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4 years ago    14,074 views    scape_goat
Lexus ISF vs Stage 2 335i
Lexus ISF gets smoked by a stage 2 335i at tx2k8 in the quarter mile

8 years ago    25,026 views    rivalmuscledotcom
M3 vs Lexus ISF (Part 2)
M3 vs Lexus IS-F - Both cars filled with girl passengers then driven very quickly on the track! To measure leg room and comfort of course...;)

7 years ago    18,985 views    omarzondac12s
Unveiling of Lexus ISF at a district dealership se
Unveiling of Lexus ISF at a district dealership seminar

8 years ago    12,962 views    H22AccordWagon
Fifth Gear - Season 14, Episode 5 — (Full Episode)
Season 14, Episode 5 — Originally aired on September 8th, 2008 * Tiff and Jason put the BMW M3 and the Lexus ISF head-to-head to see which is faster and more exciting with some help from some girls * Tom sees if the new Subaru Foreste...

6 years ago    5,401 views    CaspersZ06
ISF vs 335i
ISF-ExhaustBmw 335i-(JB3 and Intake)

7 years ago    5,377 views    MRxSLAYx
M3 vs Lexus ISF (Part 1)
M3 vs Lexus ISF - Both cars driven extremely quickly over a lap to see which is quickest!

7 years ago    6,946 views    omarzondac12s
C5 Z06, ISF, GT500, Nitrous Magnum
GT500 ISF C5 z06

7 years ago    6,152 views    G35DETT
Fifth Gear - Lexus ISF VS BMW M3
Fifth Gear - Lexus ISF VS BMW M3

7 years ago    3,739 views    Mix939
ISF vs E46 M3
Just watch the video.

7 years ago    4,798 views    MRxSLAYx
K3 Projekt Wheels Lexus ISF F2 DEEP CONCAVE / RETROFLEX teaser Cine lo
To learn more about our F2 20x9 & 20x10.5 please visit us @

3 years ago    2,382 views    K3Projekt
Part 2 scuderia chaseing enzo with police
Chaseing a 660hp Ferrari Enzo on public roads in a Ferrari Scuderia. A ferrari f430 followed us along with a isf. The ferrari scuderia and ferrari enzo were allowed to do this thanks to the California hwy patrol.There is a scuderia chaseing...

6 years ago    6,220 views    hp400
Lexus ISF vs BMW M3
The guys from Fifth Gear have run the M3 against the ISF. So which machine came out on top, the new kid or the veteran.

7 years ago    2,237 views    CarDomain
ISF vs S2000 on 100shot Race1
25 roll. Lexus spinnsISF- ExhaustS2k- Bolton + 100 nitrous

7 years ago    1,202 views    MRxSLAYx
Lexus ISF vs Honda Civic

3 years ago    1,777 views    Import2race
ISF vs Turbo SE-R
45 roll.ISF pulls a car by 120.ISF had passenger SE-R didnt.

7 years ago    1,812 views    MRxSLAYx

8 years ago    2,009 views    carversation

6 years ago    1,666 views    WorldFastestCompacts
Battle of the Supercars: BMW M3 vs. Lexus ISF the motorsports authority for NASCAR, Formula 1, auto racing, moto racing, cars, bikes, automotive, motorcycles, PINKS All Out and more.

5 years ago    2,606 views    SpeedTVSpeedX
Domestics vs Imports Englishtown Raceway Park 8/24
Me and my friends head to raceway park for a day of fun. 07 Subaru lgt, 08 Merc c63, 07 BMW 335XI, 08 Lexus Isf, 08 Bmw M6. All stock.

7 years ago    895 views    izzyman274
My SRT4 vs Lexus ISF(Race 2)
SRT4- E85, boltons, 13-14 psiISF- Intakes, catback

6 years ago    826 views    chevyboy4eva
Race Meetup - Cobra, Lexus ISF, GTR & S2000 WIN!
Race Meetup - Cobra, Lexus ISF, GTR & S2000 WIN!

5 years ago    907 views    GTRfanboy
Lexus ISF '11 - High-Performance Sedan
Lexus ISF '11 - High-Performance Sedan

5 years ago    610 views    FerrariFiend
MY SRT 4 vs Lexus ISF
Race 1SRT4- E85, Bolt ons, 13-14psiISF- Intakes, Catbacks

6 years ago    658 views    chevyboy4eva
Battle of the SuperCars: 400 HP Rockets
Tanner and Paul are in the California Desert with the BMW M3 and Lexus ISF; a pair of 415 horsepower, affordable factory performance rockets you can drive home comfortably after a day at the track. the motorsports authority for N...

5 years ago    1,640 views    SpeedTVSpeedX
Lexus ISF Nitrous Dyno Run
Jet Black Motorsports of Daytona Beach is proud to display our Lexus IS-F Direct Port NOS Nitrous install.

6 years ago    638 views    JBMS
Lexus IS-F Drag Racing

7 years ago    603 views    DragTimescom
hatrickstu, lexus ISF
Lexus ISF running 1000 foot track.

7 years ago    2,535 views    hatrickstu9
SRT Challenge Borsk 2009 Runda II
SRTC 2009 Borsk Racing - Lancer Evo X, Evo IX, CLK63 AMG Black Series, Honda S2000, Porsche GT3, 911 Turbo, 350Z Carbon, BMW Z4M, Impreza GT, Boxster S, Lexus ISF

6 years ago    1,993 views    furiouspl