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Fiat Uno Tribute - Fiat Uno Club Italia Spot
Tributo alla mitica Uno degli anni 80 e 90, ideato per pubblicizzare il forum degli Unisti italiani.A tribute to the great Uno of the 80s and 90s, designed for advertise the italian Uno users' forum.

2 years ago    230 views    Enzo45s
2.3 duratec turbo ranger drive
AEM EMS, liberty tko, temporary stock engine until the built engine is ready to go back in again. Half throttle runs, video quality sucks but it captures the sounds well. boost gauge on left, A/F in the middle and engine oil temp on right (...

2 years ago    606 views    rangergt
F1 Heads to Russia - Autoline Daily 500
Car sales continue to decline in Europe, falling over 9 percent last month. Formula 1 is headed to Russia and the country must pay $40 million a year for the rights to host the event. A look at Ford’s new engines for the 2011 F-150. All tha...

3 years ago    419 views    Autoline
The Right Tools at the Right Time by Mary Kelly, on create a happier w - Mary Kelly's Leadership Lessons from the Dog -- Lesson Eight "Do the Right Thing at the Right Time" (from her book "Master Your World ~ 10 Dog-Inspired Leadership Lessons to Improve Productivity, Profits and Com...

2 years ago    4 views    themrjuststeve
throttle was pinned from the back of the field...i
throttle was pinned from the back of the field...i cut the motor right before i hit the pool. Shoulda worn a seat belt though my legs got all smashed up on impact.

8 years ago    129,441 views    guest
WORLD Racing 2011 Webisode #4: LIGHTER, FASTER, STRONGER
Take an exciting behind-the-scene sneak peak at Chris Rado's new Scion tC FWING 2.0 as the crew from WORLD Racing preps it for battle!Ron Mathis Time Attack crew chief and lead fabricator Scott Standwood have a brainstorming session and...

3 years ago    113,383 views    WORLDRacing
The TEXAS MILE- Top Speed for You
600 HP turbo bikes & 1300 HP Supra's don't show up in every town, but each fall and spring in Golaid, TX, one of America's premier mile-long top speed events gives amateurs and pro's the opportunity to set new records and win new bragging r...

6 years ago    113,000 views    StreetFire
Skyline GTR drifting on a race track with another
Skyline GTR drifting on a race track with another car right beside it.

9 years ago    108,213 views    guest
This is one sick S2000.
This is one sick S2000. Only boosting 9psi right now on a 2jz motor but will soon be over 30psi once the new rear comes in. I only put together the video I had nothing to do with the building of these cars and the guys that built them are n...

7 years ago    89,204 views    Hunnicuttz
GT42R 6-Speed Supra vs. N/A Competition Saleen S7
JPJ Studios Presents: A Right Hand Drive GT42R 6-Speed Supra on PUMP GAS vs. a N/A Competition Saleen S7. The Supra is currently for sale. Contact FarhadG@JPJStudios for more info or check out for the auction link.Big t...

6 years ago    81,980 views    JPJStudios
Flyin' Miata LS1 V8 Conversion Video
A little video taken at the local time attack today. Car was turning consistent laps, right in the heart of the fastest turbo Miatas. More information can be found at: kit informa...

5 years ago    74,207 views    R1600Turbo
How Not to Right a Flipped Semi
OK, the camera work sucks... but I guess I can forgive the dude, he is running for his life, after all...

4 years ago    62,058 views    JohnnyMayday
SHIFT 2 Unleashed Autolog Time Attack Challenge
Shift 2 Unleashed launch, EA have released another video of the Autolog in action. The action this time features US ALMS driver Tommy Milner taking on renowned Irish drifter Darren McNamara for Autolog bragging rights.Before hitting the tra...

3 years ago    73,838 views    SHIFT2UNLEASHED
Fast and Furious 5 Spy Shots, Baby Porsche, ...
Spy Shots from the upcoming Fast and the Furious movie hit AutoBlog and we get to see the new Dodge Charger in the shots. Also, a 19 year old crashes at high speed on the highway right infront of a cop, and news on a new baby Porsche/Audi/...

3 years ago    65,601 views    FastLaneDaily
C5 Corvette Towing FAIL
This graduate of the Lance Briggs School of Hi-Performance Driving had hit the retaining wall so hard, it sheared the spokes right off the rim of one of the wheels.

3 years ago    43,412 views    scape_goat
Autograf Vapor Shelby Dyno Pull
Autograf's 625 horsepower performance package is ultra reliable, affordable, and guarantees hours of right foot entertainment. We are putting these cars out on a weekly basis. This Vapor is another beautiful example. It comes complete wit...

6 years ago    63,849 views    Autograf
WORLD Racing's All-New Time Attack Monster -FWING 2.0
Look out... Rado and his crew have their hands wrapped around another new project for the 2011 season! Meet Fwing 2.0, WORLD Racing's all-new time attack monster. Rado's 2010 Scion tC a.k.a Fwing 1.0 currently holds over 20 time attack trac...

3 years ago    56,415 views    WORLDRacing
2008 GT-R CRASH!
This beautiful black Nissan GTR was spotted in Sunway area in Malaysia. As you can see this car is very safe, someone has to test it on public roads right? hahaha.

6 years ago    62,048 views    SUPRA2JZGTE
STi (NOT WRX) doing 6k clutch dumps - result = Bre
STi (NOT WRX) doing 6k clutch dumps - result = Breaks 400$ right rear half shaft

7 years ago    58,558 views    OldschoolSTi
dado lighting em upBMW M3 (e36) doing some bu
dado lighting em upBMW M3 (e36) doing some burn outs in the street right in front of some cops. Goes to jail!

8 years ago    57,779 views    m3_power
GM Earnings Drop Outside of North America - Autoline Daily 1363
- GM Earnings Slump- Citroen CX-R Concept- Survey Shows Test Drives Down- Yamaha to Make Electric Motorcycles- Mustang Nail Polish- Choosing the Right FluidsGet more video everyday at

3 months ago    1,885 views    Autoline
Mike Murillo's Lafawnduh First Dyno on M1 Meth
2014, Mike Murillo 93 Mustang LX (LAFAWNDUH) gots some new upgrades.Check Em out at for updates @ Crusher Adventures is now on FACEBOOK, video updates, and pictures shared Weekly. http://www.fa...

2 months ago    1,226 views    glonk
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Rom Download with 3DS Emulator
The entire world of enthusiastic gamers is looking forward to the launch of this game. Besides this, gamers have a zeal for Pokémon omega ruby and alpha sapphire rom download too, as this is something that lets them perk up the gaming exper...

1 months ago    1,104 views    rubyandalpha
Arlington TX Chiropractor Review | Dr. Monte Anderson | 817-533-8000 Scotty Wood "The first time I visited the doc I had a catch in my back. I was working right down there for a remodeling company and they brought me down here to get a bit of relief, and it did so I've been ...

1 months ago    858 views    pabloenni
Tire Rack TV Ad - Teenage Girl
To say that we love tires may seem a bit odd, but it's true. At Tire Rack, we live and breathe tires. We think about them all the time. And when you need to buy your next set of tires, we're here for you. Because we know you have other thi...

2 months ago    1,019 views    TireRack
Muscle Car Of The Week Video #54: 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 4-Speed Con
http// - Oldsmobile built some of the most potent Muscle Cars of the era, and today they are among the most desirable. This week, we're featuring a 1970 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible, and it is loaded with all the ...

1 weeks ago    793 views    MCOTW
Muscle Car Of The Week Video #54: 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 4-Speed Con
http// - Oldsmobile built some of the most potent Muscle Cars of the era, and today they are among the most desirable. This week, we're featuring a 1970 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible, and it is loaded with all the ...

1 months ago    791 views    V8TV
A terrible accident in Tver 06/19/2014
From the author: Apparently, the incident happened on the outskirts of Tver proud, sung by Michael Circle. Directly in front of the camera DVR occurs concrete ring road leading off from the city in different directions. After a few meters w...

2 weeks ago    692 views    pavlusha112
An accident on the M4 highway 07/02/2014
Emotional story: "At 145 km at the conclusion of the M4 highway overtaking we had an accident. Summed right rear wheel, which suddenly decided to change its own motion path. Scroll wet from the pouring rain on the track three times at 360 d...

2 weeks ago    616 views    pavlusha112