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INSANE Russian offroad mudding trip! Truck sinks
INSANE Russian offroad mudding trip! Truck sinks in 8' of water! Crazy mud action and winching. Good soundtrack. HUUUUGE mog 503 action!4x4 mud samurai unimog mog

10 years ago    351,139 views    nowhere
Russian Ricer Fail
In Soviet Russia rice cooks you.

5 years ago    45,035 views    Pants
Crazy Russian-Powered Muscle Car
Crazy Russian-Powered Russian Muscle Car

5 years ago    24,812 views    GTRfanboy
Extreme AMPHIBIOUS Russian offroad vehicle: Aton-I
The Aton Impulse VIKING combines the best of extreme off-road with amphibious capabilities in a unique special purpose vehicle, ideal for heavy industry, exploration, flood-relief, NGOs and emergency services.Off-road, the VIKING vehicle is...

6 years ago    70,090 views    MPLIGHTNING01
Gas Tankers, Trucks on Terrible Russian Roads
Gas Tankers, Trucks on terrible Russian Roads

5 years ago    81,709 views    GTRfanboy
4x4 goes bad, or Russian Chuck Norris.
Guy decides to drive over a concrete structure, two guys are standing on the other end. SUV loses pay attention to the guy in a white coat. He catches the camera first, than dodges the truck, and walks like this shit happens every ...

5 years ago    90,427 views    Import-Mazda_Mike
Russian Car Demolition
Russian Car Demolition

4 years ago    43,347 views    GTRfanboy
Russian KAMAZ trucks in action during the PARIS-DA
Russian KAMAZ trucks in action during the PARIS-DAKAR rally.

9 years ago    45,205 views    standard_issue
Russian Pothole

6 years ago    63,059 views    3834bbl
Russian KAMAZ trucks on display in Saudi Arabia fo
Russian KAMAZ trucks on display in Saudi Arabia for international media.

9 years ago    37,255 views    standard_issue
My Bmw ///M3 E36 Disco Headlights Action
Just My BMW ///M3 E36 Disco Headlights Action RUSSIAN DRUM AND BASS! By ME

7 years ago    36,041 views    Roma007
This GTR apparently turned by Russian tuning shop Sportec, blows up while taking on a Porsche 996 GT2

5 years ago    78,741 views    Daily_Commute
Russian drift
It fails splendidly.

7 years ago    33,051 views    Photoshocks
Russian Girl Car Wash
Russian Girl Car Wash

7 years ago    28,401 views    Mix939
Russian BIke most Unbelievable things They DO. The
Russian BIke most Unbelievable things They DO. They Are BEST TRUST ME....

9 years ago    28,616 views    199755
Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!
A Russian woman who has caught her husband with another woman thought of a perfect revenge - ram her husband's car with her car. By the way, the husband is still paying for both cars. Ouch!

5 years ago    19,727 views    GTRfanboy
Russian Road Rage with Car Crash Accident!.
Russian Road Rage with Car Crash Accident!.

4 years ago    6,662 views    GTRfanboy
DeLorean DMC-12 Russian Flying Time Machine
Flying Time Machine inspired by the movie Back to the Future

4 years ago    9,803 views    GTRfanboy
Drunk Russians Sink Infiniti FX35
Drunk Russians Sink Infiniti FX35

4 years ago    14,139 views    GTRfanboy
Tiger on Russian Road
I'm a Tiger, Out Of My Way!

3 years ago    7,923 views    GTRfanboy
Big jump with Lada Niva
A big jump with a russian car...

8 years ago    20,394 views    Lionel74
Novikov´s Crazy Jump: WRC Rally Finland
..and The Entertainer of the Rally award goes to.. yes, to Russian Evgeny Novikov with his yellow Citroen C4. Here´s a couple of incar views of Evgeny´s crazy jumping performance in special stage Leustu in WRC Rally Finland 2009.

6 years ago    34,506 views    JohnnyMayday
Russian KAMAZ trucks in action. Internationally
Russian KAMAZ trucks in action. Internationally acknowledged as worlds toughest and most reliable trucks on the planet.

9 years ago    21,961 views    standard_issue
Bullrun Clip: Russian Sniper
Bullrun is back. Only on SPEED. The ultimate test of mind and machine, pitting twelve teams of two people against each other for over 3,000 grueling miles. The drivers are behind the wheels of their own cars, from American muscle, to exotic...

7 years ago    35,697 views    Bullrun
Russian Drag Racing!
Lancer Evolution, VAZ 21099-91, BMW M5, Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG, Porsche 911 Turbo, Nissan GT-R R35, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, BMW M3,

5 years ago    9,484 views    GTRfanboy
Russian Car Transporter
Russian Car Transporter

4 years ago    9,754 views    89FoxBody
?Drunk? destructive russian driver
?Drunk? destructive russian driver

6 years ago    13,748 views    Snook
Russian Road Maintenance At It's Best.
I've seen a few potholes in my time,but this has got to beat them all hands down.

7 years ago    14,084 views    barnesy
30 Min Car Crash Compilation August 2013!
Car Crash Compilation HD #27 | Russian Dash Cam AccidentsRoad Rage and Car Crashes 2/2 Week 2 July 2013 18+ Road Rage and Car Crashes 2/2 Week 1 June 2013 18+ CarCrashCompilatiion CarCrashCompilatiion·13 Other Tags: "Crazy Car Ac...

2 years ago    10,806 views    wmzPWNZ