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2010 GT-R - GT-R Launch Control Controversy Explai
GT Channel Exclusive! GT-R Launch Control Controversy Explained by Nissan Chief Vehicle Engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno

7 years ago    53,391 views    GTChannel
GT-R Spec V Driven GT Channel Exclusive
Nissan GT-R spec V

7 years ago    45,429 views    GTChannel
2012 Nissan GT-R: The Promise Fulfilled for more GT-R videos. In September 2010, lead designer Kazutoshi Mizuno and a handpicked team brought the 2012 Nissan GT-R to the Nürburgring in a quest to reaffirm its status as the world's fastest production car. This...

5 years ago    82,016 views    GTChannel
Vaughn Gittin JR's 2010 Ford Mustang Drift Car in

7 years ago    35,341 views    GTChannel
Dai Yoshihara's 09 Lexus IS Drift Car in Detail at
We go in depth to cover Daijiro Yoshihara's Discount Tire Team Falken Lexus IS350 at Formula Drift 2009 Long beach.

7 years ago    25,997 views    GTChannel
WRC Driver vs Racer Time Attack Battle - Enduro...
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7 years ago    23,458 views    GTChannel
Nismo Beast Unleashed - Best Motoring Int. DVD ...
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7 years ago    22,512 views    GTChannel
Ferrari F430 Racing Bonanza - Best Motoring Int...
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7 years ago    19,888 views    GTChannel
G'z FT-86 Turbo in detail - Tokyo Auto Salon 2010
G'z FT-86 Turbo in detail - Tokyo Auto Salon 2010

6 years ago    48,258 views    GTChannel
Spoon Sports 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon promo video. The exclusive footage is from the Macau Grand Prix. Spoon President and driver Tatsuru Ichishima crashes on the last lap of qualification. The Spoon team scrambles to fix the Honda NSX-R race ...

7 years ago    12,179 views    GTChannel
Flip a Bitch 2 Video Trailer on GTChannel
Top professional drivers compete to see who can execute the best 180 spin turn (aka flipping a bitch) to park the car in a small designated grid. Performance will be judged based on precision and showmanship. The first event was held in Apr...

7 years ago    10,364 views    GTChannel
Rhys Millen's 09 Hyundai Genesis Drift Car in Deta
Rhys Millen gives us a tour of his new drift machine, the Hyundai Genesis Coupe at Formula Drift Long Beach 2009. ALSO INCLUDED : "Rhys's is very upset at the judges" Interview

7 years ago    25,682 views    GTChannel
2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition Only 150 lucky people will be able to own a 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition. But we can still drool over the hardcore built for track GT-R in this video. Related: Nismo GT-R confirmed

3 years ago    9,456 views    GTChannel
Formula Drift Long Beach Finals 2013 - BTS3 - Daijiro Yoshihara
BTS3 Playlist: Long Beach Top 16 Battle: Episode: Episode: Coming May 13thThe final day of Formula Drift Long Beach has arrived. Will Daijiro Yoshihara and his D...

3 years ago    8,429 views    GTChannel
Formula Drift 2013 Road Atlanta - No Southern Comfort - BTS3 Daijiro Y
BTS3 Playlist: Episode: Episode: Coming May 27thDaijiro Yoshihara and team head into the competition day with hopes high. After having a rough qualifying, will they be able to repeat th...

3 years ago    7,935 views    GTChannel
Mine's R35 GT-R VS Spoon NSX-R GT 2 of 3
Top tuners in the Nissan and Honda sectors come together for the first time on US ground. Mine?s president Michizo Niikura gives us the fastest tuned R35 on the planet and Spoon president Tatsuru Ichishima explains the limited production ho...

7 years ago    7,731 views    GTChannel
Formula Drift Round 3 - West Palm Beach - Dai Goes Too Hard - Behind T
eBay GT-R Fantasy Car Sweepstakes: Playlist: Previous Episode: Next Episode: Coming June 24th After beating Danny George and his high-powered Mazda Miata, Dai earns a spot...

3 years ago    6,822 views    GTChannel
Dai's 2014 Formula Drift Car - Stock Impression and Tear-down - Behind
Comment below with what engine they should put in it.BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: take Dai's 2013 stock Subaru BRZ out to Willowsprings International Speedway for a drift impression. Next, we...

2 years ago    6,619 views    GTChannel
UFC 164 Winner Josh Barnett Learns To Drift - Behind The Smoke 3 - Ep2
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: Yoshihara takes the UFC 164 fighter Josh Barnett out for a drifting lesson. Using Josh's own Mustang, Dai is able to help Josh manage the car while doing don...

2 years ago    6,135 views    GTChannel
The Fight Is On In Jersey - Formula Drift Rd 4 - Daijiro Yoshihara - B
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: Episode: July 22ndWith Dai qualifying 30th it means he faces Fredric Aasbo who qualified 3rd in the Top 32. Will Dai have what it takes to take it all the way? ...

2 years ago    6,001 views    GTChannel
Daijiro Yoshihara Destroys His S13 - Behind The Smoke Season 3 - Ep 8
eBay GT-R Fantasy Car Sweepstakes: Playlist: Episode: Episode: Coming June 3rdDaijiro Yoshihara takes out his personal 1989 Nissan S13 with a SR20 motor to hav...

2 years ago    5,981 views    GTChannel
Formula Drift Round 3 - West Palm Beach - Dai Struggles - Behind The S
BTS3 Playlist: Episode: Episode: Coming June 10thThe team make it down to West Palm Beach for Formula Drift Round 2. Daijiro and crew set out to get the car setup right and get Dai comf...

3 years ago    5,870 views    GTChannel
The Drama Unfolds - Formula Drift Rd 4 - New Jersey - Daijiro Yoshihar
BTS3 Playlist: Episode: Next Episode: July 15th With Dai struggling in the last 2 events, it's time for him to get back in form. As qualifying approaches will he be able to take the top pla...

2 years ago    5,527 views    GTChannel
FD Texas - Round 6 - Dai Is Making A Comeback - Behind The Smoke 3 - E
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: out LORENinHD's youtube channel: Formula Drift Round 6 only a few days behind us, take a look at how Dai managed on d...

2 years ago    5,705 views    GTChannel
iPhone 5 Apple Maps Navigation VS Drifting Drive - Test Fail - Formula for more exclusive videos. 2011 FD Champ Daijiro Yoshihara takes the new iPhone 5 Apple Maps for a drift test around Irwindale Speedway. Watch and see how the iOS6 all new Apple Maps GPS function in the new map ap...

3 years ago    5,446 views    GTChannel
Behind The Smoke 3 - Ep18 - Dai's Travel Show Feat. Melyssa Grace
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: Episode: August 26thDuring our week off we discovered this video in our archives. It seems that Dai wanted to create himself a travel show. He filmed this durin...

2 years ago    5,302 views    GTChannel
Formula Drift Round 2 - Road Atlanta Qualifying - BTS3 - Daijiro Yoshi
BTS3 Playlist: Episode: Episode: Coming May 20thWith round 1 successfully behind them, Daijiro Yoshihara and team make their way into Atlanta. Will they be able to repeat the success th...

3 years ago    5,246 views    GTChannel
Daijiro Yoshihara - Formula Drift Seattle - GoPro Edition - Behind The
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: BTS3 coverage from Seattle returns next weekFormula Drift Round 5: Seattle has just concluded. Enjoy this collection of GoPro shots of Dai at his finest, drifti...

2 years ago    5,135 views    GTChannel
Formula Drift 2013 Long Beach Tech-Day - BTS3 2013 Daijiro Yoshihara
BTS3 Playlist: Episode: Episode: 2013 Formula Drift season has arrived. We follow 2011 Champion Daijiro Yoshihara and crew around the track on Tech-Day. The Beh...

3 years ago    5,219 views    GTChannel