2009 * Warren drives the new diesel powered Porsche Cayenne and races it against a horse * The Stig races a V8 twin turbo powered BMW X6 around the test track * A ...

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Fifth Gear Season one episode two - full episode
Fifth Gear Season one episode two - full episode*Vicki reviews the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA*Adrian reviews the Nissan Primera and its futuristic dash board layout*Tiff reviews three SUV's: Land Rover's: Range Rover, Mercedes M class ML 500, and B...

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U.S. Sub Sinks Boat!
A US Navy Sub accidentally sinks a tug boat at Midway Island. The sub is the USS Georgia SSBN 729 and the tug is YTB415.The Secota was doing a personal transfer while the sub was underway on a slow bell. Shortly after the transfer, she lost...

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Top Gear 1997_05_29
- Jeremy Clarkson drives the Brabus S-class and the Brabus SLK. - Tiff Needell drives the Lotus '49, a F1 car. - Quentin Willson about SUV's. And he drives the most flattering 4x4, the Jeep Cherokee. - Andy Wilman about former East-Europea....

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Top Gear on the S Class auto brake FAIL
The nice automatic braking system of the S Class. FAILS ;)And Top Gear show you it.

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Cellulosic Ethanol May Never Happen - Episode 1124
CODA, the EV startup in California, files for bankruptcy. Nissan cuts the price on seven of the 18 vehicles it sells in the American market. Due to a mistake made on Mercedes-Benz's Austrian consumer website, we get a peak at the redesigned...

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2010 All-New Jaguar XJ VIP World Reveal:
The current XJ, timeless in design and sophisticated in presence, represents a history full of fond memories and remarkable achievements. Yet -- as all things must -- Jaguar needed to evolve its entire lineup into the future, a task not eas...

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Scott Kelley Racing - NHRA, O'Reilly Raceway Park 9/1-9/6/10
Scott Kelley wins Super Stock class at the U.S. Nationals in his Scion xB!

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2010 Saleen Mustang - Chris Parisi NMRA Spring Break Shootout
Chris Parisi, the 2009 NMRA Super Stang World Champion, discusses his 2010 Saleen Mustang's passes at the 16th Annual NMRA Spring Break Shootout. Parisi has had a passion for drag racing since the early '90s and he is the one everyone is tr...

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The Racing Insiders Episode 3 Air date May 16 2013
Joey Redmond of Wrecked Magazine & Canadian Rally Driver Antoine L'Estage on this week's "The Racing Insiders" show on MAVTV "The Racing Insiders" airs on MAVTV @ 2 and 5 PM EST. and again on Sat, @ 12:30. So get ready to pull up a chair or...

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MORRIS MINI COOPER S RACER BMW evevHarry Firth drove one came 6th Bathurst 1966 the cars beat all classes and won outright 1st,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,& 9 th Place CHRYSLER VALIANT 10thFred Gibson came 2nd FIRTH & GIBSON combined to win BATHURS...

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007 Top Gear - New Mercedes S-Class
007 Top Gear - New Mercedes S-Class

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Top Gear 2001_05_17
- Tiff Needell drives the Lotus Elise, the Vauxhall VX 220/Opel Speedster, the MGF Trophy and the Toyota MR2. - Jason Barlow looks at the Nissan Almera, the Mitsubishi Galant and the Seat Toledo. - Top Gear Verdict: The Jaguar S-Type 4.0 V8...

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Brian Crower's C-West Time Attack Honda S2000 JDM
Tyler McQuarrie pilots Brian Crower's Carbon Fiber C-West Honda S2000, winning the RWD unlimted class, and the overall best time in the Redline Time Attack series at Buttonwillow Raceway, running an overall time of 1:48.

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MY RiDE falcon 500 XC 5.8 FMX INTERCEPTOR 1977
falcon new PHASE INTERCEPTOR 1977 XCthe spirit of the falconGT continued where it originated the falcon 500 INTERCEPTOR HIGWAY PATROL VICTORIA POLICE PROGRAMME from the XR 1967 10 years later MY RiDE with falcon GT evolution look YeS anoth...

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Fifth Gear Season one episode five - full episode
Fifth Gear Season one episode five - full episode*Tiff reviews the Pagandi Zonda S with a mercedes 7.0L V12 AMG motor*Quentin finds some good deals on 1991-1993 BMW 3 series models*Adrian explores the idea of what it take to be exclusive in...

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Success in racing is dependent upon many factors. A key component is having great teammates. Mazda Motorsports has joined a great team to promote broader awareness of distracted driving for new drivers. Mazda Motorsports gathered at the ...

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2008 Ford F-350 Diesel - Jonathan Rhoades Dyno Run
2008 Ford F-350 PowerstrokeFord Powerstroke by Jonathan Rhoades at Thoroughbred Diesel 4th Annual Judgement Day Dyno Event 2012. Jonathan ran in the stock turbo class during Judgement Day.564.6 HP1048.3 lb-ft TQTruck Mods:CFM Intake ElbowEd...

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2013 BRSCC Porsches Round 1 Rockingham
Rockingham hosts the first 2013 raceThere was much relief all round, given the record-breaking cold March that had put paid to many a driver's testing, as Rockingham (almost) basked in sunshine today for the opening of the 2013 season. A to...

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Chevy Sweeps Car & Truck of the Year Awards - Autoline Daily1290
- Car & Truck of the Year Winners- 2015 Ford F-150- 2015 GMC Canyon- 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class- VW Aims for 1 Million U.S. Sales- Autoline LIVE PreviewGet more video everyday at

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2007 S Class VS 1970 SS EL Camino Part 2
2007 S Class VS 1970 SS EL Camino Part 2

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1997 Dodge 2500 Cummins - Jonathan Miller Dyno Run
1997 Dodge 2500 CumminsDodge Cummins by Jonathan Miller at Thoroughbred Diesel 4th Annual Judgement Day Dyno Event 2012. Jonathan ran in the Unlimited turbo class during Judgement Day.518.8 HP1007.6 lb-ft TQTruck Mods:S4757X17 Injectors180 ...

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