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1st real runs of 2009 Challenger SRT8 vs 427R Must
1st real world drag strip runs on StreetFire of the new 2009 SRT8 Challenger. Filmed at KCIR in Kansas City, Missouri

6 years ago    39,516 views    2004goatee
2004 GTO vs 2010 Camaro
Modded GTO up against a stock 2010 Camaro at KCIR Grudge Night on September 23, 2009.

4 years ago    7,006 views    batboy
Trailblazer SS Nationals 2008
The TBSS Nationals 2008 came to KCIR on May 5th, 2008 with approx. 35 Trailblazer SS's, and a few rental cars to play around with.

6 years ago    5,219 views    1320video
Revhigh18 hits 12's at KCIR
Cobalt SS turbo beating up on a LS2 GTO and edging out a WS6 Trans Am.

5 years ago    5,666 views    batboy
Supercharged 2006 GTO 11.38 @ 120.75 KCIR 10/15/2010
DA 1014'MP112 Supercharger, Kooks, LPE, Pedders, stock converterCamaro was bouncing off rev limiter.

3 years ago    641 views    GOATMAN51
KCIR 9/7/11
No traction !! had to lift ... Blown 540 on pump gas ..

3 years ago    361 views    blown70z28
Worlds Fastest Ford Lightning Test Run.
Test run by Johnny Lightning at KCIR the 6th annual Lightningfest. twin turbo

5 years ago    1,190 views    MPLIGHTNING01
alan at KCIR aug 31 2007
alan at KCIR aug 31 2007

7 years ago    4,601 views    pnypwr
A new PB for goatman51
2006 supercharged (maggie) GTO runs mid 11's for a new personal best at KCIR.

3 years ago    335 views    batboy
volksmech's silver ss camaro vs red 3rd gen camaro
volksmech ss camaro at kcir

6 years ago    437 views    ls1302who
KCIR midwest shootout march 10th 2007. Ford Lightn
KCIR midwest shootout march 10th 2007. Ford Lightning vs Ford Mustang Cobra.

7 years ago    2,213 views    KILLA
11 second pass KCIR 65 Mustang
This is my best pass before I got kicked off the track for no roll bar...

6 years ago    3,618 views    d0oe
F-body shoot out at KCIR
F-body shoot out at KCIR

7 years ago    337 views    Shamrock
batboy 11.575 ET @ 119.22 MPH
Another personal best at KCIR in Kansas City on September 18, 2009.

5 years ago    550 views    batboy
Lightning at KCIR
Some pretty bad lightning making a pass. Don't know the exact mods on it. Think its a Johnny Lightning built motor with a KB or a Whipple. Strong running truck either way.

4 years ago    181 views    blackkbcobra
Supercharged 2006 GTO 11.53 @ 119.95 KCIR 10/15/2010
DA 1386'MP112 Supercharger, Kooks, LPE, Pedders, stock converter

3 years ago    352 views    GOATMAN51
Batboy KCIR 11-21-09
New PB's, ET and Trap Speed--first time on the new cam.

4 years ago    513 views    Hippiegirlbj
Supercharged 2006 GTO 11.42 @ 121.39
KCIR 11-27-2011 4:40 PMDA -791'

2 years ago    211 views    GOATMAN51
2004 GTO vs. Hotrod Coupe
In-car video at KCIR on 10-24-2007. A close race against a beautiful old coupe.

6 years ago    1,453 views    batboy
kcir test n tune
kcir test n tune

7 years ago    887 views    pnypwr
Jet dragster at KCIR
Jet dragster at KCIR

7 years ago    323 views    midnightgagt
Wagon Wheelie!
Dragon Wagon pops a good wheelie at KCIR Vamp races 10-3-09

4 years ago    243 views    Hippiegirlbj
2008 Fall High School Drags
the high school drags out at KCIR

5 years ago    284 views    atvgirl09
Christine, my LS1 Caprice vs 1997 Z28 SS @ KCIR
Just a "test n tune" night at KCIR. I ran a crappy 13.1. =(

5 years ago    512 views    Henry
Abel Racing at Import Face off 2009 KCIR
***DVD DELAYED, NOT RELEASING IN NOVEMBER***Abel Racing's 9 sec Automatic 1G Eclipse GSX competing at Import Face Off at KCIR 2009

4 years ago    1,118 views    slowerthanu
Evo 11.80 at KCIR
11.80 at KCIR.wmv

4 years ago    41 views    meltdownmadman
Ugly making passes at KCIR
Ugly making passes at KCIR

7 years ago    366 views    pnypwr
KCIR fall GTO gathering
Starring five beautiful GTOs belonging to Batboy, IndepGTO, Stegey, TeaQue, and xGecko

6 years ago    927 views    batboy
Ugly making passes at KCIR
Ugly making passes at KCIR

7 years ago    897 views    pnypwr