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Running over a digital camera.
My 72 Impala running over a broken digital camera. The camera was used to take 1,000's of photos for my website at

6 years ago    2,649 views    CarDomain
3.5L impala with Magnaflow muffer

5 years ago    78 views    CarDomain
Six Six Impala with a 572 BBC, by Nelson Racing En
Six Six Impala with a 572 BBC, by Nelson Racing Engines.

7 years ago    80,251 views    nullvoid
**DOOMSDAY** 68 Impala Story **8 sec Incar** Dave Evans and Andy Bennett from Never Again Racing shows us around their newly built Doomsday 68 Impala as well as taking us on an 9 second pass down Santa Pod UK.

2 years ago    47,082 views    SearchforSpeed
Burnout Time!
Impala SS, Honda Civic and Magnum RT do some burnouts. Who takes the cake, in your opinion?Mine? I think the Magnum put in work. Those stripes are still there till this day

1 months ago    690 views    odthetruth
Hurricane Protection with GM's 4G LTE - Autoline Daily 1373
- Tesla Still Losing Money- GM Rehires Former PR Chief- GM's OnStar 4G LTE Connection- CNG Impala Pricing Announced- Citroen Hires Female CEO- PSA's China Plan- You Said It!Get more video everyday at

2 months ago    838 views    Autoline
LtxTech DYNO day Impala SS performance specialties 2014
Mike McCoy's impala S/S at dyno day LtxTech 2014 287.344

3 months ago    465 views    zlumlord
1000 Horsepower Chevy Impala SS V8TV
The guys at Finish Line Performance know how to make power, and they also know how to build killer cars. Take this 1996 Chevy Impala SS. While in the care of the FLP crew, what started as a decent performer from the factory has morphed ...

6 years ago    45,721 views    V8TV
2013 SEMA Show Video Coverage: Steve Deman & FBS Stripe Tapes - Steve Deman is an awesome designer/painter. The custom paint on the Impala he brought to the FBS Booth at the 2013 SEMA Show is impressive to say the least. In this video, Kelle talks with Steve about the FBS line ...

7 months ago    789 views    V8TV
Impala SS passes by slow revving the engine. This
Impala SS passes by slow revving the engine. This was done on June 24th in Montreal. The day before F1. Owner of a car was pulled over right after by Montreal Police and was given a ticket out of jealousy I suppose.

8 years ago    42,627 views    AkulaX1
Harry Likes the 2014 Chevrolet Impala LTZ
This 2014 Chevrolet Impala LTZ is a new deal, a big deal!Recorded on September 3, 2013

8 months ago    296 views    HarryL
1968 Chevrolet Impala SS Burnout
Denny McKinley Sr's 1968 Chevrolet Impala SS convertible. Original 4 speed car converted to TH400/355cid small block.

6 months ago    28 views    roadblock373
CNG Finds New Roads - Autoline Daily 1238
GM's former VP of purchasing, Bo Andersson will become president of Russia's largest carmaker. Chevy announces it will sell a bi-fuel version of the Impala. John McElroy reports from China about the next phase in the country's automotive in...

9 months ago    1,343 views    Autoline
Change Oil Causes Chevy Impala Explosion
Change Oil Causes Chevy Impala Explosion

2 years ago    19,980 views    89FoxBody
Bad Ass Impala SS Dyno run, a force to be reconed
Bad Ass Impala SS Dyno run, a force to be reconed with!!

9 years ago    34,439 views    CanMan
Impala SS - Just a bunch of crazy Impala SS owners
Impala SS - Just a bunch of crazy Impala SS owners havin a little fun.

8 years ago    31,551 views    kamchief
One VERY quick Impala SS!
Impala SS - This WAS the quickest 94-96 B-body in the country. But there are 2 SS's doing 8.0's as well as a big-block wagon!

7 years ago    30,370 views    kamchief
Impala running warm

11 months ago    518 views    ReaperDylan
Chevy Squeezes 900 Miles Out of a Tank-Full - Episode 1142
Better Place was supposed to be the solution to slow charging batteries for electric cars, but the company files for bankruptcy and will shut down for good. A website, called 24/7 Wall St. predicts three automotive brands will disappear fro...

1 years ago    3,037 views    Autoline
Drag Launch Twists Impala
The video definition of torque. Or, quite possibly, low yield torsional rigidity.

4 years ago    27,330 views    DaPixelater
A Look at the 2014 Chevy Impala - Episode 1095
The Chinese auto industry has been growing by leaps and bounds the last several years and as a result automakers are investing heavily in the country. Acura has some cool new technology in the RLX that will make the ride inside the car quie...

1 years ago    1,641 views    Autoline
Consumer Reports Ranks 2014 Chevy Impala #1 Sedan - Episode 1179
The Chevy Impala has moved from the bottom of Consumer Reports' rankings to the top spot overall for all sedans. Daimler announces it's taking a small stake in Aston Martin in exchange for sharing engines and other components. In an all-new...

1 years ago    1,052 views    Autoline
2014 Chevrolet Impala
For 2014, the Chevrolet Impala has gone from rental-fleet fodder to flagship shape, says reviewer Mike Hanley. The sedan scores points with its aggressive, Camaro-like styling; however, driver visibility suffers a bit for the sake ...

12 months ago    782 views    Carscom
Subaru's Running Out of Cars in the U.S. - Episode 1145
NHTSA issues new recommendations that discourages states from allowing self-driving cars on roads... for now. A company called, AR-media develops a new app that uses augmented reality to aid in vehicle maintenance. Subaru is on track for a ...

1 years ago    2,260 views    Autoline
Supercharged S2000 vs 1996 Impala (S2000 late st
Supercharged S2000 vs 1996 Impala (S2000 late start)50mph roll-on

8 years ago    24,644 views    195685
59 Impala with flame thrower
flame thrower.MP4

4 years ago    13,056 views    3834bbl
pimp my ride chevrolet impala ss 65 (earth day spe
this is the best one ever this car gets a 800hp 6.6l v8 and its bio diesel powerd you got to see this

5 years ago    12,141 views    speedboy
American Muscle Car: '61 Impala the motorsports authority for NASCAR, Formula 1, auto racing, moto racing, cars, bikes, automotive, motorcycles, PINKS All Out and more.

4 years ago    17,419 views    SpeedEngineBlock
EcoMotors Lands Big Chinese Contract - Episode 1108
EcoMotors announces a Chinese supplier will make an investment to start building its opoc engine. A new report from Polk says Ford had the best selling car and truck in the world last year. A new strain of bird flu in China threatens to shu...

1 years ago    364 views    Autoline