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Pricks caught egging cars on Interstate
First upload. Enjoy. This was in Nashville. Guy's car gets hit with eggs, apparently one egg even chipped the paint on the car. The cowards run off. News said police were investigating. Apparently it's a felony to do this. Police retrieved ...

3 years ago    3,937 views    barrister
Nice Mercedes.....
Lesson too learn ,you can have a nice carbut dont be a prick!

8 years ago    1,654 views    Daren
HWY HELL, The cell phone movie
what can I say, I got busted by the one of the nastiest pricks with a badge. The good thing is, I got it all on video to share with streetfire.Corvette owners, please join my new forum Thanks

6 years ago    1,022 views    C6DVL
this is for surpa_guy. here is a mustang with a tu
this is for surpa_guy. here is a mustang with a turbo and only 4 banger. get over yourself tard. see ANYTHING can be made to be fast. sad part is idont even like mustangs but i respect them for than i care for pricks like you.

9 years ago    5,282 views    crazyanimal
Masi MotorSports Video 1
Picture of Dano's Mirage, Prick's GT, and my (Masi) GTP. Dano and I messing around on the HWY. More to come.

7 years ago    159 views    MasiMotorSports