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take a test are you a redneck? CHECK OUT PART 2

7 years ago    127,101 views    cutlasss
Drunk Redneck Jumps His Suzuki Sidekick
When Rednecks get really drunk there are usually two results: Someone gets shot or a car goes off a man made jump. The camera man is as funny as the jump.

8 years ago    83,785 views    CarDomain
redneck bungee
redneck bungee

9 years ago    99,147 views    firehall2007
TOP GEAR- messin with rednecks!
TOP GEAR- messin with rednecks!

9 years ago    48,203 views    truracer
K20 hatch with only 80% throttle (oops) vs redneck
K20 hatch with only 80% throttle (oops) vs redneck in firebird formula. look at his face in first gear lol!

9 years ago    44,721 views    Moseley525
Rednecks on the Runway:::Hertz Vette vs Nissan GTR
Bone Stock Hertz rented Vette takes on a cpu upgraded GTR....We had a perfect 10 launch, meanwhile the GTR was hot from running before and NOT using the launch control had a bad take off....I am the camera man, I wish I couldve taken my Ve...

7 years ago    24,982 views    C6DVL
Redneck Wrecks Corvette at Drag Strip!
This guy crashes before the race even begins.

4 years ago    16,186 views    GTRfanboy
Crazy Redneck Roll Car!
Crazy Redneck Roll Car!

4 years ago    5,713 views    GTRfanboy
Redneck Jackass 2Dumptruck Style
Redneck Jackass 2Dumptruck Style

10 years ago    21,518 views    guest
Money saving device for Rednecks
Why buy an expensive power window conversion kit?

7 years ago    14,633 views    jrry1473
Horrifying Crash
Check out my profile for more redneck err crash and other videos. Thanks to you all for watching these vids I post up and all the kind words. Ill keep doing it as long as you guys keep watching it.

5 years ago    9,779 views    69Chevelle454
A redneck with an affinity for breaking things tak
A redneck with an affinity for breaking things takes a Triumph, The World's Toughest Boat, and tries his best to destroy it.

9 years ago    24,968 views    531505
V8 Go Kart!!!
Warning: Redneck go kart. Is that a beer keg for a gas tank? I hate to admit it, but I would not mind taking this thing for a spin!!!

5 years ago    50,313 views    MPLIGHTNING01
PEI B18 crx (couple of rednecks havin fun)
PEI B18 crx (couple of rednecks havin fun)

9 years ago    16,413 views    EXTREMEPERFORMANCE
Redneck Jackass 1Ford Festiva Fun on the Farm
Redneck Jackass 1Ford Festiva Fun on the Farm

10 years ago    16,281 views    guest
Boredom Induced: Redneck Style!A few weeks ago
Boredom Induced: Redneck Style!A few weeks ago Chase's buddy Matt invited a few of us out for some good ol' fashioned redneck fun. Of course this means MUDDIN'!!! We had 3 fourwheelers and hand built Mud Buggy to play with, but sadly, only ...

9 years ago    14,047 views    710562
you know you're a redneck if......
you know you're a redneck if......

9 years ago    26,240 views    2slow2retardedtokyoq...
Redneck water skiing!
Redneck water skiing!

9 years ago    15,779 views    631189
Redneck test scores are in
over 50,000 passed the test here on street fire even a couple thousandricer's {thanks to all}ck out redneck 1 in my vids

7 years ago    12,457 views    cutlasss
Beer+Subaru+30 Foot Jump=AWESOME
These NW guys were bored so they built a snow jump and convinced their friend to jump his Subaru off it. They pretty much blew away our favorite redneck jumper.

8 years ago    19,802 views    CarDomain
Scion xB in the hands of a mud loving redneck = gr
Scion xB in the hands of a mud loving redneck = great fun offroad, and on, but mostly off

10 years ago    18,987 views    boxedinredneck
Crazy Subaru Brat Burnout
In the US these cars are called the Subaru BRAT but here in OZ we call them the Brumby. They're an awesome little ute but this one has been given the redneck chop and converted to RWD only; still looks like it has the flat four engine thoug...

5 years ago    7,730 views    89FoxBody
R U Faster Than A Redneck: Meet The Rednecks
Jon Reep has a stable full of fast driving Redneck drivers. R U Faster Than A Redneck, Mondays at 9pm ET only on SPEED. the motorsports authority for NASCAR, Barrett-Jackson, auto racing, moto racing, cars, bikes, automotive, moto...

3 years ago    184,293 views    SpeedTVSpeedX
Redneck Breaks Back on Crazy RV Jump.
Who's bright idea was this?

6 years ago    6,698 views    MPLIGHTNING01
Are You Faster Than A Redneck - SPEED Promo
Check out Kyle Tucker and the DSE 1970 Camaro Test Car battle it out on Speed's new TV show February 22nd at 10:00 PM. Tune in to a special preview on SPEED February 22nd after the NCWTS race at Daytona.Mark your calendars the Season Premie...

3 years ago    4,731 views    detroitspeed
Crazy Redneck Truck Jump!
Crazy Redneck Truck Jump!

4 years ago    2,686 views    GTRfanboy
Hacked up Subaru Legacy from IMV Films
Check out the NEW Website: up Subaru Legacy from IMV Films gets made fun of, then beats down on the spectator races at the local redneck roundy-round track. This car is featured in the DVD Vehicular Lunatics f...

9 years ago    9,747 views    IMVFilms
So you wanna be a Redneck?
Just finished the tranny and headers (still open at this point) and couldn't resist. My buddy Kenny (driver) is nuts! LOL!

6 years ago    6,140 views    CarDomain
Chevrolet FAIL: differential explosion and fire (C/K 1500) - Orlando, FL - Stand back and watch a differential explode and catch on fire! What happens when you push a Chevrolet CK 1500 too far during a truck pull? Immense fail occurs, followed by a crowd of hooting redne...

3 years ago    4,150 views    Michael_Berenis