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In car video of Ryan Woon's WOTM 1600HP daily driv
In car video of Ryan Woon's WOTM 1600HP daily driven street legal twin turbo supra running a 8.88@167 quarter mile

9 years ago    116,358 views    NeverDieEasy
CARPIX ROAD-RACES TWO 1969 DODGE DAYTONAS: Forty year old icon musclecars that return a surprisingly quick quarter-mile time

8 years ago    93,447 views    CARPIXTV
The AMS sponsored GT-R breaks the pump gas ¼ mile
AMS has been working hard over the past few months developing products for the new Nissan GT-R. With only minimal modifications on 93 octane pump gas and stock run flat tires Mike and AMS GT-R were able to break the pump gas quarter mile re...

6 years ago    86,152 views    AMS_Performance
Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo
Underground Racing raises the bar AGAIN with Nick's Twin Turbo Nera Gallardo at Rockingham Dragway 4-27-09. Not only can this Gallardo run at speeds of 238mph and above but it can also rip thru the quarter mile at an amazing .. . .. . well ...

7 years ago    53,094 views    TTGallardo2006
Jeep Wrangler V10 Viper powered quarter mile
in the year 2006: Wrangler V10 with Viper Gen 1 engine on Highway / German Autobahn and quarter 1/4 mile in Aalen. Now 2009 it has also two turbos - see other vids

7 years ago    45,842 views    badwrangler
iPhone Dynolicious video review
One app that has us really psyched is a new automotive performance meter called Dynolicious from BunsenTech. It uses the accelerometer inside the iPhone to let you record 0-10 through 0-100 times, quarter mile and trap speed, Lateral Gs, ho...

7 years ago    45,883 views    Fireshake
AMS Alpha 12: TX2K11 GT-R Dyno Competition 1st Place Finish
This past weekend, AMS brought out the gray Alpha 12, owned by Tim Sanders' to the TX2K11 Nationals to run in the dyno competition and quarter mile at Lonestar Motorsports Park - the backyard of Hennessey Performance.All awd vehicles ran on...

5 years ago    25,001 views    AMS_Performance
Fastlane street TrailBlazer SS goes 9.89 @142.86
Fastlane's 4800 lbs Trailblazer SS finally hooks and rips down the quarter mile in San Antonio for an amazing time of 9.89 seconds @ 142.86 mph.This TBSS is the fastest street truck and can even go in the high nines with the A/C on. Stats:W...

7 years ago    44,470 views    mwilkes
KA24DE TURBO powered datsun 510............Runs 12
KA24DE TURBO powered datsun 510............Runs 12.7 in the quarter mile !!!!stock block, 10 psi, holset turbo, crower V2 cams, AND NO TRACTION !!!! built and tuned by me !!! R-TUNED BEEEEYATCH

10 years ago    27,653 views    racemydatsun
Lexus ISF vs Stage 2 335i
Lexus ISF gets smoked by a stage 2 335i at tx2k8 in the quarter mile

8 years ago    25,026 views    rivalmuscledotcom
Worlds fastest supra.. Inside... 8.45 in the quart
Worlds fastest supra.. Inside... 8.45 in the quarter mile

11 years ago    30,615 views    guest
AMS Alpha 12 R35 GT-R : 9.1@159.97 at the TX2K11 Nationals
A lack of good weather and open tracks around Chicago made the TX2K11 Nationals a great opportunity for us to bring Tim Sanders' Alpha 12 for some preliminary quarter mile track testing. During one of the test and tune sessions, Sander's gr...

5 years ago    42,817 views    AMS_Performance
Turbo Gsxr1000 vs turbo Hayabusa AMA Pro Street
Mike Slowe racing a turbo Suzuki Gsxr 1000 motorcycle vs a turbo Hayabusa bike in the AMA Pro Street semi finals at US 131 Speedway, Martin Michigan on Sunday May 16th Pro Street class eliminations. Want to see more turbocharged motorcycles...

6 years ago    12,968 views    WyldFantasies
Inside Look - Goodyear Drag Tires takes an Inside Look into the Goodyear "Eagle" Drag Tires at NHRA's Winter Nationals In Pomona, California with Goodyear Motor sports Marketing manager, Justin Fantozzi. How does Goodyear make tires that are capable of 4 seco...

7 years ago    20,840 views    StreetFire
This is the best BMW that i ever seen!!!!!!110
This is the best BMW that i ever seen!!!!!!1100+ hp8 sec quarter mile

10 years ago    14,192 views    bomb1210
500hp VW Beetle twin-turbo quattro (quarter-mile)
500hp VW Beetle twin-turbo quattro (quarter-mile)

10 years ago    14,402 views    wwwbi-beetlede
AMS Alpha 9 R35 Nissan GT-R runs a 9 second 1/4 mile on pump gas!
On October 21st 2010, AMS Performance Alpha 9 package equipped R35 Nissan GT-R ran a 9.95 second quarter mile on 93 oct pump gas making it the world's first pump gas RH9 R-35 GT-R. For more information on Alpha packages please visit

5 years ago    6,068 views    AMS_Performance
1st Lamborghini Gallardo in the 9's in a 1/4 mile
Underground Racing sets the bar HIGH again... The first Gallardo ever to go over 150mph in the quarter and the first to break the 9 second quarter mile barrier!

7 years ago    11,804 views    TTLambo
Lingenfelter 415 LT5 ZR-1 Corvette
Quarter mile work out by Phil DeJohn in his Lingenfelter 415 LT5 ZR-1 Corvette.

9 years ago    11,311 views    micarone
BMW 328i AC SCHNITZER TURBO 512hp(high boost)Dyn
BMW 328i AC SCHNITZER TURBO 512hp(high boost)Dyno run with speedo shot,engine and street runs. quarter mile run-no traction!420hp (low boost)

9 years ago    14,778 views    ce8335a5
750hp 10 Second World's Fastest Drag Time Attack NSX
FXMD time attack NSX runs 10.48 quarter mile withexclusive look inside the 750hp engine

5 years ago    41,501 views    fxmdken
The fastest Hungarian street car's (Audi quattro)
The fastest Hungarian street car's (Audi quattro) record setting quarter mile drag run. In-car footage too!

9 years ago    20,355 views    526043
Bandag Bullet Burnout
The most awesome diesel powered truck you will ever see. It runs a V16 with two superchargers and four turbos, it runs 11sec quarter miles and turns tyres into smoke effortlessly.

6 years ago    66,079 views    ScottysGarage
8 second Turbo Hayabusa drag racing
Mothug Doug racing his 500hp Turbo Hayabusa at the drag strip, making a few passes in the low 8 second zone! The bike has since gone a best of 7.8@176mph in the quarter mile! The bike is 420hp on low boost, the way it is being tested in thi...

6 years ago    8,353 views    WyldFantasies
Boweryboy's 8 Second LS2 Turbo Corvette Incar Quar
Boweryboy's 8 second turbo 1997 Corvette in car quarter mile passes. The runs were made at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. Some specs on the car include a 402 cubic inch LS2, rear mounted turbo, THM400 transmission, American Racing Heade...

8 years ago    12,498 views    LSXkid
This astrovan ran a 9 second quarter mile on two w
This astrovan ran a 9 second quarter mile on two wheels

8 years ago    12,959 views    ardi
Wheel Stander Tony Caprio’s “Texas Bandit.” Don’
Wheel Stander Tony Caprio’s “Texas Bandit.” Don’t let its PT Cruiser-look fool you, 498 cubic inches of Big-block Blown Chrysler V8 in the back. Watch and see what it’s like to run a 9-second quarter-mile on the rear wheels.

10 years ago    9,322 views    tjcoyote59
quarter mile runs in a '55 Chevy
quarter mile runs in a '55 Chevy

11 years ago    10,658 views    guest
Watch the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat run the Quarter Mile over & ov
( ) The 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a drag strip eating machine. With 707 HP it not only sounds fast but it is fast. In this fun TFLcar video you can watch the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat run the quarter mile ov...

1 years ago    8,321 views    driver1980