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$5,000 Street Race: NXSGT Mustang vs Spongebob's EVO
Join our forum: Mustang-Built motor-Nitrous-Automatic-Drag RadialsSpongebob's EVO:-Built motor-6765 turbo-Jaytech Motorsports-C W pence machining-CMB tuning$5000 race, $2500 per side.Subsc...

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765awhp EVO vs Built Nitrous Mustang - $$ Street Race (SlimeGreenEvo v
SlimeGreenEvo vs NXSGTThe EVO blew an intercooler pipe off in 3rd gear... costing him a possible win. VOTE FOR WHO YOU THINK WILL WIN THE REMATCH HERE:

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KOTS - #1 Spot Race - Drew's96Bird vs NXSGT (race 1) GRAB-A-LANE.COM K
**NOTE*** The Firebird & Mustang are STREET CARS. Just because the Firebird came on a trailer doesn't make it a "track car"... It's very easy to break shit when you are drag racing and he lives far away, so he brought the trailer just in ca...

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EVO II vs NXSGT Mustang: Dig on the Street ($$ Race)
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*KOTS* Drew's96Bird vs NXSGT (rematch) GRAB-A-LANE.COM
More info on race and cars here:*KOTS*-Drew-s96Bird-vs-NXSGT-Rematch-for-1-Spot-*VIDEO*&p=45217&viewfull=1#post45217Join our forum:

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