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500+hp Civic EK9 vs 500+hp GTR R35.The final episode of the events leading up to the race.Rhommell only took 67 minutes for the full dyno tune just before the race.The civic is a daily driver, full street car.

6 years ago    187,002 views    EJD
2006 Video and Picture compilation of my 9sec '92
2006 Video and Picture compilation of my 9sec '92 Eagle Talon, including: The old GT35r setup all the way to the new GT42R Setup at over 45 psi of boost. 800+ hp dyno runs, 9sec track runs... See the highlights of the 2006 Race season here!...

7 years ago    73,836 views    3c758d30
Ford Cortina 4L turbo ~ WILDTC
Vince's immaculate trophy winning Ford Cortina TC hits the dyno for the first time. The car is powered by a straight gas Tunnel Vision Ford SOHC 4L engine and Garrett GT42R turbo, Preston Automatics C4 3-speed trans and a Borg Warner rear e...

3 months ago    708 views    glonk
AMS Alpha 12: TX2K11 GT-R Dyno Competition 1st Place Finish
This past weekend, AMS brought out the gray Alpha 12, owned by Tim Sanders' to the TX2K11 Nationals to run in the dyno competition and quarter mile at Lonestar Motorsports Park - the backyard of Hennessey Performance.All awd vehicles ran on...

3 years ago    24,616 views    AMS_Performance
AMS Alpha 12 R35 GT-R: World Record 9.05@166.66mph
Recently we took our updated ALPHA 12 to the track to do some more testing. As of recent, the limits of the factory block had been reached and our engineers went to work to devise a new way of reinforcing the engine. To prove our new method...

3 years ago    18,498 views    AMS_Performance
Nissan GT-R 700ps Fires on the Dyno
Ένα Ελληνικό NISSAN GT-R 700 ίππων βγάζει φωτιές στο δυναμόμετρο . . . !

9 months ago    749 views    takisfilias
HKS R35 GT-R Racing Muffler DYNO TEST with GT1000 TURBINE KIT
The Ultimate High Spec Muffler Designed For Over 1000PSDesigned purely in pursuit of exhaust efficiency and targets 1000+hp vehicles with ultra low flow resistance.Pipe Diameter is 101.6mm. By Including a new center pipe the flange joining ...

9 months ago    2,414 views    glonk
800+hp Nissan RB30 dyno ~ CK Automotive
Chris' CK Automotive powered Holden VL Commodore turbo doing some chassis dyno ethanol fuel tuning. The single cam Nissan RB30 3L forged six is boosted by a Garrett GT4294R turbo and has already run as quick as 9.25 at 152mph after only a h...

11 months ago    3,465 views    glonk
Eternal motorsports GT35R turbo kit for a 5AT G35.
Eternal motorsports GT35R turbo kit for a 5AT G35. I have couple of runs before the turbo and after to see the difference. BOV is Tial 50MM which you can hear on the dyno run. 387hp and 426tq on a dynapac.

7 years ago    24,720 views    c8057fe8

6 years ago    15,386 views    スープラ
Mazdaspeed Protege GT3582R Turbo Dyno
This dyno pull was done with a big Intake Manifold Leak, Slipping Clutch in 4th Gear pulls as well as Turbo Heat soak do to the Filter being bolt right on turbo, breathing insane hot air from turbo temperature and and radiator fans hot air....

5 years ago    14,418 views    Mazdaspeed2oo35
Turbo Grand Am - Quad 4 - GT40R - 560whp
Just a video of my '95 Grand Am with a fully built Quad 4 engine with a GT40R (only on 24 psi and 93 octane for now). Sorry the number doesn't actually show up on the camera (at least you hear Doug say it, lol), it'll be back on the dyno in...

6 years ago    13,470 views    TurboQuad4
EVO IX Tunnel Launch. 91 Octane 25 PSI 5600' Eleva
EVO IX Tunnel Launch. 91 Octane 25 PSI 5600' Elevation. Dyno Dynamics 415 HP, 370 lb ft torque. AMS 3076R (GT 30R) turbo, AMS Turbo back exhaust, Cosworth Cams, ARP Head Studs, HKS EVC 6 Boost Controller @ 25 PSI, HKS DLI II, Fidanza Cam Ge...

7 years ago    13,694 views    JohnEB
Fast and Furious 6 Nissan GT-R On The Dyno
Fast and Furious 6 Nissan GT-R On The Dyno

1 years ago    450 views    GTRfanboy
Hyundai Genesis Coupe w/ GT30R Dyno Run
I found this video on youtube. A tuning company in Korea has put a GT30R on a Genesis Coupe. The exhaust and turbo spool sound insanely awesome!

5 years ago    11,734 views    07FG1Coupe
Dyno Tune at Kinetic Motorsports, B.C Canada. Nis
Dyno Tune at Kinetic Motorsports, B.C Canada. Nissan R32 Skyline. RB25DET swap w/ GT30R. Makes 403whp @ 14psi. Built by KEEP

8 years ago    12,998 views    604cefiro
My GT35R Turbo IS300 V160 supra tranny, TT short b
My GT35R Turbo IS300 V160 supra tranny, TT short block, HKS 264 cams, Tec3 EMS, 780cc injectors ect ect will be new videos in the next couple of weeks after a 30psi dyno tuning session.

7 years ago    11,304 views    Prshrzd1
carrera gt,gt-r,lp670svt,t-rex,supra
visit gt,nissan gt-r,lp 670 svt,t-rex,supra 1234 hp,dyno

4 years ago    10,358 views wo...
Quicktime_GT compilation
here is a video of my car.. 2003 Mustang GTStock engineProcharger P1SC w/ 3 coreLT headers, mac o/r prochamber, magnaflow magnapack cat back (only in last part of video).4.10s SCT tune by speedy dyno 395rwhp 435rwtq @ 10psi, 21 degree...

6 years ago    11,426 views    QuicktimeGT
AMS Auto AWD 4G63 Mirage Dyno Video, 826 AWHP
AMS 1994 Mitsubishi Mirage, AWD Automatic, AMS Built Engine, AMS VSR Intake Manifold, AMS GT42R Turbo Kit, IPT Transmission and Torque Converter, Sparktech Ignition, GSC Cams. 826 AWHP Uncorrected, 823 AWHP SAE, 845 AWHP STD, No Nitrous

5 years ago    8,635 views    ScottAMS
GT35R STi Dyno
GT35R STi Dyno

7 years ago    9,223 views    e99bdf35
T04R 3000GT SL vs supra with 76mm turbo @ 14 psi,
T04R 3000GT SL vs supra with 76mm turbo @ 14 psi, vs trans am that traps 115 and dynos 385 whp.

8 years ago    9,049 views    929014
COBB Tuning Nissan R35 GT-R at EVOMS
COBBTUNING, from Salt Lake City, Utah visits Evolution MotorSports in Tempe, AZ to put the COBB Tuning Nissan right hand drive Japanese import R35 GT-R on the AWD Mustang Dyno for the Modified Tuner Challenge in May of 2008, held at Firebir...

6 years ago    9,157 views    EVOMS
Bruzewski's 700+ hp Evo on AMS's Dyno
On July 8th I took My Evo to AMS Performance for a dyno tune. This is the results!Here is a breakdown of the car:AMS GT850R Turbo kitAMS 3’ Intercooler pipingAMS Race Intake manifoldAMS Race FMICAMS 2.3 Stroker motorAMS Race headAMS Cat bac...

2 years ago    2,536 views    Bruzewski
Supra,EVO and Cobra on dyno evo gt37R single t
Supra,EVO and Cobra on dyno evo gt37R single turbo supra 03 cobra dyno pulls

6 years ago    8,959 views    mofobucs
2005 Mustang GT with a 2.8H KB Supercharger
Evolution Performance, Inc. - 2005 Mustang GT Leaving at Idle - 2.8H Kenne Bell Twin Screw Supercharger - 160mm Mono Blade Throttle Body, 1 3/4 American Racing Long Tube Headers, Built 5R55S Automatic Transmission, 3.73 Gears, 325/45R17 M&H...

6 years ago    7,073 views    EvolutionPerformance
R302 block, 3.08 gears, turbo 306, edelbrock heads
R302 block, 3.08 gears, turbo 306, edelbrock heads, full weight Foxbody GT vs heavy modded cobras and CBR 1000 bike. 5.0 dynos 620 rwhp / 720 rwtq with no spray.

8 years ago    6,560 views    Dbeck001
Showdown motorsports1992 AWD Eagle talon. Mustan
Showdown motorsports1992 AWD Eagle talon. Mustang dyno pull GT42R turbo.

7 years ago    7,369 views    showdownmotorsports
1248 awhp GT-R
My 2010 Switzer R1K-X GT-R puts down 1248 awhp / 1003 awtq on Buschur Racing's Mustang dyno at 38 psi on Q16.

3 years ago    2,594 views    1c6fc215