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NRE 1650 HP RX7, "The Sleeper Part 0.9", Funny and
Video found on YouTube. Nelson Racing Engines stuffs a twin turbo 427 SBC into this RX7 without even a hood bulge. From the outside, this car looks stock. Very funny reactions of car occupants as well as awesome footage of car burnouts. Mu...

7 years ago    31,378 views    MPLIGHTNING01
NRE 1650 HP RX7. "The Sleeper part 2". Very Funny
Video found on YouTube. Nelson Racing Engines' Tom Nelson drives this very fast RX7. This video is hillarious. Tom Nelson gives plenty of fast action as well as explanation why this car is indeed a supercar. From Nelson Supercars. Go to Ne...

7 years ago    19,963 views    MPLIGHTNING01
Mad Max Attacks Chatsworth! LOL 1750 HP TT. Stree
1750 HP TT SBC. This is a NRE must see. Very funny. This vehicle is like nothing you have every seen before! Amazing Labor & Fab. Download hundreds of videos for Computer,IPOD,Playstation, portable device at I...

6 years ago    35,199 views    AMRACER09
2000 HP AWD GTO for Travis LaBoy from NRE
Nelson Supercars's Tom Nelson follows the latest progress of this amazing TT BBC Mid Engine Monster. See how 3D scanning is used for this classic American car.

6 years ago    92,226 views    AMRACER09
Blown 900 HP 572 BBC. NRE. Tom Nelson
NRE's Tom Nelson dynos this big beast. What a sound! More info at For Media Production go to

4 years ago    4,386 views    AMRACER09
1000 HP Corvette Street Test. NRE.
Go for a ride with Tom Nelson in this fabulous 1000 HP Corvette. Nelson also does a walk around of this study in perfection. More information at

5 years ago    9,527 views    AMRACER09
1800 HP LSX 454. Tom Nelson. Nelson Racing Engines
Awesome power again from NRE. This is a fab new motor from Tom Nelson. Check it out. More at

5 years ago    2,901 views    AMRACER09
2500 HP 4 Cam Revolution from NRE.
This is an amazing piece of engineering technology from Nelson Racing Engines. 4 Cams, 32 valves, 9000 Revs, up to 2500 HP, up to 500 CI, all in a newl small block Nelson Block. Check it out! More info at

5 years ago    3,867 views    AMRACER09
Shelby Code Red Street Test! Tom Nelson. NRE.
See this new Shelby Proto on the street and see the numbers. Awesome machine! More at and

5 years ago    4,981 views    AMRACER09
1600 HP Chrysler TT 572 Hemi from NRE.
NRE's Tom Nelson explains this great new TT Hemi. 16 Injectors and all the goodies. Walk around and Dyno for you Chrysler fans. Tom Talks about what is in the works at NRE and Nelson Supercars.

6 years ago    3,389 views    AMRACER09
NRE LSX 427 twin turbo engine dyno
Nelson racing built this twin turbo LSX 427 that made 1600hp with the wrong injectors and not the boost they wanted. Think what this thing could have made with the right injector and higher boost

7 years ago    5,295 views    darknight
2200 HP Monster 632 from Tom Nelson. NRE.
LOL, what a beast! Tom Nelson dynos and explains this beast. More at

5 years ago    1,278 views    AMRACER09
2000 HP Pontiac Street Test. Directors Cut. NRE
Check out this awesome compilation of this famous car. Put together from 4 videos. From Nelson Racing Engines.

6 years ago    22,829 views    AMRACER09
Extreme Horsepower Cars of NRE. The Movie. Tom Nelson.
Go for a ride in 14 NRE extreme horsepower cars. Its a blast. More information at

5 years ago    5,788 views    AMRACER09
1500 HP Camaro Street Test. NRE
Take a ride with Walt as he burns up his neighborhood. What a great Camaro. Walt also explains his 71 Camaro motor and car detals. Walt has fun! Motor from Nelson Racing Engines.

6 years ago    4,089 views    CarDomain
NRE Ford Mustang Hellenor 470 FE. Nelson Racing
Very nice Hellenor style Mustang. Sounds very cool. tour the car and see burnouts.

7 years ago    2,137 views    AMRACER09
Extreme Horsepower Symphony. NRE. Mirror Turbos
This is a compilation of 30 recent motors from Nelson Racing Engines. Each engine is only a few seconds. More info at For Media Production go to

4 years ago    1,416 views    AMRACER09
1750 HP GTR. Nelson Racing Engines
This is a customer video submitted to NRE. More at

4 years ago    902 views    AMRACER09
260 MPH World's Fastest Prod. Car from NRE
Go behind the scenes for the world record attempt for the Guiness Record of the World's Fastest Production Car title. NRE's Tom Nelson talks to the Keating brothers about the crazy attempt and the car they used.

6 years ago    2,055 views    AMRACER09
1500 HP Ford TT 428. Nelson Racing Engines.
You Ford fans will like to see this mean NRE Motor. Tom Nelson Explains. Awesome quality and Technology. More at

6 years ago    2,739 views    AMRACER09
260 MPH at El Mirage. NRE
See what 260 MPH looks like on dirt! The Keating Supercar TKR in action. Powered by a Nelson Racing Engines 427 TT SBC. More at

5 years ago    3,203 views    AMRACER09
2000 HP Supercar Attacks Malibu! NRE.
Go for a shake down cruiz in this amazing beast of a car with Tom Nelson. Exciting action. More info at and

5 years ago    1,787 views    AMRACER09
Nascar at NRE. See this 9500 RPM SBC. Nelson
See this amazing SBC scream! More info at and

4 years ago    773 views    AMRACER09
Twin Supercharged BBC from Nelson Racing Engines.
I have never seen a motor like this before. Take a look. NRE's customer sent this video to Tom Nelson. More at Vey nice.

7 years ago    1,490 views    AMRACER09
222 MPH at Bonneville. Tom Nelson. NRE. NRE TV
Go to Bonneville salt flats and see what it like to capture a class record. More at

5 years ago    1,689 views    AMRACER09
LOL! "A day at NRE!"
This is amust see NRE video. Exciting filming. A look at various cars and motors at NRE. This is what NRE does everyday. Great fun from NRE.

6 years ago    474 views    AMRACER09
Secrets of the Alien Intake Manifold from NRE
Tom Nelson Gives us the inside look at this unique high tech manifold from NRE. Very Interesting.

6 years ago    200 views    AMRACER09
Mean 632 CI BBC from NRE.
Check out this awesome 632. NRE's Tom Nelson explains and follows with dyno. More at

6 years ago    461 views    CarDomain
WarHawk Block Mod. Nelson Racing Engines Univer.
NRE's Tom Nelson modifys the War Hawk block to withstand much higher horsepower. More at This is from NRE's University section of videos. Also see the mods to the ZR1.

7 years ago    305 views    AMRACER09