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some girl mooning us on the way down to NOPI
driving down the interstate in GA, some girls decided to pull her pants down and show her ass....

7 years ago    24,136 views    s13envy
Longest 4 Wheeler Wheely on U Tube
For Dirt Bike Lovers Only: These scenes were shot in the streets of Baltimore City, at the gas station just before loading the bikes in the U-Haul to hit the trails on interstate I 95 (1 hour 30min. away)...EXTREMELY DANGEROUS "DO NOT TRY T...

7 years ago    21,457 views    ruizxerez
SRT-4 plays with a badass Supra on the interstate,
SRT-4 plays with a badass Supra on the interstate, plus bikers, babes, and a pissed off mustang

10 years ago    19,486 views    sxt-4
New import exhaust spotted on interstate in north
New import exhaust spotted on interstate in north georgia

10 years ago    40,184 views    guest
Three K Cars Battle With a Wrx on the Interstate
3 K Cars Battle With a Wrx on the Interstate. The Wrx is from out of town and has no clue what is done to any of the cars he runs.... Nice Fella and good sport.

7 years ago    17,029 views    AHVTEC
5 Cops Fired For Beating An Unconscious Man
Five police officers brutally kicked and beat an unconscious suspect after a high-speed chase through Birmingham, Alabama, in an incident caught on camera and discovered a year laterThe five officers have been fired, Mayor Larry Langford sa...

7 years ago    11,485 views    KingKnight
Wrongway Driver on Interstate I-95
This elderly woman is caught driving into oncoming traffic on the I-95.

5 years ago    3,121 views    scape_goat
Wrong-Way CRASH!
An elderly driver went the wrong way down Interstate 5 in Southern California and crashed into a median - and it was all captured on cellphone video.

5 years ago    5,485 views    GTRfanboy
Pricks caught egging cars on Interstate
First upload. Enjoy. This was in Nashville. Guy's car gets hit with eggs, apparently one egg even chipped the paint on the car. The cowards run off. News said police were investigating. Apparently it's a felony to do this. Police retrieved ...

3 years ago    3,937 views    barrister
2nd gear punch (outside)
just a quick 2nd gear punch on the interstate to hear what it sounds like. still has the 308 gear under it. camera car is a 63 biscane...

7 years ago    4,392 views    gw88gt
just pushin it to the limit
out on the interstate on day and well you can see the rest

5 years ago    4,860 views    CarDomain
POV test drive: Extra Terrestrial Vehicle (tour, interview, 100+ mph r - Want to know more about the "Extra Terrestrial Vehicle"? Take a closer look at the viral Extra Terrestrial Vehicle as seen on multiple news websites around the world! Go behind the scenes and meet the creator M...

2 years ago    2,767 views    Michael_Berenis
ADAC Winterreifen Test: Elf überzeugende Modelle und vier Mängelexempl
Vier Modelle fallen im aktuellen Winterreifentest glatt durch und erhalten die Note „mangelhaft". Aufgrund deutlicher Schwächen auf nasser Fahrbahn rät der ADAC vom Kauf des Kormoran Snowpro b2, des Maragoni 4 Winter E+, des Interstate Wint...

2 years ago    1,713 views    UnitedPictures
Testing the 2012 Porsche Carrera 911
Watch as Porsche engineers rigorously test the all-new 2012 Carrera 911 in South Africa and the Arctic Circle. Our engineers took the car on the most demanding road trips imaginable while in the most punishing of climates. They pushed the t...

4 years ago    1,850 views    jfarber
Dashcam captures bus crash
A dashboard camera from a truck on Interstate 64 captured this video of a school bus careening across three lanes of traffic and into a cement retaining wall.

2 years ago    1,635 views    dayi
MKIII Supra aka "Mustang Killer" vs. Mustang at a
MKIII Supra aka "Mustang Killer" vs. Mustang at a 55 drop on the interstate. i was only boosting at 10 psi.

9 years ago    3,553 views    d759709f
Integra GSR, H22 Prelude, GTS Celica, and Suzuki 6
Integra GSR, H22 Prelude, GTS Celica, and Suzuki 600 racin on interstate

9 years ago    4,073 views    50dbf4be
Truck Accident Injuries | Accident Lawyers | ...
Truck accidents are a terrible occurrence in the lives of the families involved. In Hartford, Stamford, New Haven, Bridgeport and all other areas in Connecticut CT. Truck routes and interstates are experiencing high rates serious injuries d...

6 years ago    428 views    CTTruckLaw
Challenger SRT8
ChallnegerSRT8 (stock) vs. 350Z (MODs Unkown)...(launching @ 40mph on the interstate)

7 years ago    672 views    2carlos8
91 TT vs LS6 Miata vs 03 Cobra
Here is another run of the Miata and the Cobra. We let off early in this one because we were coming into a bend in the interstate at about 120-130 and climbing.

7 years ago    816 views    BOOSTDZ
Fiesta Rally School, BMW X3, Small MINI, ...
Ford announces a partnership with a North American based rally school - soon you can be tossing a car around corners like Ken Block.  Also, MINI rumors at an even smaller MINI, and the new BMW X3 gets REVEALED. JF also changes Ice-T's flat...

5 years ago    304 views    FastLaneDaily
Kyle Busch NASCAR Rig Tour
StreetFire takes you through a tour of Kyle Busch's M&M's/Interstate Battery NASCAR rig.

7 years ago    1,139 views    StreetFire
03 whipple cobra racing 07 zx-10r at track! 1/4
this is my grudge race from the interstate video. 2007 zx-10r with exhaust and gears vs my 2003 cobra with Whipple, auto, and solid rear axle on pump gas! 4800' above sea level in colorado!!! no spray on this car all boost!

6 years ago    941 views    sonic03cobra
Mustang GT 70-125
Mustang GT 70-125 on interstate

7 years ago    573 views    theBlackWidow
Stray Dog Causes Pile-up On Ohio Interstate
Stray Dog Causes Pile-up On Ohio Interstate

4 years ago    628 views    89FoxBody
MACH1 getting on the interstate
merging on to the interstate. 5.1 stroker, BBK longtubes, BBK offroad H, bassani catback

7 years ago    684 views    pmac1286
Driver Fatigue | Stamford Hartford CT ...
Truck Driver Fatigue is a real thing. In Hartford, Stamford, New Haven, Bridgeport and all other areas in Connecticut that have truck routes or interstates are experiencing serious injuries due to truck accidents involving truck drivers tha...

6 years ago    173 views    CTTruckLaw
Cruising on Interstate
Lincoln Towncar and Crownvic

5 years ago    15 views    CarDomain
My STI on the interstate
A very short sound clip of my Perrin stage two

6 years ago    885 views    CarDomain