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Too Funny!!! Drug Money Dropped All Over Freeway!!
Motorists scramble for money tossed by suspects on San Diego, California highway. At least no one was hurt trying to pick up the money.

7 years ago    11,964 views    MPLIGHTNING01
Lamborghini LP640 hits 219 mph on Arizona freeway
Basically a dude making several runs until he reaches 219mph.*note..even though one of the signs says "Hawes Rd exit closed", this is a public highway. To this day, that exit is still closed due to construction. I use this freeway almost e...

7 years ago    4,267 views    avalencia89
Insane and Impressive Highway Stunt
This crazy guy manages to ghost ride his whip like an idiot on the freeway, climbing onto the roof and even onto his friend's car before getting back behind the wheel.

7 years ago    2,320 views    mdq
Dodge Ram AMCI Highway Passing Test
For this clip AMCI breaks down the 40-70 mph highway passing test, which is explained in detail. In short, the test results were able to show that the Dodge Ram passed the vehicle in a shorter distance than the Ford and Chevy! The second te...

7 years ago    65 views    CarDomain