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faces of death - 2 stupid ass women hit by
faces of death - 2 stupid ass women hit by cars.mpg

5 years ago    2,086 views    GMbountyHUNTER
Truck Hit Jet-Ski
Parking Fail - Big Diesel Chevy Duramax 2500 HD hit a Brand New Supercharged Sea-Doo RXT JetSki while still on the Trailer. Never did find out what 'really happened', but never the less still kinda funny.Video Property of Kyle at SIK 2010

3 years ago    2,357 views    SIKvideos
F1 Heads to Russia - Autoline Daily 500
Car sales continue to decline in Europe, falling over 9 percent last month. Formula 1 is headed to Russia and the country must pay $40 million a year for the rights to host the event. A look at Ford’s new engines for the 2011 F-150. All tha...

3 years ago    419 views    Autoline
Episode 180: Gallardo LP 560-4
Episode 180: Gallardo LP 560-4:When we first saw the LP 560-4, our jaws hit the floor. This car is hot. When we saw this video... well... let's just say that we are now more in love than ever before.

5 years ago    169 views    VODCars
Girl gets hit by an RC car.
Girl gets hit by an RC car.

8 years ago    1,101,684 views    guest
Joe gets hit by car...funny as hell...All for Seas
Joe gets hit by car...funny as hell...All for Season 06

8 years ago    547,758 views    Billium093
Filmed at the Port of Los Angeles, expect non-stop motor sport eye-candy as Block hits the all-new course in a custom tuned, high performance, and brand-new Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Visit for more photos and info on t...

5 years ago    361,935 views    KenBlock
Supra 900HP ++ Kills A Ferrari SO much...!!Liste
Supra 900HP ++ Kills A Ferrari SO much...!!Listen to throttle lift of while racing so that the Supra wont hit the "slow" Ferrari ;)Tjek This Also With Much More: Www.Street-X.Com

8 years ago    378,802 views    Street-XCom
1000hp Viper Venom spins out at 150mph.
Watch this video of a Venom 1000 twin turbo viper racing a Porsche 911 and coming out of the corner hits the boost and losses control and goes sideways at 15-mph. He misses hitting a Hennessey Ford GT by less than 30 feet.

6 years ago    300,407 views    Fireshake
1183 HP SSC Aero vs. Lamborghini - Podcast 15
What does 1183 HP V8 Push-rod do in a car that weighs less than 2800 lbs? We rode with the actual record-setting SSC Ultimate Aero as it hit the street to show-up an LP640. Also, a revealing interview w/ SSC on the design behind the world's...

6 years ago    281,378 views    StreetFire
HORRIBLE CAR ACCIDENT Joe gets hit by a car ...HIT
HORRIBLE CAR ACCIDENT Joe gets hit by a car ...HIT BY CAR Season 06 ! Krystian unleashes a sick posi burnout, and launches as Joe gets hit..HARD!! Serious wreck, but, Joe still belts out a Season 06!! Crash haha - //

8 years ago    198,703 views    Undisputed
710 HP STaSIS Engineering Supercharged R8 V10
The Smoking Tire hits the canyons with one of the fastest Audi's on the road: Stasis Engineering's Supercharged R8 5.2 FSI. Matt Farah wrings out the red Spyder on an empty canyon road, proving that no amount of horsepower is ever too much.

3 years ago    74,494 views    TheSmokingTire
TX2K8 Supra Nationals DVD Trailer
JPJ Studios & MVP Motorsports present the trailer for the upcoming TX2K8 DVD. The DVD showcases the 2008 Supra Nationals 4 day event. Watch 1400+hp Supras, Twin-Turbo Vipers, Race Corvettes, Lambo's, Porsche's, and many other highly modif...

6 years ago    160,115 views    JPJStudios
Dumbest Stuff on Wheels: Double Hit
These guys are helping a friend out until the bike takes over. Catch Dumbest Stuff on Wheels Wednesdays at 8:30pm ET on SPEED! the motorsports authority for NASCAR, Formula 1, auto racing, moto racing, cars, bikes, automotive, mo...

2 years ago    161,725 views    SpeedTVSpeedX
A police officer runs out in the middle of the str
A police officer runs out in the middle of the street, during a streetrace. Inches of being hit.

8 years ago    145,647 views    mange05
3 Pedestrians hit/killed in Dubai. VERY GRAPHIC
3 Pedestrians get mowed down crossing the street. Never seen anything this bad. Looks like the driver kept going too.

5 years ago    128,971 views    EFIPower
throttle was pinned from the back of the field...i
throttle was pinned from the back of the field...i cut the motor right before i hit the pool. Shoulda worn a seat belt though my legs got all smashed up on impact.

8 years ago    129,441 views    guest
C6 Z06 Corvette Flyby @ 198 MPH !!!
C6 Z06 Vette does a crazy flyby. He hit 320 km/h which is about 198 mph.*Not my video*- Saw it almost a year ago and thought I would add it for Streetfire users to enjoy.

6 years ago    112,872 views    9kFever
WaterCar: A Hot Rod for Land and Sea!
The creations by WaterCar sport Corvette motors and are hot rods on both land and sea. Sure, the styling might be a little wonky, but the awesome performance make the aesthetics worth it. Just watch when this baby hits the water!

4 years ago    114,997 views    JohnnyMayday
G-Force built Turbo (Mustang) Fox hits the streets
G-Force built Turbo (Mustang) Fox hits the streets taking on some of Houstons finest..

9 years ago    107,092 views    guest
Guy Driving a Galant gets sideways loses it and hi
Guy Driving a Galant gets sideways loses it and hits a pole.

8 years ago    107,252 views    decepticons
2JZ S2000 - Supra Turbo motor swap w/ Getrag 6 spe
Here is a quick video of my car. This is a 50mph-150mph pull starting in 3rd gear. I am short shifting in every gear at ~6300rpm (rev limit is stock @ 6800rpm) except for 3rd when you can hear me hit the rev limiter. At about 140mph I le...

6 years ago    97,226 views    WynnS123
Dodge Destruction
Video of cars racing, a Dodge SRT-4 hits a dodge cummins turbo diesel. Some fighting breaks out. Found out after that the driver of the truck was kidnapped by friends of the SRT-4 driver. They were trying to force him to pay for damages.

5 years ago    93,534 views    BBS
Redline Time Attack Spring Mountain Motorsports Ra
StreetFire hit up Round 7 of The Redline Time Attack at the luxurious facilities of the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada.

4 years ago    93,825 views    StreetFire
Chrysler Group Takes Huge Hit to Bottom Line - Autoline Daily 1376
- Chrysler Group Q1 Earnings- Ex-GM Exec Lands Job at Harley-Davidson- Tesla Exempt From Plate Bidding in China- VW Developing 10-Speed Transmission- Interview With First BMW i3 Owner in U.S.- Ward's 6th Annual Interior ConferenceGet more v...

2 months ago    37,933 views    Autoline
Bullrun Rally Episode 7 of 10
Bullrun Rally Episode 7 of 10Day 5 - Savannah to Orlando. The teams hit a local racetrack. Noteable cars in this episode, Ferrari GTO, F430, M6, Lotus, Gallardo, Shelby Mustang, and Continental GT. Eleven teams do 140 mph and run from the G...

6 years ago    89,019 views    Bullrun
Haha, he tries to be cool and burnout in his red m
Haha, he tries to be cool and burnout in his red mustang but, he hits the tree's.

7 years ago    87,620 views    straight_up_hardcore
Cops have a little run in with Ford GT
Ford GT hits a laser trap at 100+ and decides to make a run for the hills...DVDs available at

5 years ago    78,504 views    superspeeders
Top Gear Season 18 Episode 6 (BBC UK)
Jeremy, James and Richard hit Donington in three stripped out track cars - the KTM X-Bow, the Morgan Three Wheeler and the Caterham R500

2 years ago    60,947 views    t0pg34r