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faces of death - 2 stupid ass women hit by
faces of death - 2 stupid ass women hit by cars.mpg

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Aircraft - F18 Drag Races Formula 1 car.mpg
Aircraft - F18 Drag Races Formula 1 car.mpg

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car races - street racing - honda civic beating a
car races - street racing - honda civic beating a dodge viper in a street race.mpg

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Global News Special - 92mpg & 0-60 in 5 seconds. N
Global News Special - 92mpg & 0-60 in 5 seconds. New ale' now certified for the road!

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April Sales Show Signs of Weakness - Autoline Daily 1369
- April Sales Show Signs of Weakness- Krafcik Named President of TrueCar- Toyota Helps Expand Hydrogen Network- FTC Looks to Change MPG Claims in Ads- Volvo Begins Real World Autonomous Tests- Autoline This Week PreviewGet more video everyd...

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Sans titree2.mpg

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Fifth Gear - 23x16 - 2014.04.07
-Jonny drives a Rally Cross race car.-Ford Transit undergoes team test.-Jason drives the Caterham SP300R.-Tiff shows performance estates on a budget.-Vicky investigates how MPG figures are calculated.

2 months ago    1,240 views    husyk
2014 BMW 328d (Diesel) Sports Wagon Test Drive - Most Fuel Efficient A
The BMW 328d Sport Wagon is HOT and it's the most fuel efficient AWD vehicle sold in America. It runs on Diesel. The engine under the hood is a 2.0 liter twin-power 4-cylinder engine makes 180 horsepower and 280...

2 months ago    497 views    rekalhamiez
Surviving Iceland in the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid
Last November, just as winter was starting to settle into the Icelandic Highlands, we thought it would be a brilliant idea to drive the Crosstrek Hybrid across a volcanic plain.So stick your hands in a bucket of ice (just to feel half as co...

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Toyota Shoots for Cultural Change, Cadillac's Rookie Mistake - Autolin
- CrossBlue to Chattanooga- China Mandates More EVs- Fight to Change MPG Advertising- Boosting MPGs Costly- Toyota Hires More Female Managers- Cadillac's Rookie MistakeGet more video everyday at

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411whp Mustang 5.0 Vs 302whp Evolution X MR race#9
visit John Torres' 9th race of this season. It's a battle between a 411whp Ford Mustang 5.0 vs Mitsubishi Evolution X MR at a Street Wars event at EnglishTown New Jersey Sunday, March 9,2014Modification List:Stock Tu...

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100 MPG Muscle Car!
100 MPG Muscle Car!

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Chevy to Keep Manchester United Sponsorship - Autoline Daily 1324
- Chevy to Keep Man-U Sponsorship- Rolls-Royce Gets Personal- Ford's Silky Smooth Mustang- New Catalytic Converter Improves MPGs- EV ComparisonGet more video everyday at

5 months ago    1,613 views    Autoline
EVOLUTION X MR stock turbo Record
visit John Torres of sets a new 1/4 mile "No Launching" record from stock engine idle rpm at Racewaypark New Jersey: Mitsubishi vs Subaru Day, Sunday, March 9,2014.Modification List:Stock Turbostock in...

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Danfest 2010 trailer.mpg

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American Market Swings More Toward Trucks - Autoline Daily 1306
- U.S. January Sales Slip- Ram 1500 Diesel MPGs- Toyota's in the Money- NHTSA Blesses V2V- UAW Vs. VW- A Transition in Automotive Interiors- Chevy SS Exhaust NoteGet more video everyday at

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Pro Street nash metropolitan Big Block oc md
Pro Street nash metropolitan Big Block oc md....The Nash Metropolitan is a car that was sold, initially, only in the United States and Canada, 3 from 1954--1962. wheelbase 85 inches and 1700lbs 39 MPG .......... NEW

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BMI Racing RX8 4 Rotor Willow Springs Testing July
RX8 4 Rotor Willow Springs July 2009.mpg

5 years ago    44,475 views    BMI_Racing
China Drops Made in USA Tariffs - Autoline Daily 1280
- China Drops U.S. Import Tariffs- Honda Gets More Fits- Don't "Skip This Ad"- Mazda Tops MPG Chart- Gas Power to Dominate In 2040- Autoline Executive of the YearGet more video everyday at

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Fuel Cells Take Center Stage in LA - Autoline Daily 1263
- 2015 Subaru WRX- Mercedes Concept GLA45 AMG- Kia Introduces 1st Rear-Drive Sedan- Hyundai Introduces Fuel Cell Santa Fe- Honda's Wild FCEV Concept- VW Twin Up! Eye-Popping MPG'sGet more video everyday at

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The Car Concerns Radio USA Car-Of-The-Year! 2013 Lexus ES350 Sedan
One of the best valued vehicles that we have had out at the Car Concerns Radio USA Proving Grounds this year. The 2013 ES350 4 Door Sedan felt like the perfect car to us. With a MSRP in the low $40k range we found it to be an exceptional va...

8 months ago    370 views    HarryL
Property Management by Manchester Group UK
Visit: .Manchester Property Group (MPG) is a residential and commercial property letting, estate agent and property management company based in Castlefield, Manchester City Centre. Established in 2...

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EPA MPG Labels Now Available for Used Cars - Autoline Daily 1214
Ford of Europe has bumped its new product initiative to a whopping 25 models. Nissan will start offering the LEAF as a certified pre-owned vehicle, and the deal looks pretty good. Jeep's Dragon Edition concept becomes a reality. All that an...

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LS1 Powered 1949 Pontiac Video Somernites Cruise Coverage V8TV
Bland Allen's 1949 Pontiac was purchased new by his father when he returned home from World War II. Today, it sports an LS1 V8 under the hood for 26 MPG cruising, but keeps the original look. A cool story about a neat car! Shot at the ...

3 years ago    36,216 views    V8TV
SEMA Video Footage by Speedvision - The Fuel Vapor
SEMA Video Footage by Speedvision - The Fuel Vapor Tech 'Ale' - 92 MPG US

7 years ago    31,682 views    27d781df
Performance Car Chips | Truck Performance Chips | Fuel Saver Chip | Au ACD Performance Module (Performance Car Chips, Truck Performance Chips, Fuel Saver Chip) is the answer to today's high fuel prices and all of us looking to squeeze that hidden power and fuel economy out of you...

7 months ago    37 views    LanieWolf320
More Fuel Mileage Testimonial Magnum Fuel Rx Manager (and user),Paul G. talks of how his cars perform with Magnum Fuel Rx added to them. Now instead of getting the approximate return suggested by MPG on Premium gas, he...

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BMI Racing RX8 4 Rotor Dyno Tuning July 2009
RX8 4 Rotor Dyno.mpg

5 years ago    30,719 views    BMI_Racing