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99 Cobra vs 345whp LS1, modded STi's, etc
Both STi's are lightly modded (MBC, downpipe, exhaust), the SS put down 345rwhp, the RX7 has bolt ons and 4.77 gears, the 96 Cobra has bolt-ons and 4.10s.

9 years ago    61,438 views    Cobra Commander
12second 112mph LS1 6sp vs K20 civic 6sp. There s
12second 112mph LS1 6sp vs K20 civic 6sp. There some footage of me gettN clowned by RacerX. We met a new friend that has a 350SB S10 truck, its a dig specialist :) I had to find that out the hard way. Well enjoy tonight festival of fun....

9 years ago    21,299 views    TitaniumAluminide
2002 Chevy S-10, LS1 Swap. 10MPH - 100MPHIn Truc
2002 Chevy S-10, LS1 Swap. 10MPH - 100MPHIn Truck

10 years ago    15,419 views    Black X
98 S10 SS Vs. 02 LS1 Z28 at the track...
98 S10 SS Vs. 02 LS1 Z28 at the track...

10 years ago    8,849 views    guest
2001 WS6 LS1Hotcam, gutted cats, cut-out, 12bolt
2001 WS6 LS1Hotcam, gutted cats, cut-out, 12bolt w/4.10s, 26x11.5x16 ET StreetsALL MOTOR!12.083 @ 113.57 w/ 1.638 60ft.

9 years ago    10,978 views    344469
1320 ROLLER COASTER cobra vs 347 hci mustang (WINS)03 cobra vs c7 z06 corvette (WINS)03 cobra vs nitrous small block chevy s10 truck (WINS)347 hci sn95 mustang vs 03 cobra (WINS)vorte...

2 years ago    1,759 views    PLATINUM1320tv
2002 cavalier 2.2 ecotec+nitrous in 10s
2002 cavalier 2.2 ecotec + nitrousvs1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 454ci2009 Cadillac CTS-V1998 Chevrolet Camaro LS1 (look like stock, still have the stock air box)Oldsmobile 442Ford Mustang Gt (foxbody)2008 Dodge Challenger Srt8 (6.1L)Dodge Da...

3 years ago    1,612 views    44445544
LS2S10 Turbo vs Big Block Blown Chevy
LS2 S10 T88 4psi vs Big Block Chevy Blown 1500 at Homestead Speedway 1/8 mile

6 years ago    3,971 views    MyFloridaSRT
1995 Sonoma (Pink) 412CID V8 12.38@107.1 N/AVS.
1995 Sonoma (Pink) 412CID V8 12.38@107.1 N/AVS.2002 S-10 (Black) 5.3L LS1 13.55@103.43 N/AMy brother beats me again :(

10 years ago    3,259 views    Black X
Chevy S10 Nitrous Sbc vs Ls1 Ws6
Salinas Racing Nitrous Big Block Chevelle and Small Block Nitrous S10 truck come to the bay to test & tunewith T-top 351W foxbody Mustang & Ls1 Ws6

2 years ago    370 views    PLATINUM1320tv
2006 Procharged GT vs Cammed LS1
mustang running 13lbs, also has full exhaust.Camaro has MS4 cam, 4.10s, suspension, and full exhaust, car has a rough tune

7 years ago    755 views    ZincGT
ls2s10 1st run on boost 4psi
1st run on 4 psi

6 years ago    768 views    ls2s10
GTO vs. S10
bolt on LS1 gto against S10 powered by LT1 w/ 6speed. S10 also had cam heads and bolt ons.

6 years ago    917 views    GMKING
stock 5.3 swapped in s10 extreme
sanderson headers, ls1 intake. Needs a tune badly, running stock silverado tune. track conditions not the best, 90 degrees air temp and I still spun off the line. 2.4 60' on street tires. It ran 15.22 @ 89.9 mph.

5 years ago    309 views    lsxtreme
65 Skylark 7.46 @ 92 in eight mile.
My 6 liter LS1 powered 65 Skylark shot by Chevelle Rob at Sunshine dragway. This car ran consisten 7.40s in the eight and 11.70s in the quarter in the summer heat. The engine is a 10.88:1 LQ9 LSX engine with LS6 heads and a small 222/224 ca...

4 years ago    389 views    Speedtigger
LS2S10,RAW2500,LSXS10,BigBlockBlown Chevy
LS2S10,RAW2500,LSXS10,BigBlockBlown at Homestead Speedway 1/

6 years ago    297 views    MyFloridaSRT
2.5s Altima vs Ls Integra 1/8 of a mile track
(Right Lane) i did a 10.603s pass on my altima(on 20"s) (Left Lane) Ls integra did a 11.000s pass....

7 years ago    263 views    QR25DE
1st pass ls2 l92/l76
1st pass l92/l76

7 years ago    480 views    ls2s10
friends 3rd gen ls1 vs s10 with a 350for more
friends 3rd gen ls1 vs s10 with a 350for more email me at

10 years ago    2,762 views    guest
slowest s10 ever (1)
my 2.2 with mods and still the slowest truck ever mods- TBS,header,pullies,intake,exhaust- in a year ill be doin a LS swap so this truck wont be slow forever

8 years ago    618 views    99blksdime
lt1 formula vs. 02 ls1 z28 light body
formula has bolt-on and tune and the z28 is stock with 4:10s

8 years ago    278 views    AllDayy
friends 3rd gen ls1 vs friends s10 with 350 from a
friends 3rd gen ls1 vs friends s10 with 350 from a rollmore email me at

10 years ago    1,399 views    guest
94 Trans Am with a Ls1 runing 10s/ streetmachinesr
10.sec club

8 years ago    640 views    discipleandjudgment