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Hicktown (aka Greenstone).
Hicktown (aka Greenstone). This is my own version of the music video Hicktown by Jason Aldean. From car burnouts, to mudding, to sinking a snowmachine, to killing cars!!! It's all here!! This is how we do it in Greenstone. Check it out and ...

7 years ago    48,729 views    Goulet Films
1967 ChevelleThis car does not belong to me, i
1967 ChevelleThis car does not belong to me, it belongs to Buddy Mcafee565 alum. Donavan with Wilson manifold and 105 mm throttle body with ATI F3R Procharger.Lenco 4 speed and Hays Mountain Motor three disc clutch.Car has been back halfed ...

7 years ago    34,421 views    DrWooWooWoo
12second 112mph LS1 6sp vs K20 civic 6sp. There s
12second 112mph LS1 6sp vs K20 civic 6sp. There some footage of me gettN clowned by RacerX. We met a new friend that has a 350SB S10 truck, its a dig specialist :) I had to find that out the hard way. Well enjoy tonight festival of fun....

7 years ago    21,297 views    TitaniumAluminide
RC Cars vs Real Cars
Hooning around with RC cars! I've always wanted to see how an electric rc car would do drag racing a real car, now I know. We were using a Traxxas Slash 4x4 and an E-Revo, both are brushless running Lipo batteries.I was only racing to about...

1 years ago    14,701 views    hightechcorvette
Me and my mate are big into RC cars and we made a
Me and my mate are big into RC cars and we made a loop-the-loop for our Mini Coopers. Its not as easy as it looks! Out of about 50 trys, we only did it twice, and only 1 of which was caught on film!

8 years ago    18,968 views    467613
1995 Chevy Caprice Police Package blowing out the
My friends 95 Caprice with the Police Package was running rough the past few days, today we went to try and figure out what it can be. Once he revved it a few times we found out, the cats are blowing out and the car started shooting flames!...

6 years ago    15,897 views    2001TransAmWS6
My Ws6 vs. Dakotaracer The Truth
Dakotaracer and his friends tried to lie, tried to cheat, and tried to set me up for a sure loss. I found out before we raced, called him out on it, and he amits he lied. Watch the video to see the Truth. V10 Volume II

6 years ago    17,063 views    MyWs6
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport picking up a friend at the airport
Like me on Facebook - professional automotive photography - 1 - Going to the airport in a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Pur Blanc to pickup the owner of the car who has yet to see it...

1 years ago    9,619 views    FerrariFF
My 12's talon vs some civic SIR? I short shifted
My 12's talon vs some civic SIR? I short shifted out of 3rd and 4th just because the race was in the bag and my launch wasn't good enough to set any personal bests. Girl video taping for first time in car so give her a break. The run end...

7 years ago    11,850 views    569002
NY Red Light Camera Violation
My truck that was caught running a confusing red light in NY.First there is a green light with an arrow.Then there was an amber light with an arrow.My driver the name being withheld thought the light would just turn green NOT!The light fi...

4 years ago    7,947 views    Hippiegeo
Covert Tuning Dynamic's 2000WHP Murcielago SV ( THE STIG )
Sadly, I was unable to attend the Cars & Coffee hanger party. But I had an inside man at Elattrache Photography that attended and got some video for me. You should check out his photos from the night because they are AMAZING!

2 years ago    7,548 views    Kingers-Car-Channel
Sexy Linzie - 1200hp Underground Racing Lamborghini
1200hp Underground Racing Lamborghini with a hottie in the passenger seat!For the 3rd year in a row we took a hot girl out in an Underground Racing Lambo, this time it was a twin turbo Superleggera.This is probably one of the best girl/car ...

6 months ago    7,298 views    hightechcorvette
World Time Attack 2013 - The Best is Yet To Come!
The biggest Time Attack event in the world is coming! Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge, Tectaloy International Drift, Motographics Show and Shine, Motul Turbo Legends, Turbosmart Flying 500 and much much more. It's a JDM horsepower fest...

1 years ago    6,306 views    WorldTimeAttack
MUST SEE! Finally went 10's in the 2012 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Atco Dragw
Car #714 into the 10's~! Atco test n tune with the Stangs! DESTROYED MY PREVIOUS BEST ALL MOTOR TIME OF 11.40's @ 119 TODAY WITH A HEALTHY 11.30 @120.5 on the second pass out, pump gas, all motor... Then we figured, eh, i'll spray a 50 shot...

1 years ago    6,447 views    Undisputed
LEXUS IS200 Sport car art / music video: --==UNCIVILISED==-- a short t
Me and my good friend JP made this video using our DIY camera crane, tripods, car mounts etc. The footage was shot by two Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones and a JVC HD camcorder. The footage was edited by me using Adobe Premiere, After Effec...

1 years ago    6,359 views    JaapTilgenkamp
(Epic!) 1 Year Old Girl Drives WRX "Oh Jeez!!"
My little girl has been pointing at the steering wheel for the past 3 wheels ever since I handed her the keys and let her sit in the drivers seat. Today she got what she's been waiting for as I let her drive the car up the street.As you can...

1 years ago    5,843 views    Kingers-Car-Channel
Just a show off of my car the bradley Gt and my fr
Just a show off of my car the bradley Gt and my friends firebird. He called me out to race. So we'll see who's faster opening day of the track in the area is may 5th

8 years ago    8,707 views    jo at 2000
Go Karts on Railroad Tracks
Yesterday two friends of East Jesus stopped by to visit. As they pulled up, I noticed they had some kind of strange device attached to the top of their car. It turned out to be what they called a Rail Rider, basically a self-built go kart s...

2 years ago    5,570 views    scape_goat
Beverly Hills Police overreact for traffic stop
Last week I was in Beverly Hills at my friends house when we noticed a car being pulled over by a Beverly Hills police officer. Right after we saw the first police car we saw at least 15 - 20 police cars come flying to the scene with offic...

1 years ago    5,720 views    FerrariFF
1990 454ss Burnout Needed new tires so we fried
1990 454ss Burnout Needed new tires so we fried the old ones first. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you guys think. Sorry about having no sound

7 years ago    7,486 views    Corvette454l88
1,250WHP Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo on Race Gas 110 Octane
Facebook | Twitter Amy and I were bored the other day so we decided to finally fill up the Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo with 110 octane race fuel. The car was running at ...

2 years ago    4,711 views    Daily_Commute
SoCal GTR Takeover Pt. II | PHOTO M.D.
My buddy Paul aka AirforceGTR hit me to tag along and film with SoCal GT-R attempting to break the record again with the most GTR's in one. We first stopped at Cars and Coffee in Irvine, CA for the crowds to check out the cars and then hea...

1 years ago    5,514 views    Photo_MD
Two Of Ten 2013 Lotus Exige S V6 Cups Imported To US
Yes, These are two of only ten Exige S V6 Cup Cars imported to the US before the exemption expired.These are race cars directly from the Lotus Racing Factory. They even come with removable steering wheels, fire suppression system, roll cage...

1 years ago    5,368 views    Kingers-Car-Channel
2014 Ford Fiesta ST speedometer 0-155 MPH top maximum speed accelerati - Watch a top speed test with 4,500 RPM launch! How fast will the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST go? I hooked up with VSR Motorsports in Tampa, FL and put the Fiesta ST to the test on the dyno. We reached a governed maxim...

1 years ago    4,979 views    Michael_Berenis
0 to 150mph in 18.6 sec in a 620 RWHP 2004 GTO
0-150mph in 18.6 sec in a Procharged 620 RWHP GTO. I thought we removed the dang rev limiter: it stopped me at 155! I launched it gently, with all-season tires, General UHPs. With drag radials, a better launch and faster shifting, it woul...

5 years ago    6,752 views    prizecar
2013 Eurosport DC: When Supercars Need Gas
Here's a few scenes when we were getting gas during the Eurosport DC Tour. As you can see, we can draw quite a crowd. At 2:05 we even had a van of screaming girls saying "We love your cars!" haha.Every station we went in there were a ton of...

1 years ago    4,354 views    Kingers-Car-Channel
SubaruWRXfan's New BRZ Exhaust ( SRT Header-Back )
Today SubaruWRXfan stopped over and we finally put his exhaust on. It was a fun little install and was not too hard. Only hard part was getting the pipe connecting to the header over the control arm, After that it was easy as pie!Smoke from...

2 years ago    4,115 views    Kingers-Car-Channel
Me & the SRT-4 messing around in a parking lot w/
Me & the SRT-4 messing around in a parking lot w/ my buddy. Yeah we got stupid lol.

7 years ago    4,097 views    f650a795
Lexus LFA Clears It's Throat, And Gets BUSTED...
Well you wanted more of the Lexus LFA, I was asked by many if I could get video of the LFA's launch control, more reving, and faster driving, so that's what we did.We also paid for it also by getting pulled over and slapped with a pretty he...

2 years ago    3,990 views    Kingers-Car-Channel