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Top Gear Season 16 Episode 6
Full Episode. No Captions.Jeremy races the Jaguar XJ against the sun, Hammond compares the Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959, and James visits the U.S. to test drive NASA’s latest space exploration vehicle.For more info and upcoming Season 17 Top...

5 years ago    204,295 views    dbcohen0928
Top Gear Season 17 Episode 4
This video belongs fully to the BBC.It is purely for viewing only.In this episode:The three presenters try to create their own train, using cars and caravans.Jeremy tests the new Nissan GTR and the Jaguar XKR-S,plus Rowan Atkinson is the st...

4 years ago    148,409 views    chroniclesofclassics
Top Gear Season 13 Episode 1
Top Gear Season 13 Episode 1:The boys race from London to Edinburgh as if it were 60 years ago using the fastest types of transport at the time — a Jaguar XK120, a Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle, and a Peppercorn A1 Class Tornado steam tra...

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Top Gear - 16x01 - 2011.01.23
-James drives the V8 version of the Ariel Atom and the new Stig takes it around the track. Will it be fast enough to take the top of the board?-Richard and James look at the hybrid turbine-powered Jaguar C-X75 concept car in the studio-The ...

5 years ago    115,300 views    husyk
Gumball 3000 Rally Cruises Through D1 GP
During the break at D1 Grand Prix USA, the Gumball 3000 Rally did a quick drop in to show off all the exotics including Bentleys, Bugattis, Porsches, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Jaguars, and more.

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Top Gear Season 16 Episode 6
This video belongs fully to the BBC. It is purely for viewing only. In this episode:Richard drives the two most exciting cars of his youth, the Porsche 959 and the Ferrari F40,Jeremy races the rotation of the Earth in a Jaguar XJ,James driv...

4 years ago    40,151 views    chroniclesofclassics
Fidanza Gran Turismo Jaguar Champ Car Road Racing
This video is what created the company Fidanza!! Lou Fidanza built this record setting Jaguar that defeated Paul Newman for the championship. Lou ran company called Gran Turismo Jaguar that built high end race motors for Jags. Like Buschur ...

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Jaguar on slippery road
Jaguar lost the battle...

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079 Top Gear - Jaguar E-Type Aston Martin DB5
079 Top Gear - Jaguar E-Type Aston Martin DB5

7 years ago    18,924 views    J1MZ
CAR's performance car of the year -- Time Trials
part 2: Magazine's Performance Car Of The Year. The contenders are:Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Jaguar XKR-S, Mercedes SL63 AMG, Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 Carrera S PDK, Gum...

7 years ago    20,015 views    soujiroseta
top gear - bmw m5 vs jaguar s-type r vs audi rs6 v
top gear - bmw m5 vs jaguar s-type r vs audi rs6 vs mercedes-benz e55 amg

7 years ago    17,142 views    speedboy
Top Gear Season 13 Episode 1 (full episode)
Episode Info: The gang set off to find the fastest way to get from London to Edinburgh in the 1950's. They use a Jaguar XK120 which was the fastest at the time, A Vincent BlackShadow also from the 1950's, and a Steam Train, from that era. S...

6 years ago    17,108 views    LanciaDeltaRally
sweden sportcars koenigsegg,lamborghini,aston mart
sweden sportcars koenigsegg ccx,lamborghini gallardo 360,f430.430 scuderia,f40,599 gtb,612 scaglietti,novitec rosso, viper,aston martin db9,vantage v8,audi R8 S8, s5,bmw M6,alphina b6 cab,bentley continenta gt.g...

7 years ago    17,355 views    Henrikhallqvist
Top Gear - 20x06 - 2013.08.04
-Richard drives the Ranger Rover Sport.-James drives the London Bus.-Jeremy drives the Jaguar F-Type.-The guys check the status of motoring industry in Britain.-SIARPC: Mark Webber

2 years ago    17,125 views    husyk
Top Gear Season 17 Episode 1
This video belongs fully to the BBC.It is purely for viewing only.In this episode:Jeremy celebrates 50 years of the Jaguar E-Type,James races Amy Williams,Richard tests the massive new alternative to the Hummer H3,and Alice Cooper is the gu...

4 years ago    15,476 views    chroniclesofclassics
BMW M5 vs. Porsche Panamera vs. Mercedes E63 AMG vs. Jaguar XFR
BMW M5 vs. Porsche Panamera vs. Mercedes E63 AMG vs. Jaguar XFR

4 years ago    2,405 views    FerrariFiend
First Look at the new Jaguar XJ
Jaguar's teaser video of the new XJ, which will be unveiled in July in London.

7 years ago    20,372 views    NadsyNads
Fifth Gear - Season 16 Episode 4 - full episode
* Shootout: Mini Cooper S Cabriolet versus Mazda MX-5 * Tim looks into self-service garages where you rent the lift and tools to work on your own car * It’s New, But Is It Any Good? Tom tests the Toyota Urban Cruiser * Jonny t...

6 years ago    14,202 views    CullPearlYellowTT
TopGear Ford Transit
TopGear Ford Transit Sabine Schmitz against Jaguar Diesel

8 years ago    13,044 views    LaeX
Fifth Gear - 18x07 - 2010.11.19
-Tiff and Jason put the new Porsche Cayenne Turbo head-to-head against the Audi Q7 offroad in a quarry.-Jonny goes to Spain to drive the supercharged Lotus Evora S.-Vicki drives the new Jaguar XJ.-Jason drives Porsche’s most powerful and fa...

5 years ago    13,097 views    husyk
04 Jaguar S type-R vs. Lt1 Formula

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Sound Classics at the 2009 All-British Field Meet
Sam Barer of "Sound Classics" reports from the 2009 All-British Field Meet in Vancouver, B.C. and takes a look at Jaguars, Aston Martins, Triumphs, and even a rare Invicta S.

7 years ago    11,140 views    soundclassics
Crazy suicidal French Air Force Pilots !!!
A mix of sequences of French fighters performing crazy low level flying over deserts and oceans. Features Dassault Aviation Mirage F1, Mirage 2000, Rafale and Super Etendards as well as SEPCAT Jaguars Enjoy !! Enjoy!!

7 years ago    8,886 views    Erictronik
136 Top Gear - Jaguar XF
136 Top Gear - Jaguar XF

7 years ago    9,969 views    J1MZ
top gear s17e04 jaguar vs 2012 GT-R

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Fifth Gear - 19x03 - 2011.04.15
-Tiff drives the Ferrari FF in the Alps.-Nissan Micra undergoes a team review.-Shootout: Battle of the sport diesels from BMW and Jaguar.-Jason goes drag racing in Abu Dhabi.

5 years ago    9,363 views    husyk
248 Fifth Gear - CLS 55 AMG vs. Jaguar XJR
248 Fifth Gear - CLS 55 AMG vs. Jaguar XJR

7 years ago    9,232 views    J1MZ
Top Gear S9E1 - Jaguar XKR Supercharged
Top Gear S9E1 - Jaguar XKR

8 years ago    9,146 views    carversation