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Black Ferrari Enzo driven by Stefan Eriksson in Be presents the original footage of Stefan Eriksson driving his black Ferrari Enzo throughout Beverly Hills just weeks before the crash. Eriksson who was just recently released had both cars confiscated. Enjoy the one of a kind...

8 years ago    380,978 views    car-parazzi
Top Gear Series 21 Episode 4
Still Encoding - Please check back in the next few minutes - Provided by Jeremy Travels to italy to test the rare touring disco volante, Richard Hammond drives the mercedes G63 6x6 in Abu Dhabi and James May tests the ...

6 months ago    269,726 views    TopGearSpecials
The entire televised police chase from seattle fro
The entire televised police chase from seattle from a few months back. Try not to turn the discussion into a domestic/import piss match. First car was a Honda something, second car was a Subaru SVX, uber rare, and quick as shite.

8 years ago    73,263 views    Dreaded Fist
A group of bored teens in central Wisconsin decide
A group of bored teens in central Wisconsin decide to have some fun with a rare classic - the 1980 Chevrolet Chevette.

8 years ago    80,215 views    guest
Bugatti EB110 in the streets of Beverly Hills presents footage of the very rare Bugatti EB110 cruising among the streets of Beverly Hills.

6 years ago    67,690 views    car-parazzi
RICEKILLER.COM - Nastyc6 VS Bad03Cobra VS 1000hp P
RKC VIDEO -Nastyc6 VS Bad03Cobra VS 1000hp Pantera VS Daniel6718 VS Parker VS everyone else! Phew! Thats alot of people racing! This video was filmed in MEXICO on 2/23/08, and features RKC members and a very rare 1972 Pantera with an amazin...

6 years ago    48,200 views    Ricekillercom
rare 599 mansory stallone acceleration
rare 599 mansory stallone accelerations and rev, also has alot of supercars in background!!

6 years ago    40,297 views    zachmoore
BMW M1 Test Drive
Rob from Cardomain takes a spin with Matt of Munichevolution in a rare 1979 BWM M1 originally owned and customized by a former Prime Minister of Qatar!

5 years ago    33,510 views    StreetFire
MPH & Top Gear Live Show 2010 - Earls Court, London
Performance Direct were amongst the many exhibitors at the 2010 MPH - The Prestige & Performance Motor Show which featured the Top Gear Live Show. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & James May returned with a new action packed Top Gear Live ...

3 years ago    31,250 views    PDMotoringNews
Inside the Dodge Secret Garage
The gang at AutoWeek talked Dodge into letting them video a tour of the Detroit-area warehouse where Dodge keeps the family jewels, from Le Mans-winning Vipers to Power Wagons and even the original Neon concept. But why is the big-wheel Hem...

3 years ago    14,176 views    XtremeCarZone
A close look and test drive of a super-rare and ab
A close look and test drive of a super-rare and absolutely perfect Tuxedo Black 1967 Corvette 427/435 hp 4 speed. This is quite possibly the meanest sounding stock car ever.

6 years ago    23,752 views    navy02ws6
GMMG history of the SUPERCAR Camaro
This is a doc. video following the 2 Dick Harrell Camaro videos i posted last week. This goes in depth of all the very rare and very impressive cars that came from GMMG

6 years ago    20,293 views    NastySS
1992 DTM - Valier "Tic-Tac" BMW M3
Enjoy the rare footage of the "Tic-Tac" BMW E30 M3 campaigned by the Valier Team during the 1992 Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft.At the beginning of the video, you are treated to three of the best vehicle liveries seen during the 1992 DT...

4 years ago    19,524 views    e30m3prestige
Bugatti Veyron in Los Angeles presents a random road sighting of the very rare Bugatti Veyron.The 1.6 Million dollar supercar sports a white/blue color combo.

6 years ago    22,759 views    car-parazzi
Japan 1989-Ayrton Senna's onboard camera for the whole race
...well apart from the few minutes of the Prost onboard footage that they switched to for some reason,i only found this today so i had to upload it straight away,i hope you enjoy it as it is so rare and such a privilege to watch

1 years ago    16,369 views    TheSennaFan
Maybach Exelero On Street
8 million dollar machine run on street, very rare to see

6 years ago    12,976 views    Mix939
Sound Classics at the 2009 All-British Field Meet
Sam Barer of "Sound Classics" reports from the 2009 All-British Field Meet in Vancouver, B.C. and takes a look at Jaguars, Aston Martins, Triumphs, and even a rare Invicta S.

5 years ago    11,134 views    soundclassics
Inside BMW's Secret Museum
A very rare glimpse inside the not open for the public BMW Group Classic formerly known as Mobile Tradition museum. The quality may be poor but the heritage is strong.

4 years ago    45,554 views    DaPixelater
Viper RT10 on a cloased mountain road
Because they closed the road for a imageclip of a new audi, i got the very rare chance to push my viper on this closed road in the alps.

4 years ago    35,775 views    ViperRT10
2005 Chevy Corvette Side Crash Test
A very rare test!!It also did very well!

6 years ago    11,638 views    carpro1017
Toyota Supra North America Sales Training Video
Here is a rare sales training video that was published in 1993 for North American Toyota Dealers. It has a lot of great discussion points on the Supra as well as some great examples of a Supra in stock form. I am willing to bet that this vi...

2 years ago    4,829 views    turbodunn
Bugatti EB 110 German road test - old, rare, amazi
Bugatti EB 110 German road test - old, rare, amazing car

7 years ago    9,796 views    SLICK
VOD Cars in HD: Cars & Coffee
Speed & Motion does it again, with an HD episode packed full of rare and exotic cars from the Orange County "Cars & Coffee" car meet.

6 years ago    17,347 views    VODCars
Most expensive drift obstacle: Caccia Ghepardo
Full story @! Airport, some drifters, and a Caccia Ghepardo. This is how you drift around an extremely rare Caccia Ghepardo: Thirty feet behind it and careful not to shower it with rocks!

4 years ago    8,539 views    Michael_Berenis
Very Rare Ferrari 250TR Driven Hard!
Driving a Ferrari 250 Testarossa very hard. Sick sounds!

4 years ago    36,665 views    DaPixelater
rare saleen explorer accelerating -all motor truck
rare saleen explorer accelerating -all motor truck with awd

8 years ago    8,715 views    stevefordfreak
Bugatti EB110 SS and EB112 review - very rare vide
Bugatti EB110 SS and EB112 review - very rare video

7 years ago    7,500 views    SLICK
Lamborghini Reventon Vs Vector WX-8 (slide show )
Another video I;ve posted on You Tube before. The original text I wrote:"This is not a race- it's a debate :they may be very different from looks & pedigree point of view,but then both are stealth-like,rare,crazy,insanely fast,& holding two...

6 years ago    7,464 views    tvkhaled
2015 Honda Fit is Packaging Magic - Autoline Daily 1343
- 2015 Honda Fit: Packaging Magic- China Loses Rare-Earth Ruling- Volkswagen to Build Low-Cost Car- UofM Builds Autonomous Test Track- Michigan's Connected Car Fleet- Peugeot Teams With IBM- You Said It!Get more video everyday at http://aut...

5 months ago    6,168 views    Autoline