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LG Motorsports - Texas Mile 2008 - TT Z06 210mph
LG Motorsports - 1000hp TT Z06 sets the all time speed record for corvette at the Texas Mile, October 2008. Car is driven by professional race driver, Lou Gigliotti. For more information on the car or parts and service for your corvette, pl...

7 years ago    1,477,086 views    Ricekillercom
Bullrun 2007 - Richard Rawlings and Dennis Collins
Bullrun 2007 - Richard Rawlings and Dennis Collins are interviewed in Savannah, GA after breaking the New York to LA Coast-to-Coast record held by David Heinz and David Yarborough set during the 1979 Cannonball Run.They recorded a time of 3...

9 years ago    353,676 views    49db7838
1183 HP SSC Aero vs. Lamborghini - Podcast 15
What does 1183 HP V8 Push-rod do in a car that weighs less than 2800 lbs? We rode with the actual record-setting SSC Ultimate Aero as it hit the street to show-up an LP640. Also, a revealing interview w/ SSC on the design behind the world's...

8 years ago    282,319 views    StreetFire
AMS EVO Goes 8.42 @168.7 MPH - NEW WORLD RECORD!
AMS Drag EVO beats its own ET record with an 8.42 @ 168.7 MPH pass!!! World's Quickest EVO VIII

7 years ago    267,710 views    AMS_Performance
Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR Sets Nurburgring Record
The Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR, with Dutch driver Tom Coronel, sets a new record at Germany's Nurburgring track, the ultimate test of a car's performance, beating the 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

7 years ago    249,791 views    ChryslerVideo
Bullrun Rally 2007 Episode 4 of 10
On the way to Staunton, VA Claus and Jennifer Nicole get busted for speeding. Richard and Dennis smash the record from NY to LA in 31 hours 59 minutes.

8 years ago    223,457 views    Bullrun
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport!
With 1200HP and 1106 lb-ft of torque, the new Veyron Super Sport set a new land speed record of 267.81!

5 years ago    260,886 views    Daily_Commute
Gumpert Apollo- Fastest New Supercar?
Maybe you've seen it fly around the Top Gear track to set a new record... now the newest contender for supercar king is on sale here in North America. The hand-built Gumpert Apollo is a completely customizable race track monster weighing in...

7 years ago    217,845 views    StreetFire
The Fastest Mile- 256.79 MPH on a Turbo Hayabusa
One of the fastest street bikes around- 636 WHP powers Charlie Anstaett down the Maxton Mile at a best-of record 256 MPH. How does he make this kind of power? Better yet how does he connect & survive the ride? Dave Owens & Charlie dish all ...

8 years ago    169,301 views    StreetFire
Bullrun Rally 2007 Episode 6 of 10
The Bullrunners head to Savannah and the teams evade some government safety cars and Richard Rawlings and Dennis Collins talk about how they set the cross country record from NY to LA. David Maskill from Team Make-a-Wish talks about getting...

8 years ago    169,006 views    Bullrun
NEW WORLD RECORD! Parish's Turbo 6.0L Turbo'd Pick
NEW WORLD RECORD! Parish's Turbo 6.0L Turbo'd Pickup sets a new record at 1011hp & 1090tq. BADASS VIDEO! Check it out!

10 years ago    164,186 views    1320video
British made roadlegal (in UK) Radical SR8 smashes
British made roadlegal (in UK) Radical SR8 smashes the nurburgring record for production cars by more than 20 sec, running the lap in 6:55! The previous record was held by Donkervoort (evo 082). The £60,000 Radical SR8 is in reality a road-...

10 years ago    149,901 views    652866
Autobanh Motorsports Supra breaks a new record for
Autobanh Motorsports Supra breaks a new record for Street Cars at the Texas Mile with a Top Speed of 201MPH. Keep in mind the car rolled out very slowly and stayed calm until the 1/2 mile mark before getting on the gas. This car easily gets...

10 years ago    135,351 views    blitzsupra Venom Twin Turbo Viper Co Venom Twin Turbo Viper Competition Coupe Sets Texas Mile Record of 217.4 mph on March 25, 2007 and runs 0-220 mph in 24.1 sec.

9 years ago    132,458 views    272127
The TEXAS MILE- Top Speed for You
600 HP turbo bikes & 1300 HP Supra's don't show up in every town, but each fall and spring in Golaid, TX, one of America's premier mile-long top speed events gives amateurs and pro's the opportunity to set new records and win new bragging r...

8 years ago    126,088 views    StreetFire
ZR1 Nurburgring Official 7:26.4 Record Corvette Ru
The Corvette ZR1 making its GTR crushing Nurburgring blast of 7:26.4 driven by Jim Mero on June 27th 2008.-Garage419Thank you!!

7 years ago    113,357 views    Garage419
Ferrari 430 scuderia onboard Spa Francorchamps (Gopro Hero 3) HD!
A friend of mine had a ride in this awesome 430 Scuderia @ Modena trackdays at the legendary racetrack Spa-Francorchamps. To record this, I've installed my gopro in the car on the windshield. Enjoy the sound of this 510 bhp supercar. Don't ...

2 years ago    108,856 views    agcarvideos
Top Gear Season 10 Episode 5 - Full 'Epi
* Richard races a man on roller skates and a jet pack using the new Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster * Jeremy tries to not catch fire while driving the Caparo T1 and the Stig sees if he can break the Top Gear test track record with ...

7 years ago    103,752 views    That_Guy
400+HP Turbo Snowmobile 4.495 @ 120.12 mph in 500'
World Record Holder For King OF The Trail Class 4.495 @ 120.12 mph pass in 500' at the Top Gun Shoot out. 10-28-07Video is from testing at H&H Performance Track.

8 years ago    93,852 views    750120
Bullrun Rally 2007 Episode 2 of 10
Lamborghini's, Ferrari's and hot girls!Bullrun Rally 2007 Episode 2 of 10. Everyone leaves Montreal on their way to Key West. Richard Rawlings attempts to break the cross country record.

8 years ago    95,703 views    Bullrun
AMS Evo 988awhp. New Record as of 6/2/06!!
AMS Evo 988awhp. New Record as of 6/2/06!!

10 years ago    91,631 views    jasmtz531
Ford GT twin turbo with 1900hp
This is the video of the world faster street legal car with in a one mile top speed.The Ford Gt Modified by Hofman Motorsports and Heffner Performance.With 41 PSI and stock GT bottom end the Ford Reached 267mph by the end of the one mile at...

5 years ago    38,191 views    techzound
2009 Corvette ZR1 with Hennessey ZR700 upgrade is first in the 10's and sets 1/4 mile world record: 10.90 @ 132 mph on stock Michelin street tires.

7 years ago    78,317 views    HPEDesign
AMS Alpha 10 GT-R goes 9.3@153 MPH - Full video
September 30th 2010, AMS Performance Alpha 10 Package equipped Nissan GT-R piloted by John Shepherd sets a new R35 GT-R 1/4 Mile Record with a 9.33@153.24 MPH pass. World's Quickest & Fastest R35 GT-R!

5 years ago    86,557 views    AMS_Performance
STM Evo 10.1@137 Stock Block World Record
This is a video of our STM Evo...Stock Block World Record...We got the car running on a sunday and took it to the track that wensday...not bad for 3 days of the car running with the new still has a lot more left in it!!! Check ou...

8 years ago    74,997 views    STMtuned
WORLD Racing 2010 Season - Part 10 - Debut of a Beast
The WORLD Racing crew has been hard at work finishing up their all new 2010 Team Need For Speed Scion tC. Follow them as they head in to Atlanta to debut the AWD beast and try to set a new FWD record in the Fwing tC. For more information, p...

5 years ago    96,452 views    WORLDRacing
Record-holding drag truck makes a run up Mount Bal
Record-holding drag truck makes a run up Mount Baldy! Turely an awesome run, but with so little shut-down area, he jumps the hill and lands on his front tire, popping it off of the bead.

9 years ago    71,276 views    Pyro6000
VRAlexander and EVOMS set new CGT record
VRAlexander and EVOLUTION MOTORSPORTS team up to set a new standing mile record at the TEXAS MILE for Porsche Carrera GT

8 years ago    71,323 views    VRAlexander
The Fastest Time Attack Car in The World
At the 2010 Redline Time Attack season opener at Buttonwillow Raceway Park, the Sierra Sierra Cosworth Mitsubishi Evolution VIII, driven by David Empringham snatched the long-standing record from the JDM HKS CT230R Evo with a 1:43.43. This ...

6 years ago    66,851 views    StreetFire