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Audi R8 V10 Plus - Capristo Exhaust -LOUD with TUNNEL SOUND
Audi R8 V10 Plus with Capristo X-pipes Tuned by MegaSpeed in Germany to +600 Hp. Ceramic brakes and HRE P40SC 20'' wheels.Filmed in and around Gothenburg, Sweden. All traffic rules may have been respected.

2 months ago    4,397 views    Congaman
Paul Meister, tuner from running his Twi
Paul Meister, tuner from running his Twin Turbo 03 Cobra on the dyno @ 16psi. The video does not do the sound justice. Turbo's are LOUD @ WOT

8 years ago    56,109 views    226405
Supercar Jaguar XK Loud Exhaust 20140412 071608
Exquisite Jaguar XK Coupe' flyby . At the right place to catch this cat . Loud V-8 roar n exhaust sounds !!

3 months ago    450 views    GrapheneRTS
Super Car Shelby GT500 Loud Exhaust 20131024 214035
Pt2 of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 video done on Oct 2 2013 . Hear the super charged V-8 in action , w plenty of deep rumble exhaust sound . Share , like , +1'd , subscribe for new muscle car video's .

4 months ago    517 views    GrapheneRTS
The noises of Drifting - Natural sound - TFB Media
The noises of Drifting - Natural sound - TFB MediaOne of the main reasons I like Drifting or any auto-sport is the engine sound.It doesnt matter if its the high rev screaming 4-banger or the grunt of a V8, the loud induction noise of a N/A ...

5 months ago    890 views    MLubberts
Chicago Spa Hotel | Private Suites, Luxury Spa Packages
Enjoy the ultimate in luxury at The Champagne Lodge—a spa hotel near Chicago that pairs serenity with opulent suite amenities. Whether you're planning a business trip or a romantic getaway, you'll love the Champagne Lodge in Willowbrook, IL...

3 months ago    16 views    ChicagoSpaHotel
Jeep SRT8 Brutal Loud Exhaust sound revv, accelerate
Jeep SRT8 Brutal Loud Exhaust sound revv, accelerate

9 months ago    1,266 views    SupercarClub
C63 AMG Performance Exhaust loud sound revv
C63 AMG Performance Exhaust loud sound revv

10 months ago    1,115 views    SupercarClub
Firing up my Pro Street 1969 69 Camaro convertible
Firing up my Pro Street 1969 69 Camaro convertible. Blown Big Block, open headers. Sorry, the sound quality is pretty bad. It was recorderd with a digital camera, not a camcorder. Just too loud for the mic on the camera so it's distorted. P...

7 years ago    36,767 views    MR
Range Rover Sport Custom Exhaust Sound very loud revv, accelerate
Range Rover Sport Custom Exhaust Sound very loud revv, accelerate

10 months ago    736 views    SupercarClub
5 minutes of "BRUTAL" supercar sounds (599 GTO, Challenge stradale, Av
Here are some great supercar noises that my buddy recorded at an event called 'Ferrari charity tours' for children with mental or physical issues. They had the awesome experience to get a good ride in different Ferraris like the F430, 430 s...

11 months ago    3,258 views    agcarvideos
Audi R8 V10 Plus vs V10 spider revbattle! LOUD revs!
Sound comparisation of the standard Audi R8 V10 Spyder (2013 model) and the R8 V10 Plus fitted with sport exhausts. Both were cold startups, what makes idle sounding pretty loud! Enjoy!

11 months ago    2,929 views    agcarvideos
3x Ferrari F12 Berlinetta on the track! 'Loud sounds and flybys'
I've recorded this fast and loud sounding Ferrari F12's during the modena trackdays 2013 at Circuit de spa-Francorchamps. The red F12 is a Novitec Rosso. You can see them racing around the track with fast flybys and cool accelerations, the...

11 months ago    3,048 views    agcarvideos
World series by Renault 2013 (loud sounds, burnouts, flybys and CRASH)
This video about the World Series By Renault @Spa shows images of the Renault 2.0 and the 3.5 class. You also see a demo of the red bull F1 and some other cars like a Rare Renault R5 Maxiturbo Group B doing some tricks! The cars make quite ...

11 months ago    1,906 views    agcarvideos
Ferrari's revving (in tunnel) LOVELY and LOUD sounds! HD
We've filmed a lot of revving Ferrari'sat Italia at zandvoort. As the supercars leave the event, they rev for a final goodbye! Listen to the mighty Ferrari F40, the great sounding 458, the loud revving 599's and even the new Alfa Romeo 4C! ...

11 months ago    1,712 views    agcarvideos
Ford Mustang BOSS 302 Startup and revs!
I've recorded this cool looking Mustang at the Zolder racetrack when it was revving. It doesn't sound loud, but it sounds pretty good in my opinion. Thanks to the guys of IVA Driebergen! Don't forget to subscribe!Also take a look at our Pho...

11 months ago    1,584 views    agcarvideos
2x LOUD Lamborghini Aventador at Spa Francorchamps!
Here is a video of two Lamborghini Aventadors that were present at the Modena trackdays 2013. One Aventadro was matte black and the other one is painted in a very special lamborghini colour. It could be called 'turkish blue'. After seeing t...

11 months ago    2,275 views    agcarvideos
One serious Hemi.
That's what a car should sound like. Just sayin'. This thing was so loud it was pounding my chest being that close. Owner said it runs high 9s. Naturally aspirated.

11 months ago    1,006 views    Flibolito
CUSTOM Renault Clio V6 - LOUD sound!
At the World series by Renault at Spa, we've noticed this nice modified Clio V6 with custom exhaust system. It sounded loud and has a beautiful sounding V6! Sounds nice from the inside too, because the engine lays behind you! Enjoy!

11 months ago    1,076 views    agcarvideos
Maserati MC12 Corsa - LOUD sounds!
Maserati MC12 Corsa - LOUD sounds!During the Modena trackdays I've recorded this stunning and very rare Maserati MC 12 Corsa at Spa Francorchamps! The V12 laying in the back producing (a unbelievable) 755 bhp sounded very agressive! Also wh...

11 months ago    1,478 views    agcarvideos
Jeep SRT8 Brutal Loud Exhaust sound revv, accelerate
Jeep SRT8 Brutal Loud Exhaust sound revv, accelerate

10 months ago    515 views    SupercarClub
2013 Eurosport DC: A Look At The 2014 Jaguar F Type S (Loud Revs)
Pretty awesome one of the local dealers brought out the 2014 F-Type S huh? This is only the V6 Supercharged version of the F-Type. But I'll tell ya, It sounds and performs just fine!It packs just over 380hp from a 3.0 V6.Stay tuned for a lo...

1 years ago    1,915 views    Kingers-Car-Channel
This is what my 1998 Mustang GT 2V sounds like...
This is what a 1998 Mustang GT 2V sounds like with 10.3:1 compression, Patriot Performance Stage 2 Heads, Comp Cams XE274H camshafts, SLP Long tubes, High Flow cats, X-Pipe and Loud Mouth exhaust…

7 years ago    15,030 views    IDoMy0wnRacing
Loud Sound Breaks Nissan Truck's Wind Shield
Loud Sound Breaks Nissan Truck's Wind Shield

2 years ago    6,929 views    89FoxBody
Infiniti G35 W/ MotorDyne Shockwave TDX2 ( Awesome Sound! )
Installed a Motordyne Shockwave TDX2 exhaust on an Infiniti this past weekend. Personally I think it sounds really good. Not too loud, not too raspy. This quick video shows the before and after exhaust. And I know people will ask about how ...

1 years ago    582 views    Kingers-Car-Channel
very loud trans am, The great sound of american mu
very loud trans am, The great sound of american muscle!!!

7 years ago    14,565 views    omani83
supercharged Camaro Z28 loud camaro z28 383 sbc LT
supercharged Camaro Z28 badass loud camaro z28 383 sbc LT1 w/ 200 miles new motor sound nasty

5 years ago    10,338 views    blueCOYOTE
Ferrari 458 GT2 Loud Sound on Track
Ferrari 458 GT2 Loud Sound on Track

1 years ago    31 views    FerrariFiend
>>ATTENTION TURN UP YOUR VOLUME<< My great looking showNGo piece 2000 S281 mustang saleen speedster on the dyno. Turbo screams so loud it drains out engine sound and accually hurt my ears at only 17 psi with 67mm turbo livernois motorsp

7 years ago    15,650 views    shosaleen