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AMS Wins 2008 Castrol Syntec Top Shop Challenge
A few months back AMS Performance was among 7 tuners invited to participate in the Castrol Syntec Top Shop Challenge engine build competition. Naturally a Mitsubishi 4G63 engine was our weapon of choice and with the generous support of our ...

5 years ago    160,323 views    AMS_Performance
Evolution Performance, Inc. - First 9 Sec GT500!
Evolution Performance, Inc. - First 2007 Shelby GT500 In The 9's!9.96 @141.45 MPH Pass and Dyno Video Making 664 RWHP and 788 RWTQ with a JLT Carbon Fiber CAI, 2.5" Pulley, 75 Shot Of Nitrous, and a Evolution Performance Custom Tune!

7 years ago    95,171 views    EvolutionPerformance
2007 Shelby GT500 Twin Turbo
Evolution Performance, Inc. - 2007 Shelby GT500 Twin Turbo Dyno Video!

6 years ago    89,464 views    EvolutionPerformance
Sound Performance Supra hits the dyno @ 48 PSI - 1
Sound Performance Supra hits the dyno @ 48 PSI - 1311 RWHP

8 years ago    79,312 views    SoundPerformance
Shelby GT500 Tuned on the Dyno
Another 2008 Shelby GT500 performance package being installed in the Autograf shop. First a Bassani exhaust, than a Steeda Cold Air Intake system, and finally we put it up on the dyno for a SCT tuning. All of this landed us another 60hp to ...

6 years ago    74,848 views    Autograf
Heffner Performance Twin Turbo Murcielago Dyno
After several long months of development we have completed our twin turbo Murcielago. As of August 2009 we have tuned the car up to 1 bar of boost which resulted in just over 1100 RWHP. For now we are playing around with the car at various ...

4 years ago    65,442 views    JohnnyMayday
Autograf Vapor Shelby Dyno Pull
Autograf's 625 horsepower performance package is ultra reliable, affordable, and guarantees hours of right foot entertainment. We are putting these cars out on a weekly basis. This Vapor is another beautiful example. It comes complete wit...

6 years ago    63,849 views    Autograf
Autograf's Blue Shelby GT500 Dyno
We dyno tune another Shelby GT500 performance package, designed and installed by us here at Autograf. This kit includes Cold Air Intake, Supercharger Pulley, 3" Exhaust, Hi-Flow Cat, Long-Tube Headers, and than an SCT tune for an amazing 6...

6 years ago    63,203 views    Autograf
1600hp Porsche Turbo Dyno Record! Undercover Performance
This Porsche lays down the most power have have seen recorded. Check back to see it in action.

1 months ago    3,198 views    glonk
XXX Race Gas gains 14whp on stock 370z
Back to back dyno comparison of 93 octane pump gas and adding 5 gallons of XXX 138 oxygenated race gas.This dyno test was performed by Injected Performance, an independent 3rd party, on our in house Dyno Dynamics dynamometer. 1-26-09

5 years ago    56,880 views    Injected-Performance
ZR Auto Hennessey Velociraptor HPE600 Dyno Test
We took our 600hp Hennessey Velociraptor to Unlimited Performance to have a dyno test performed to verify the horsepower and torque after installing a host of performance modifications.

2 months ago    1,749 views    MatthewHayhurst
Turbo SFWD Civic Dyno Dynamic Performance
Dyno Session With "La Carla" And Tuner Felix Medina.

4 weeks ago    916 views    glonk
Three Heffner Twin-Turbo Gallardo's on the Dyno // ZR Auto
ZR Auto brought three Heffner Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo's to Unlimited Performance in Calgary to get dyno-tuned for a track event. Jason Heffner was on-site to personally tune the Gallardo's.

1 months ago    658 views    MatthewHayhurst
2007 Shelby GT500 Dyno Video Making 578 RWHP and 5
2007 Shelby GT500 Dyno Video Making 578 RWHP and 582 RWTQ with a JLT Carbon Fiber CAI, 2.6" Pulley, and an Evolution Performance Custom Tune! Also 2 More 1/4 Mile Dyno Simulation Runs! Evolution Performance, Inc. 610-485-3596

7 years ago    54,967 views    EvolutionPerformance
AMS/NOS Pikes Peak Evo Dyno video
AMS/ Nos Energy Drink EVO receives a new powerplant for the 2009 racing season. For more information

5 years ago    54,997 views    AMS_Performance
LtxTech dyno day '14 toyota supra
Steve Outenbridge toyota supra performance specialties ltx tech dyno 378/387

3 months ago    569 views    zlumlord
LtxTech dyno day '14 mustang gt 500
Scott lehr 2011 mustng gt 500 performance specialties ltx tech dyno 524 hp

3 months ago    535 views    zlumlord
MAP Evo 10,000rpm 960whp dyno, poor audio
A video I had of the Modern Automotive Performance Evo doing a dyno pull, it was too loud to get any decent audio unfortunately. 2.1L drysump 10,000 rpm rev limit for tuning, goes to 11k, 960whp 48psi

2 months ago    908 views    glonk
LtxTech dyno day LT1 camaro 2014 performance specialties
Osie Goodman performance specialties LtxTech dyno day LT1 Camaro 385/358TQ

3 months ago    1,085 views    zlumlord
Lamborghini Gallardo Dyno Test // ZR Auto
We took a stock Lamborghini Gallardo to get baseline dyno-tested at Unlimited Performance to get some readings for a big project we're working on. This Gallardo willreceive a bolt-on Heffner Twin-Turbo system pushing out 800hp! Stay tuned!

5 months ago    3,103 views    MatthewHayhurst
LtxTech dyno day 95 red corvette 2014 performance specialties
joseph rumph's 95 red vette Ltxtech dyno day put out 285/380

3 months ago    560 views    zlumlord
LtxTech DYNO day Impala SS performance specialties 2014
Mike McCoy's impala S/S at dyno day LtxTech 2014 287.344

3 months ago    465 views    zlumlord
LtxTech dyno day 2013 ford mustang Gt 2014 performance specialties
Greg Dykie's 2013 5.0 mustang Gt LtxTech dyno day 2013 ford mustang Gt 2014 performance specialties 419/389 Tq

3 months ago    478 views    zlumlord
Ltexteck dyno day performance specialties 08 Z06
Howard Wisniks 2008 chevy vette Z06 7.0/427 478/453

3 months ago    390 views    zlumlord
Lti formula firebird dyno performance specialties 2014
Shawn Townsend LT1 firebird dyno day LtxTech performance specialties 345/377

3 months ago    435 views    zlumlord
My Slideshow LTXTech Dyno day/Performance specialties april 2014
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator ( 2na Annual LTXTech Dyno day/Performance specialties april 2014

3 months ago    380 views    zlumlord
LtxTech DYNO daychevy malibu performance specialties 2014
Anthony Ferguson Malibu performance specialties dyno day april 2014 Ltxtech day 399/469

3 months ago    385 views    zlumlord
LtxTech dyno day 1988 mustang Gt 2014 performance specialties
Bryan Satini mustang gt 1988 performance specialties pottstown LtxTech dyno day 2014 559/528 TQ

3 months ago    418 views    zlumlord
LtxTech dyno day '14 2001 camaro z28
matt rineharts 01 camaro performance specialties ltx tech dyno 274/322

3 months ago    462 views    zlumlord