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Muscle Car Of The Week Video #49: 1969 Chevelle Yenko 427
http://www.musclecaroftheweek.com 1969 Chevelle SS 396 was a hot car, but the COPO program allowed for a run of 427 cars to really take Super Stock drag racing by storm. However, Don Yenko at ...

4 months ago    5,416 views    V8TV
Supercharged M3 E46 Vs. J-Spec Twin-Turbo Supra!!
Supercharged M3 E46 Vs. J-Spec Twin-Turbo Supra!! Watch and see for yourself!!

7 years ago    12,773 views    BMW_MODIFIED
Honda Civic i-vtec White MMPower Project Cool Vide
MMPower Motorsport Civic Project No:05 MMPTeam Club #09 Number Member Alican HÖKELEK Car Modified List MotegiRacing RO_JA ValveTrain Vtec Design 18" Wheels.GT Radial 225/40/18 Tires.OMP Racing 3.5mm Lowering Springs.AEM Cold Air Intake Syst...

5 years ago    7,170 views    MMPowerTeam
1000 hp horsepower Mitsubishi Evo launch?
Heavily modified EVO launch at 8,000 RPM up to around 80 miles per hour. View shot from the speedometer. What do you think the hp is? 1000 hp? 600? Later verified 700 hp launch by owner "wheatley", majority of votes here called for exactly ...

4 years ago    10,002 views    Michael_Berenis
Stock Gallardo VS Stock Viper VS Modified corvett
Stock Gallardo VS Stock Viper VS Modified corvette. You can hear the viper miss a gear, and then finally catch it and pull ahead. The Corvette just falls back

7 years ago    6,590 views    SuzukiBusa
510 Impala SS Prototype sold at 2009 Barrett-Jacks
This is the original Impala SS pre-production prototype 'mule' car, in a somewhat high performance modified form. The SS became production for 1994 and rather than dispose of the unique concept vehicle, Jon A Moss simply did his magic and t...

5 years ago    3,388 views    kamchief
Ninja on the dyno at Modified Madness in state col
Ninja on the dyno at Modified Madness in state college, pa. it did 162hp. not bad (motorcycle)

9 years ago    11,297 views    guest
Modified '91 Camaro 305
Modified '91 Camaro 305

8 years ago    5,510 views    NebulahFrost
A heavily modified, rare '94 Acura Legend Coupe wi
A heavily modified, rare '94 Acura Legend Coupe with full track suspension, f&r13" 4-piston brakes, custom performance, etc... running solo down a street, cornering at 50 mph, and stopping from 65.

8 years ago    5,328 views    guest
Maserati Quattroporte 2008 (english)
The redesigned Quattroporte and Quattroporte S will be available in September 2008. The car designed by Pininfarina appeales fresher and more mordern than its predecessor. The grill, but also the lights, wich come now with LED technology, w...

6 years ago    5,714 views    UnitedPictures
Subaru Impraza STI MMPower Design
Subaru Impreza 555 Blue STI 2002 Modified By MMPower Garage Ended Project Video..

5 years ago    4,802 views    MMPowerTeam
svt contour 98 stock vs crx mild modified
svt contour 98 stock vs crx mild modified

9 years ago    4,962 views    guest
1970 Cuda hits 200 MPH! and beats a Enzo!!
Now I know what you are going to say, Its a modified Cuda! Yea well many of you Euro/Import guys like to compare our half century old cars to new ones and this just shows what they can do with a some suspension mods etc. Besides half the ti...

4 years ago    5,661 views    69Chevelle454
Fifth Gear Season 10, Episode 4 Full Episode
Season 10, Episode 4 — Originally aired on October 16th, 2006 * Jason Plato is back and he’s teaching England cricketer Kevin Pietersen how to race in a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder * Tim Lovejoy hangs out with GQ magazine editor and s...

4 years ago    4,966 views    CaspersZ06
RX8 and Ninja Head to Head (HD)
Fierce battle between the highly modified RX8 and the new 2008 Kawasaki Ninja, very unique shots all in HDFor Part I:

6 years ago    12,865 views    aespo22

7 years ago    6,527 views    0e056405
2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 vs. Mark Stielow's Red Devil '69 Camaro - HOT RO
On this episode of HOT ROD Unlimited, David Freiburger meets up with Pro Touring legend Mark Stielow to compare old and new Camaros head to head. Mark Stielow is a GM engineer with a long history of building vintage, street-worthy Camaros w...

2 years ago    4,836 views    Daily_Commute
2010 OPTIMA® Ultimate Street Car Invitational Trailer
For the third year, 50 of the most highly-modified, pristine and street-legal vehicles shown at the SEMA Show were selected to compete in the OPTIMA Batteries Ultimate Street Car Invitational (OUSCI). This exclusive event is hosted by Bill ...

1 years ago    4,637 views    FREESOL
Old saab 900 -85 T16 street car with heavily modif
Old saab 900 -85 T16 street car with heavily modified 2l engine acceleratin with 5th gear

7 years ago    5,329 views    4ad83d57
2006 Dodge Hemi Charger
2006 Dodge Hemi Charger with Flowmaster modified Super 44 Kit 17405

5 years ago    5,136 views    FlowmasterTV
93 prelude f22 with precision gt32b turbo, 4g63 ma
93 prelude f22 with precision gt32b turbo, 4g63 manifold modified to fit, 5psi boost, stock internals, e-manage.

7 years ago    5,349 views    d11fee2d
Crazy 1959 Cadillac Custom "Grinch" Video Feature V8TV - We recently came across this wild 1959 Cadillac Kustom at a local small-town car show and had to find out what was up. The owner and his wife built this monster, complete with a supercharged big block Chevy, op...

1 years ago    4,507 views    V8TV
XT GT INTERCEPTOR 1969 victoria ex POLICE 150,000+ HiTs Before Mad Max there were ford falcon 500 V8 INTERCEPTORS 1967 XR this one is the 1968-69 XT 4 models earlier modified from 302 HP and repainted fr...

1 years ago    4,263 views    DRAGONSLiVED
Jesse Bubb's GTM supercar First startup and idle W
454 cubic inch LSX block. 700 lift cam 278 duration @50. AFR 225 heads, modified for 6bolt block.Harrop engineering Hurricane 8 throttlebody intake with 55mm throttlebody blades. GT3 cupcar transmission with MTI Racing superclutch. 75...

6 years ago    7,527 views    Wait4meperformance
99.6mph Custom Modified RC Car
So close to 100mph! It went 99.6mph, I think I need a higher C rated battery.It flipped and broke part of the front splitter so I'm going to make a few changes and try it again. So here is the setup:Shortened XO-1 chassis, it's now a 1/8th ...

1 years ago    4,090 views    hightechcorvette
Redline Time Attack Debrief Round 5
Redline Time Attack Debrief: Round 5 from Carolina Motorsport Park in Kershaw, South Carolina presented by Subaru. This episode features the winners of Round 5 including Overall Champion Billy Johnson from FX Motor Development in his Acura ...

5 years ago    8,594 views    RedlineTimeAttack
The Hartge BMW Z4 5.0 show off and race against M3
The Hartge BMW Z4 5.0 show off and race against M3 E46

7 years ago    7,162 views    BMW_MODIFIED
RENNTech C63 AMG, New Nissan GT-R, Quran ...
SEMA is just around the corner and RENNTech has released their new modified C-Class AMG, CLP Automotive releases a disaster of a 6-series, new findings on which cars get the most speeding tickets, and the pastor who threatened to burn the Q...

3 years ago    38,183 views    FastLaneDaily
COBB Tuning Nissan R35 GT-R at EVOMS
COBBTUNING, from Salt Lake City, Utah visits Evolution MotorSports in Tempe, AZ to put the COBB Tuning Nissan right hand drive Japanese import R35 GT-R on the AWD Mustang Dyno for the Modified Tuner Challenge in May of 2008, held at Firebir...

6 years ago    9,213 views    EVOMS

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