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Bob lutz talks about his new Vectrix electric bike
Bob lutz talks about his new Vectrix electric bike

7 years ago    6,604 views    Autoblog
Why Bob Lutz Prefers Used Cars - Episode 1186
In a surprising move, GM hires the former head of Volvo to run its new Consolidated International Operations. One major automaker is teaming back up with Isuzu to supply it with diesel engines. To avoid import tariffs, Daimler is considerin...

2 years ago    3,858 views    Autoline
GM's Bob Lutz on The Colbert Report
Bob Lutz discusses the Chevrolet Volt with Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central's Colbert Report

7 years ago    4,325 views    ksingh
Pass Time: '69 Chevy Camaro
Check out this Driver Moment with Bill Lutz and his '69 Chevy Camaro. the motorsports authority for NASCAR, Formula 1, auto racing, moto racing, cars, bikes, automotive, motorcycles, PINKS All Out and more.

4 years ago    136,527 views    SpeedEngineBlock
Nissan, Ford Gain Share. Toyota, GM Lose. - Episode 1147
Trucks really drove the market last month, the segment grew twice as fast as the passenger car side. Sales in May put the industry back on trend, after April's SAAR fell below 15 million units. In his latest book, Bob Lutz criticizes former...

2 years ago    3,034 views    Autoline
Ford Focus No. 1 in the World - Autoline Daily 962
The Ford Focus is the world's best-selling car in the first six months of the year. Fiat will unveil a new 4×4 version of the Panda at the Paris Auto Show. A gallon of unleaded gasoline now costs about $9.50 a gallon in some regions of Ital...

3 years ago    2,839 views    Autoline
Tour of Bob Lutz's Garage - Autoline After Hours 158
How do you find the proper title for a man like Bob Lutz? In the end, there's really only one choice: Automotive Icon. He's been everywhere from BMW to Ford to GM to Lotus, and he hasn't quit yet. This week, he gives Autoline After Hours th...

3 years ago    2,052 views    Autoline
Brian Lutz it's loud, But is it fast......... 10 -13 -13
Brian Lutz @ buxmont street machines show oct 13,13 harleysville walmart.One question its very loud setting off car alarms,pounding the ground in which i stand,BUT is it fast............i'm waiting

2 years ago    1,265 views    zlumlord
No Batteries Required - Autoline Daily 1053
Toyota will be getting a new chairman later this year to replace current chairman Fujio Cho. Big truck sales in the U.S. last year hit their highest total since 2007. Bob Lutz paired up with a company that is removing the hybrid powertrain ...

3 years ago    1,397 views    Autoline
2011Ford Mustang Gets 31 MPG - Autoline Daily 341
Bob Lutz is officially retiring from General Motors effective the first of May. Toyota and GM are dumping pension obligations for their NUMMI workers onto the lap of the federal government. The 2011 Ford Mustang just got certified at 31 m...

6 years ago    204 views    Autoline
Ferrari Successfully Forces Sales Down - Autoline Daily 1305
- VWOA Is FUBAR- Ferrari Sells Less, Makes More- China's Top Ten- Lab Gas Burns Cleaner- Good Thing... Small Package- Bob Lutz on AAHGet more video everyday at

2 years ago    630 views    Autoline
Vito talks with Promod racer Bill Lutz about Garrett Turbos in the lanes at the SHAKEDOWN NATIONALS 2012

3 years ago    741 views    JimmyBiggsTV
UP-TV Genfer Salon 2010: Chevrolet - GMs starke To
Chevrolet präsentiert in. Genf eine Reihe von neuen Fahrzeugen, mit denen die Marke ihren Erfolg der letzten fünf Jahre fortsetzen und ihre Position auf dem europäischen Markt weiter ausbauen will. Dabei ist das Showcar Aveo RS, das in Genf...

6 years ago    244 views    UnitedPictures
2011 Audi A8 World Unveil: Miami Beach
Art and design meet automotive craftsmanship at the world's leading design and art fairs, Design Miami/and Art Basel Miami Beach. This year, both events reached a new level, coinciding with the unveiling of Audi’s flagship model, the 2011 A...

6 years ago    361 views    ARtvLive
Bob Lutz CTS-V Challenge
“May the Best Car Win" were not just words used as a marketing theme, it became a battle cry as GM's Vice Chairman Bob Lutz challenged any 4-door high-performance luxury sedan to a timed match against the Cadillac CTS-V. Automotive Rhythms...

6 years ago    32,561 views    ARtvLive
Lutz Performance Presents Tim's E46 M3 Dyno Vid
This is the dyno video for Tim's E46 M3 Project Completed by Lutz

7 years ago    185 views    Lutzperfauto
ZR1 based Mantide to the Nurburgring? Bob Lutz ret
The people over at Stile Bertone may be bringing the Mantide to the Nurburgring, Bob Lutz could be returning to GM, and some future navigation systems may be going 3D. Watch and find out. Hosted by Mike Spinelli.

6 years ago    47,657 views    FastLaneDaily
In-car video of the 2009 Chevy Corvette ZR1
In-car video of the 2009 Chevy Corvette ZR1. Driven by GM test engineer Jim Mero at the "Lutz Ring" otherwise known as Milford Road Course at GM's Milford Proving Grounds.

7 years ago    1,457 views    cammedLs1
R.I.P. Dan Wheldon - Autoline Daily 747
The voting on the UAW contract at Ford swung to 62 percent in favor over the weekend. Toyota is building a hybrid racecar to compete in the 24 hours of Le Mans and other FIA World Endurance Championships. BMW just introduced the all-new 3 S...

4 years ago    235 views    Autoline
Bob Lutz Interview - Autoline Daily 205
Nissan seems a little miffed at all the attention the Chevy Volt is getting for its mileage claims. Ford of Canada’s CEO says the country needs a better car scrappage program. In the U.S., cash for clunkers mania is starting to cool off. Al...

6 years ago    213 views    Autoline
Australia Skelter, GM Europe, 2011 BMW M5 ...
Australia's Skelter is unleashed on the public and babies everywhere are crying. Also, GM Europe gets some American infusion with our good pal Bob Lutz. In the internet rumor mill, there's some BMW news that may be reaching the ring soon. A...

6 years ago    746 views    FastLaneDaily
Ford's Creating Jobs - Autoline Daily 399
A company called Transonic Combustion just added Bob Lutz to its board of directors, but who the heck is Transonic? Infiniti is getting ready to offer a lineup of high-performance aftermarket parts for its vehicles. Ford is moving to vert...

6 years ago    156 views    Autoline
Gumpert GT, Lutz Dirty Secret, Top Gear My ...
A new Gumpert will hit us at the Geneva Auto Show in two months, we hear it may be a new Grand Tourer. Also, Bob Lutz's dirty secrets are revealed and new spy shots of the upcoming Jaguar XK facelift. Hosted BY Derek DeAngelis

5 years ago    1,004 views    FastLaneDaily
U.S. Car Sales in Q4 Headed Up - Autoline Daily 717
Good news about vehicle sales in the U.S. market. It appears last month's lower-than-expected figures ARE NOT due to a lack of demand, instead because automakers are short on inventory. Bob Lutz is one happy guy. GM just announced he'll ...

4 years ago    119 views    Autoline
New Chevrolet Aveo European Premiere
Mr. Wayne Brannon, CEO, and Mr. Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman, present the European Premiere of the Chevrolet Aveo.

6 years ago    260 views    NadsyNads
2010 Jaguar XJ - Autoline Daily 182
The new General Motors officially began this morning. Bob Lutz is staying on as vice chairman of GM in charge of all creative elements in product and customer relations. Suzuki and Mitsubishi are advised to drop out of the American market. ...

6 years ago    244 views    Autoline
De Tomaso Panthera Redesign, Lotus Evora ...
De Tamaso may be getting a redesign after being purchased by Gian Mario Rossingnolo, Lotus reveals pricing for the Evora, Heffner Performance tunes the Audi R8 and Bob Lutz announces the Cadillac CTS-V Wagon will be coming... soon. Also, FL...

6 years ago    352 views    FastLaneDaily
Lutz Performance Presents Scotts 2001 M-Coupe S54
This is a 2001 BMW M-Coupe S54 with an active autowerke level 1 supercharger installed by Lutz Performance of Tampa, Fl., please call for more info!!

7 years ago    225 views    Lutzperfauto
Bob Lutz Retires, Chevy Spark, Video Game Ads, BMW
What do videogames say about your car-buying habits, GM debuts a new world minicar and a dodgy image of a new BMW shows up online. Is it real, or just another faker? Hosted by Derek DeAngelis.

7 years ago    336 views    FastLaneDaily