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Top Gear Season 17 Episode 5
This video belongs fully to the BBC.It is purely for viewing only.In this episode:The presenters knock down few houses using military vehicles in a challenge against a group of demolition experts,Jeremy has a small taste of Formula 1 in the...

4 years ago    122,584 views    chroniclesofclassics
Joker showed up at my house on a cold ass morning.
Joker showed up at my house on a cold ass morning.I had the flu with over 100 temp,this guy comes in LET's go i got this chicks rental car and i wanna smoke some tires

10 years ago    73,328 views    zeus01
Straightline Performance Open house 1320hp.comEx
Straightline Performance Open house 1320hp.comExhaust LOST!!

11 years ago    63,305 views    guest
XXX Race Gas gains 14whp on stock 370z
Back to back dyno comparison of 93 octane pump gas and adding 5 gallons of XXX 138 oxygenated race gas.This dyno test was performed by Injected Performance, an independent 3rd party, on our in house Dyno Dynamics dynamometer. 1-26-09

7 years ago    57,125 views    Injected-Performance
Building ELEANOR, The GENERAL & Famous Movie Cars
Cinema Vehicle Services is the largest rental house for Movie vehicles in the world. From Dukes of Hazard to Gone in 60 Seconds, GI Joe and Iron Man, these are the designers and fabricators that have brought you some of Hollywood's most fam...

7 years ago    50,498 views    StreetFire
The Spirit of Irwindale Formula D
See through the Motor Mavens lenses at the final round of action and drama from Formula D at the House of Drift, Irwindale 2009!

6 years ago    45,536 views    motormavensdotcom
Bus driving house in Vilvoorde: 4 injured
In Vilvoorde is around 15.00 a De Lijn bus wheeled into an apartment building. Four people were injured. Two of them are terrible state, the others were lighter injuries. The first bus was hit by a car which the bus departed from his job.

6 years ago    49,606 views    JoeCarren
Lexus LX470 , on 2 wheels around houses. done in U
Lexus LX470 , on 2 wheels around houses. done in UAE

10 years ago    44,443 views    638103
Krazy House Customs: GT500 Street Fun
Took the Shelby GT500 out for a test run to see how it does on ET Street Radials.This is the same Shelby from our earlier dyno video. It is running 18psi on a 3.4l Whipple putting about 700hp to the tires with a street tune.For more info vi...

7 years ago    35,811 views    krazyhousecustoms
Animal House Racing 10.88 @133.50MPH
10.88@133.50 No launch Control SetupAHR wheel bearingsAHR pulley bearingsAHR thermal gasket kitAHR Y race pipeCOBB Access Port 17psi

7 years ago    33,874 views    animalhouseracing
Worlds Fastest Pontiac G8 Twin Turbo
Worlds Fastest Pontiac G8 GT: Only mods to the car, House of Boost Twin Turbo kit using Aerocharger Turbos, Magnaflow Catback, CCW DragPackNo other mods to the car, no cam, no stall, no weight reduction. Wicked fast spool time thanks to th...

7 years ago    30,586 views    HouseofBoost
Lingenfelter Supercharged Z06
Phil's (JOECOOOOL) Lingenfelter Supercharged Z06 going out the "white house" auto-x coarse!

8 years ago    28,315 views    MrFlipflops
Local Shop's Open house - burnouts, doughnuts, dyn
Local Shop's Open house - burnouts, doughnuts, dyno runs DEFINITELY WORTH WATCHING IF YOU HAVE A PASSION FOR CARS

9 years ago    27,378 views    drocafella83
Custom Chopper Bike With air ride
My friend's personal bike made at his house. Currently doing small custom jobs message for information.

7 years ago    18,583 views    NCBOX
Rice Boyz join Streetfire Team
In order to expand its in-house content and premium channel partnerships, recently added key editorial and marketing staff members John Naderi, Ricky Chu and Michael Robleto, who will be applying their brand of engaging autom...

7 years ago    21,354 views    StreetFire
The following video is of our (Evolution Performan
The following video is of our (Evolution Performance, Inc.) Shelby GT500 Street Car with the 2.8H Kenne Bell Twin Screw Supercharger.All Custom Tuning was done in house using SCT Advantage III software and 93 Octane Pump Gas.

9 years ago    21,040 views    EvolutionPerformance
revenge of the LS1 visionboy video
first off this video gets all the respect in the world. it is kinda a ricer vid. showing ricer cars doing damage. But the editor put in the video of the LS! destroying one of the main cars that was cleaning house against the domestics..This...

8 years ago    19,409 views    realLS110secpass
My neighbor's 2000 Mustang peeling out in front of
My neighbor's 2000 Mustang peeling out in front of my house. This is his way of telling me to get my car fixed...

10 years ago    25,492 views    Robie
My blown 68 Camaro (its sold).. my brother is driv
My blown 68 Camaro (its sold).. my brother is driving it back to my house.. my son is there for the commentary.. LOL.

9 years ago    30,701 views    AlexBartonek
Falken Takes 2nd at 2009 Formula D Finale
After a very competitive Formula Drift season that saw Team Falken and its five factory team drivers consistently compete for the championship title amid challenging weather conditions, different tracks and configurations and strong and agg...

6 years ago    58,096 views    FalkenTire
japan GT race Honda NSX 2006 model HGT test suzuka
japan GT race Honda NSX 2006 model HGT test suzuka

10 years ago    10,813 views    602891
Woman Left BMW in Gear, Hits Filmer's House!
Woman Left BMW in Gear, Hits Filmer's House (Katma?)

5 years ago    4,137 views    GTRfanboy
Spade Kreations BLACK FRIDAY Dyno Day 2012: FULL EVENT!
Spade Kreations BLACK FRIDAY Dyno Day and Open House, 2012 Full Event compilation. Check out some of the most wicked street cars in Cincinnati as they put the horsepower to the wheels of this Dyno Dynamics loaded dynometer on 11-23-12. This...

3 years ago    8,090 views    WyldFantasies
HRE Open House GOPRO!/cbadcars more info and pics here?

4 years ago    4,331 views    mattzooooom
Stolen Car Lands Perfectly on The House Roof!
Stolen Car Lands Perfectly on The House Roof!

4 years ago    4,555 views    GTRfanboy
Krazy House Customs: Ford Shelby GT500 Burnout
A quick burnout of the old KHC GT500.

7 years ago    9,024 views    krazyhousecustoms
Best 100 Cars of the Century- GM Heritage Collecti
Did you know a hydrogen-powered electric van was built in the 1960's? There's a secret warehouse in the suburbs of Detroit that houses some of the most unique & influential cars of the past century built by General Motors. Streetfire was gi...

7 years ago    7,694 views    StreetFire
School Bus Driver Loses Control, Crashes Into House!
School Bus Driver Loses Control, Crashes Into House!

3 years ago    7,569 views    GTRfanboy
Krazy House Customs: Saleen S302 Extreme Dyno Run
Krazy House Customs dynoes their Saleen S302 Extreme and gets 589WHP and 643WFT-LBS.I'm working on getting you guys a modlist.I'd like to note that we use a Mustang Dyno that reads more accurately and much lower than a Dynojet would.For mor...

7 years ago    8,228 views    krazyhousecustoms