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DC and Ken Block present Gymkhana FOUR: The Hollywood Megamercial.GYM4 surpasses the high-production style of Gymkhana TWO with even more spectacular effectsshot in the backlots of Universal Studios, California. Filmed over the course of fi...

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60 12 inch rockford fosgate punchs with a 20,000 w
60 12 inch rockford fosgate punchs with a 20,000 watt RF Hybrid car amplifier at bass competition in Daytona Beach Florida

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Williams KERS Formula One System Explained
Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) have been introduced into Formula One as part of the sport's major regulation change for 2009. A means to recover energy created under braking, the new regulation will see all teams running either a ba...

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H2H Ep12, Honda Civic Hybrid Vs. Toyota Prius
Head 2 Head is Torque.TV's exciting new series where two cars duke it out to see who is number 1. On this episode we go green! Tree huggers take notice when a Honda Civic Hybrid takes on the most popular hybrid of all time--the Toyota Pri...

5 years ago    60,105 views    TorqueTV
Top Gear - 16x01 - 2011.01.23
-James drives the V8 version of the Ariel Atom and the new Stig takes it around the track. Will it be fast enough to take the top of the board?-Richard and James look at the hybrid turbine-powered Jaguar C-X75 concept car in the studio-The ...

3 years ago    56,007 views    husyk
Fifth Gear - 23x13 - 2014.03.17
-Mercedes Benz E63 AMG vs Audi RS6.-Jonny drives the Range Rover Sport.-Seat Leon SC undergoes team test.-Vicki shows super saloons on a budget.-Jonny drives the Volvo V60 Plug In Hybrid.

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Endurance Race Car built by the dutch DBM mixing together a BMW M3 and a Skyline GTR. How several areas are modified you can watch in this video. For the full info visit us on eh

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Chevy Volt vs. Nissan LEAF
There's a lot of controversy comparing the Nissan LEAF to the Chevy Volt, but it all has to do with whether or not the Volt is truly an electric car, or whether it's a hybrid. But let's set their powertrains aside for the moment. John McElr...

3 years ago    50,076 views    Autoline
All-Electric Trabant - Autoline Daily 229
Toyota is thinking about expanding its hybrid offerings by making the Prius a separate sub-brand. Opel’s boss says car companies have outsourced too much to suppliers to the point that the balance of power has shifted. We look at the most u...

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Diesels Poised to Outsell Green Cars in U.S. Market - Autoline Daily 1
- Chevy Volt Gets Big Investment- Diesels Outsell Hybrids in U.S.- Corvette Receives 8-Speed Auto- "Old GM" is Not the Problem- First Look: 2015 Chrysler 200Get more video everyday at

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VW & Audi Tease Geneva Reveals - Autoline Daily 1319
- Mexico Set To Be #1 U.S. Exporter- Taurus to China- China Hits 250 Million Vehicles- Golf Gets Plug-In Hybrid- Audi Teases New TT- OnStar's Future PlansGet more video everyday at

1 months ago    1,061 views    Autoline
GM Legal Dept. Now in the Crosshairs - Autoline Daily 1348
- GM Legal Dept. in Hot Water- Billion Dollar Loan Program Back- Hybrid Sales Fall Again- Ram Truck Sales Numbers Don't Add Up- You Said It!Get more video everyday at

2 weeks ago    776 views    Autoline
Diesels Outsell Hybrids in U.S. - Autoline Daily 1311
- Barra to Get Big Bucks- GM Changes Supplier Contracts- Will UAW Organize VW?- Do You C What I C-Class?- Diesels Surpass Hybrids in U.S.- Team USA's German Designed BobsledGet more video everyday at

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Ken Block's newest racecar: The Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle
Ken Block unveils his new racecar, the H.F.H.V., or "Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle", a unique vehicle made to compete in three disciplines of racing: Stage rally, rallycross, and Gymkhana.

2 years ago    18,566 views    Daily_Commute
Test: VW bringt 2014 den Golf GTE Plug-in-Hybrid
Volkswagen ist der weltweit erste Automobilhersteller, der - in einer Baureihe - alle derzeit relevanten Antriebsarten anbieten kann, nachdem auf dem Genfer Automobilsalon jetzt der neue Golf GTE mit Plug-In-Hybridsystem präsentiert und die...

1 months ago    373 views    UnitedPictures
3 17 Nikola Tesla Green Scalar Model S 20140317 160041
Snowing on 3 17 14 when I came up on this money green "green" hybrid . Painted green as well . Share , +1'd , give some positive feedback n subscribe for new videos .

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Im Vergleich: VW e-Golf und Golf GTE
Der e-Golf ist der erste reinelektrisch angetriebene Kompakte aus Wolfsburg. Der Golf GTE ist ein Plug-in Hybrid. Was verbindet sie? Zumindest, dass sie beide die ersten 40 Kilometer ihrer Reise lautlos zurücklegen können. Beim GTE springt ...

3 weeks ago    209 views    UnitedPictures
New York 2014: Die Highlights
Die New York Autoshow ist eine der ältesten der Welt. Im Big Apple ist das Interesse an schnellen, luxuriösen und technisch anspruchsvollen Wagen seit jeher riesengroß. Auch auf der diesjährigen NYIAS gibt es viel zu entdecken. Neuheiten au...

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Test: VW e-Golf - Der „Flüsterer" ist nicht nur in der Stadt in seinem
Die ersten reinen Golf-Stromer sind Im Volkswagen Werk Wolfsburg vor einigen Tagen von der Montagelinie gerollt, im Sommer werden wir die ersten e-Golf dann auf unseren Straßen sehen. VW schließt damit als erster Autohersteller einen Kreis,...

1 months ago    140 views    UnitedPictures
Green Nikola Tesla Mod S Walk Around 20140317 154845
Five min film of a environmentally green "green" car the Tesla Mod S . Share , give feedback , like n subscribe for new luxury hybrid auto videos .

1 weeks ago    41 views    GrapheneRTS
Automotive Technology Olympics Style - Autoline Daily 1309
- Toyota Wants To Keep #1 Car Spot- 2014 Kia Optima Hybrid- Kia's Electrified Soul- Chevy Offers CNG for HDs- Subaru Unveils 2015 Legacy- Nissan Considers Diesel Frontier- BMW Expands Diesel Line-Up- New MINI Hardtop- Autoline This Week Pre...

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Porsche 919 Hybrid (1)
Porsche 919 Hybrid (1)

1 weeks ago    3 views    J1MZ
Porsche 919 Hybrid (2)
Porsche 919 Hybrid (2)

1 weeks ago    2 views    J1MZ
VW's Diesels Outsell Most Hybrids - Autoline Daily 1283
- Diesels More Popular Than Hybrids?- Krafcik Out at Hyundai- Fiat Completes Chrysler Takeover- Dr. Evil's Favorite Car- Shumi in Critical Condition- You Said It!Get more video everyday at

3 months ago    1,242 views    Autoline
Toyota Slowly Losing Hybrid Market Share - Autoline Daily 1286
- Toyota Losing Hybrid Market Share- Age Limit for Infotainment- Model S vs. Model T- 2014 Nissan RogueGet more video everyday at

3 months ago    883 views    Autoline
Jeep to Come Out with Hybrid Model - Autoline Daily 1298
- Navigator Powders Its Nose- Toyota = Ichiban- Chevy Finds New Roads- Hybrid Jeep "Inevitable"- A Special Barn Find- 2015 Chevy Tahoe InteriorGet more video everyday at

2 months ago    719 views    Autoline
GM Drops PSA Stock - Autoline Daily 1277
- GM Dumps PSA Stock...- ...And Does the Same with Ally- VW Replaces U.S. Chief- Strickland Leaves NHTSA- Ford to Hire in U.S. and Asia- Automated Ford Fusion Hybrid- Taking It to the Street- Autoline Executive of the YearGet more video eve...

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Ram Sources Another Van From Italy - Autoline Daily 1269
- Ram's New Small Commercial Van- Bosch's Hydraulic Hybrid- 2014 Kia Forte KoupGet more video everyday at

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Tokyo Motor Show: Elektroautos sind in Japan angekommen
Mit alternativen Antrieben erweitert Volkswagen, der größte europäische Automobilhersteller, konsequent sein Modellportfolio und zeigt auf der Tokyo Motor Show, der wichtigsten asiatischen Automobilmesse, die Studie twin up! - eine Plug-In...

5 months ago    588 views    UnitedPictures