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Prodrive E30 M3 Wins 1988 Manx Rally
Patrick Snijers pilots the Prodrive E30 M3 to a dominating win at the 1988 Manx Rally on the Isle of Man. This amazing WRC performance by the original M3 is the stuff of legends and is why the car still has a resounding appeal with auto en...

5 years ago    1,081 views    e30m3prestige
Rally Legend 2010 Best Cars
Rally Legend 2010 Best Cars

3 years ago    759 views    carspot
2008 Dodge Challenger vs
For the past two years, the Ford Shelby GT500 has been the king of the American muscle car renaissance. However, there's a new player in the retro muscle game: Dodge's all-new reincarnated legend, the Challenger SRT8. We head to the track t...

1 years ago    2 views    MotorTrend
legend racing /imsm/ Revolution racing
drag cars racing at byron dargway.

6 years ago    644 views    G500
Something a little different from me : Nascar Heat Racing Sim Mod circ
Well, apologies to all my real-life onboard race footage fans who perhaps expected another great onboard video but this is something a bit different. I've mentioned this to many people over the years and thought the video was lost but I fou...

2 years ago    630 views    MaxxUK
Streetrace Legend - Zoran Slavkovic Suzuki (2004-2011)
Zoran has been a competitor at these events since 2004. After 7 years racing and two customized drag prototype cars he managed to win 1st place in the 13 sec klass at the 2011 Osijek Streetrace Show No.7. He drives a Maruti with a Suzuki ...

2 years ago    585 views    Chatmaster
FORCE, Fuel Additive and Engine Enhancer
Indy Race Car Series uses FORCE. Al Unser Jr uses FORCE. NBA legend Rick Robey uses FORCE. Kenny Hodge uses FORCE.What is Force For Earth™?Force For Earth™ is a product that is added to fuels to make engines burn fuel more completely. Force...

5 years ago    808 views    mikebutler
NSX Type R Legend - Best Motoring International
See all the legendary Type Rs in detail! Full battle history, interview with the president of Spoon Sports, full length circuit time attacks, 1/4mile attacks and more!!!Featured Cars : NSX-R, Integra Type R '96spec and '98 spec, Civic Type ...

4 years ago    643 views    GTChannel
Streetfire Podcast Episode 13
live from Shelby America's world Headquarters, Streetfire celebrates the 85th birthday of the Legend- Carroll Shelby. Watch the GT500 KR introduction, In-car instructional on racing the Las Vegas Speedway, and enjoy the sound of vintage Cob...

6 years ago    1,664 views    StreetFire
Legends Cars Crash 2009.flv
Legends Cars Crash 2009.flv

4 years ago    449 views    CaspersZ06
Legend Racing 57 Bel Air. 6.94 @ 200 MPH pass. Alo
Legend Racing 57 Bel Air. 6.94 @ 200 MPH pass. Along with some other videos of the car.

7 years ago    1,353 views    TurboSTi
Travis Pastrana - the kid, the man, the legend.
On December 31, 2009, Travis will make a car fly, live on ESPN.It's been a long road to this point, as both a motorcycle rider and a rally driver, but jumping his rally car over water in Long Beach will certainly make for his most incredibl...

4 years ago    1,236 views    redbull
2010 Finish Line Performance Twin Turbo Nickey Cam
Finish Line Performance ( has teamed up with Nickey Chicago to continue the performance legend of the Nickey Muscle Cars. This Nickey Stage 3 car features a twin turbocharged LS3 engine making 600 horsepower and 600 foot-p...

4 years ago    1,090 views    CarDomain
Legend Car Drag Racing
My legend car at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

5 years ago    215 views    MothersWorry
Nooo Doubt 1995-99 Eclips are Legend... Eclips Is
Nooo Doubt 1995-99 Eclips are Legend... Eclips Is the great Car For Street Racing!!!!! and my fav too..yea they r pretty gud

8 years ago    1,514 views    Smokey_Smoke
Falken Driver Feature: Vaughn Gittin Jr. In the LB
falkentire.comBased on having spent a quarter of his life drifting, one might say Vaughn Gittin, Jr.’s name is synonymous with the popular sport. Indeed, Vaughn has enjoyed a strong relationship with both Falken and Ford, showing the world ...

4 years ago    745 views    CarDomain
PINKS 101: Dry vs Wet Nitrosystem
Want to convert your car into the next drag racing legend? Get the inside scoop on what differentiates a wet Nitrosystem from a dry Nitrosystem from PINKS expert Nate Pritchett! Get more valuable performance tips and get in on the racing ac...

6 years ago    1,001 views    canyouhandleit
Legends Pack Download
There has never been a better representation of racing’s golden age than the Legends Pack for SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED™. In the pack, you’ll get access to 13 of racing’s most legendary cars, including the Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 and BMW 3.0 CS...

3 years ago    256 views    SHIFT2UNLEASHED
Acura Legend Dyno
This is a dyno of my car before the motor swap. the motor had 230,000 miles on it and a blown headgaskit.

5 years ago    976 views    Nino418
Drag Racing Legend - 1960's Dragster Restored by Allard Chrysler Actio
Drag Racing Legend - 1960's Dragster Restored by Allard Chrysler Action Group The ACAG received the Performance Direct Non Standard Award at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu on November 25th 2009. Almost fifty members of the media and ...

3 years ago    287 views    PDMotoringNews
AmericanMuscle '05 V6 Project Car - Teaser Trailer
Check out the teaser trailer for the AmericanMuscle '05 V6 Project Car 4-Part Video Series. Watch as we take our '05 Legend Lime V6 and soup it up with an impressive selection of performance parts and styling accessories. Trust us, you'll b...

4 years ago    122 views    americanmusclevideos
2010 Finish Line Performance Twin Turbo Nickey Camaro Video V8TV
Finish Line Performance ( has teamed up with Nickey Chicago to continue the performance legend of the Nickey Muscle Cars. This Nickey Stage 3 car features a twin turbocharged LS3 engine making 600 horsepower and 600 foot-p...

4 years ago    849 views    V8TV
Osijek street race show no.6 - 2011
Sixth Streetrace show event held in Osijek, Croatia. Two new records achieved., best time for the track is now 7.7 seconds for quarter mile run. BMW electric car world record for electric cars 11.9 seconds (0-402m).Attendance of the fastest...

3 years ago    173 views    Chatmaster
South Florida Motorsports Report episode 4 Open w
This week’s episode includes:•The Historic Open Wheel Unification press conference and the South Florida Motorsports Report was the only local television show to cover it.•Interviews with former Champ Car and now Indy Racing League drivers ...

6 years ago    296 views    Anthonyvop
Bob Lutz and the Lotus Evora
Automotive legend Bob Lutz takes John McElroy on a personal tour of the new Lotus Evora. This high-dollar sports car will offer drivers astounding performance thanks to its light weight body, which is almost completely made out of carbon f...

2 years ago    73 views    Autoline
Race cars vs road cars
Top gear test the race car legends vs the road cars today.

5 years ago    409 views    Robevo
Lancia Stratos HF LOUD Sounds! - Rally Legend
I have filmed 14 different Lancia Stratos HF in action during the 2011 Rally Legend Event in San Marino. Video shows them all doing loud accelerations and powersliding.The Stratos is powered by a 2.4L Ferrari V6 engine; for racing the engin...

2 years ago    209 views    CaliCarGirl
A bad day at the track
In-car camera shot of Legend- Miata head on crash.

3 years ago    624 views    MothersWorry
Jay Leno Goes Beetle
There are 84 cars and 73 bikes in the garage of the US-comedian and TV-moderator legend Jay Leno. Of course there is an old „Käfer“ too. For the launch of the new Beetle the 61-year-old New Yorker made it to Wolfsburg in order to be one of ...

2 years ago    63 views    carreporttv

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