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600+whp GT35R RHD EVO VIIIMR vs 600+whp T71 Supra
600+whp GT35R RHD EVO VIIIMR vs 600+whp T71 Supra vs 460whp bpu Cobra vs 500whp T67 supraMy editing software crapped out on me, so i was unable to edit everything at this point, but im in the process of getting that fixed so this will work ...

7 years ago    285,526 views    MrFlipflops
German Turbo Civic EK4 - about 500 hp - GT30R T
German Turbo Civic EK4 - about 500 hp - GT30R Turbo

8 years ago    244,328 views    Hondaholic
800hp Shelby Prudhomme Edition Super Snake GT500 M
Shelby Automobiles, has returned to drag racing with a limited edition Prudhomme Edition Super Snake package for the Shelby GT500 Mustang. Carroll Shelby and Don “The Snake” Prudhomme unveiled the program during a private reception at the ...

5 years ago    226,569 views    StreetFire
500+hp Civic EK9 vs 500+hp GTR R35.The final episode of the events leading up to the race.Rhommell only took 67 minutes for the full dyno tune just before the race.The civic is a daily driver, full street car.

6 years ago    187,002 views    EJD
Chrome Shelby,,
Chrome Shelby GT500 Supersnake,crossover-airbrush.comproduced by worldwide tuningvideos

5 years ago    143,353 views wo...
Supercharged GT500 blows up on the Dyno
Blue Diamond detonates at 800rwhp on the Dyno

3 years ago    131,560 views    Blue_Diamond
H2H Ep 14, Shelby Super Snake Vs. Nuformz Challeng
Head 2 Head is Torque.TV's exciting new series where two cars duke it out to see who is number 1. On this episode we go all American--with Ford versus Mopar! A blown Shelby Super Snake GT500 takes on the Hemi powered Nuformz Challenger.

5 years ago    105,980 views    TorqueTV
r.j-lo dbb50 trim SRT-4VS.Shelby GT500 & modde
r.j-lo dbb50 trim SRT-4VS.Shelby GT500 & modded Cobra

7 years ago    105,172 views    rj-lo
Shelby GT500 9.96@141.45 664 RWHP @778RWTQ with b
Shelby GT500 9.96@141.45 664 RWHP @778RWTQ with bolt-onsFrom: Evolution Performance. No rice all meat

7 years ago    102,805 views    2K05GT
Autograf Shelby Mustang GT500 vs Autograf Z06 Corv
Autograf's 625 HP Package on a 2008 Shelby GT500, which includes: Long Tube Headers, Hi-Flow Cats, 3" Exhaust, High Flow Intake, 2.7" Supercharger Pulleyup against Autograf's 475hp 2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with: Long Tube Headers, Hi Flo...

6 years ago    97,600 views    Autograf
Evolution Performance, Inc. - First 9 Sec GT500!
Evolution Performance, Inc. - First 2007 Shelby GT500 In The 9's!9.96 @141.45 MPH Pass and Dyno Video Making 664 RWHP and 788 RWTQ with a JLT Carbon Fiber CAI, 2.5" Pulley, 75 Shot Of Nitrous, and a Evolution Performance Custom Tune!

7 years ago    95,171 views    EvolutionPerformance
Shelby GT500 JLT CAI | DDD Project "Midnight Run
A segment of The DDD Directory project "Midnight Run", sponsored by JLT Performance.

5 years ago    92,287 views    partsgrabber
2007 Shelby GT500 Twin Turbo
Evolution Performance, Inc. - 2007 Shelby GT500 Twin Turbo Dyno Video!

6 years ago    89,464 views    EvolutionPerformance
Top Gear Season 19 episode 3 S19E03
Top gear uk, ToyotaGT86/SubaruBRZ, Race between the Wembley Stadium and the San Siro in Milan + a 2013 Shelby GT500

1 years ago    53,730 views    jamdc2000
440rwhp 03 Mustang cobra vs 500rwhp 88 Mustang GT
440rwhp 03 Mustang cobra vs 500rwhp 88 Mustang GT with Incon twin turbo

9 years ago    82,542 views    guest
Shelby GT500 Tuned on the Dyno
Another 2008 Shelby GT500 performance package being installed in the Autograf shop. First a Bassani exhaust, than a Steeda Cold Air Intake system, and finally we put it up on the dyno for a SCT tuning. All of this landed us another 60hp to ...

6 years ago    74,848 views    Autograf
Shelby GT 500 with 3.4 whipple supercharger - few
Shelby GT 500 with 3.4 Whipple supercharger

6 years ago    73,260 views    95SC
NOS Rental Vette vs Nissan GT-R - Garage419
Gene bets Matt he can beat a 2008 Nissan GT-R on the drag strip for only $500. Matt is skeptical until he sees what lunacy Gene has cooked up. On location in San Diego, CA.-Garage419

5 years ago    73,131 views    Garage419
1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 Eleanor, a car that is d
1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 Eleanor, a car that is dreamed of very much.

7 years ago    63,200 views    2slow2retardedtokyoq...
Our 2010 GT500 puts down an incredible 904hp!
That number is even more impressive given the fact that it was on the dyno during a humid, 100º+ Houston day!

4 years ago    63,872 views    Autograf
Kenne Bell Shelby Sound Clip
We just finished installing a Kenne Bell supercharger in this Shelby GT500, and here is the result! The sound is amazing! No doubt, the long flow headers, hi-flow cats, and 3" cat-back exhaust didn't

6 years ago    68,588 views    Autograf
Autograf's Blue Shelby GT500 Dyno
We dyno tune another Shelby GT500 performance package, designed and installed by us here at Autograf. This kit includes Cold Air Intake, Supercharger Pulley, 3" Exhaust, Hi-Flow Cat, Long-Tube Headers, and than an SCT tune for an amazing 6...

6 years ago    63,203 views    Autograf
Roll Racing-18 Shelby gt500, C6 Z06s, Evo, Supra,
Roll Racing-18 Shelby gt500, C6 Z06s, Evo, Supras, Sti, Foxbodys, Z31 300ZX, Cobras, Fbodys, DSM**UnNamed Foxbody- DumbKid w/ head/cam + 200shot!

5 years ago    61,792 views    PhoenixEvo
876 RWHP and 920 RWTQ Evolution Performance, Inc.
876 RWHP and 920 RWTQ Evolution Performance, Inc. Shelby GT500 Race Car with the 2.8H Kenne Bell Twin Screw Supercharger @24lbs of Boost!

6 years ago    59,980 views    EvolutionPerformance
2007 GT500 (pulley, headers, exhaust) vs 2006 Z06
2007 GT500 (pulley, headers, exhaust) vs 2006 Z06 (headers, exhaust) vs 2003 Cobra (Kenne Bell, built motor, headers, exhaust) vs 2003 Cobra (KB, headers, exhaust)

7 years ago    59,173 views    dgussin1
Shelby GT500 Burnout!
2007 Shelby GT500 Evolution Performance Stage 2 + Steggy Stage 6 Ported Blower.605 RWHP.10.98 @ 126 MPHBest MPH 131MPH with the Ice box packed with Ice.

1 months ago    2,101 views    ShelbyPusher
Civic vs Turbo'Mustang,Regal,ShelbyGT,Vette
jax fl civic h22 turbo vs turbo mustang vs turbo regal vs shelby gt 500 vs vette

6 years ago    53,467 views    JaxFlsH22-B16
GT6 Events Drift USA Sheby GT500 Tune 900Hp Special Stage Route 5 2014
Gran Turismo 6 Playstation 3 évènements saisonniers 17/07/2014 Epreuve de dérapage au volant de voitures américaines ( hors modele de course . Ford Shelby GT500 '13 633PP / 898 Ch / 1733Kg

2 weeks ago    955 views    carspot
Fiat 126 Hayabusa 4x4 vs. Fiat 500 Kawasaki / Autoslalom Laas '14
Kampf um die Tagesbestzeit

1 weeks ago    926 views    GT_Lucky