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Geely LC Panda Does a Stoppie
This is awesome.

6 years ago    22,425 views    JohnnyMayday
Baby Cadillac on the Way - Autoline Daily 508
Nissan says that every one-yen increase against the dollar shaves nearly $190 million off its profits. The CK1 from Chinese automaker Geely received zero stars in crash tests. A 1964 Aston Martin DB5 driven by Sean Connery in the James Bond...

5 years ago    1,209 views    Autoline
Chinese "Honqi" - Autoline Daily 242
Chrysler gets a big management shake-up as two of its top executives unexpectedly call it quits. Geely faces competition as Ford may have found a new bidder for Volvo. The Pontiac G8 is reborn as a crime-fighting Chevy Caprice police vehicl...

6 years ago    183 views    Autoline
2011 Mustang First Drive - Autoline Daily 358
Geely finally buys Volvo from Ford for $1.8 billion. First test drive of the new 2011 Ford Mustang. General Motors puts a piece of breakthrough technology on the new Chevy Cruze. All that and more, plus a few quick driving impressions of th...

6 years ago    344 views    Autoline
Geely's Rolls-Royce - Autoline Daily 122
Fiat’s CEO, Sergio Marchione, is rumored to be Chrysler’s next CEO. The IIHS says minicars don’t crash well against mid-size cars. BYD customers are running into problems with the batteries in its plug-in. All that and more, plus a test dri...

7 years ago    526 views    Autoline
Mazda Moves to Mexico - Autoline Daily 774
Mazda is moving production out of Japan to Mexico because of the strong value of the yen and the number of free-trade agreements Mexico has. Chinese automakers are starting to learn how to make safer cars. The Geely Emgrand EC7 and the MG6 ...

4 years ago    148 views    Autoline
Biofuels Could Power Europe - Autoline Daily 477
A report says plant waste and municipal waste could provide for a majority of Europe’s fuel needs by 2020. Volvo’s new Chinese owner Geely intends to double global sales of the brand. Ford assembles a “smell jury” to figure out what odors p...

5 years ago    221 views    Autoline
Iraq-and-Pinion Steering - Autoline Daily 658
Chinese automakers are expanding at a rapid pace and one of them is building cars in Iraq of all places. Geely and Volvo are clashing over the direction the safety-conscious Swedish brand should go. GM CEO Dan Akerson adds Lincoln to the...

5 years ago    137 views    Autoline
Recall Roundup! - Autoline Daily 364
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration throws the book at Toyota, fining the company $16.4 million. Fresh after acquiring Volvo, Geely intends to turn the brand into China’s official car. It’s time for another installment of R...

6 years ago    194 views    Autoline
Power to Weight = Performance - Autoline Daily 321
Toyota is running into more trouble. Federal investigators are looking into sudden acceleration claims on the Tacoma, plus Prius braking performance is in question. Sergio Marchionne gets scolded by the Pope for closing a plant in Italy. ...

6 years ago    306 views    Autoline
Recall Roundup! - Autoline Daily 312
Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne says this will be the make-it-or-break year for Alfa Romeo. Toyota announced that it’s voluntarily recalling 2.3-million vehicles to correct sticking accelerator pedals. Ford’s effort to sell Volvo to Chinese auto...

6 years ago    176 views    Autoline
China Moves the Metal - Autoline Daily 539
China's car exports are up 70% for the year even with a drop in passenger car sales in November. Volvo's new owner Geely plans on building 3 new plants that could make up to 600,000 Volvo's a year. GM's salaried workers will not be receivin...

5 years ago    259 views    Autoline
Biodiesel from Jatropha Plant - Autoline Daily 360
Geely is investing nearly $1 billion in Swedish automaker Volvo. GM and the U.S. Department of Energy are studying the jatropha plant for its potential as a new source of earth-friendly biodiesel. Lincoln pulls the wraps off its first-eve...

6 years ago    167 views    Autoline
Visteon Cuts Executive Bonuses - Autoline Daily 23
Goldman Sachs will invest $250 million in Chinese automaker Geely, which could allow Geely to purchase Volvo from Ford. Auto supplier Visteon, has decided to cut executive bonuses by 85 percent. All that and more, plus Canada considers limi...

6 years ago    286 views    Autoline
Hamilton's Reward, Geely GT, Camaro Accessories, &
Lewis Hamilton gets a winning incentive, Geely shows off a Chinese GT car and a new Lamborghini roadster enters the hall of speculation. Hosted by Derek DeAngelis.Visit and vote for what you want in the show.

8 years ago    4,171 views    FastLaneDaily
2011 Infiniti M - Autoline Daily 351
The California Highway Patrol released a report supporting James Sikes’ version of what happened during his infamous runaway Prius incident. Ford says it’s still wheelin’ and dealin’ with Geely to sell Volvo. You won’t believe how much mo...

6 years ago    278 views    Autoline
Volvo Sold to Geely? - Autoline Daily 168
Reports out of China say that Geely has reached an agreement to buy Volvo from Ford. The UAW announced who it wants on the General Motors Board of Directors. Toyota received 180,000 orders of the new Prius in Japan last month. All that and ...

7 years ago    162 views    Autoline
Electric Superchargers Coming - Autoline Daily 275
Volvo’s unions are meeting with Chinese automaker Geely and want to know where its getting the money to finance the deal to buy Volvo. Hyundai may build a third North American plant in Mexico. Could electric superchargers be the wave of the...

6 years ago    1,176 views    Autoline
Infiniti Essence Concept - Autoline Daily 92
Toyota Financial Services approached the Japanese government asking for a loan of about $2 billion. Geely is likely to put in a bid next week to buy Volvo from Ford. Opel and Infiniti unveils and other news from the Geneva Motor Show. All t...

7 years ago    172 views    Autoline
Consumer Reports Says . . . - Autoline Daily 259
Ford says it will likely end up selling Volvo to Chinese automaker Geely. Consumer Reports released its annual reliability report and praises Ford’s ratings. General Motors comes up with technology to convert exhaust heat into electricity. ...

6 years ago    18 views    Autoline
ExxonMobil Biofuel - Autoline Daily 185
The Tata Nano passed European side- and frontal-impact crash tests. Chinese automaker Geely is the lead contender to buy Volvo from Ford. Nissan develops a new fuel-injection system. All that and more, plus John answers viewer questions abo...

6 years ago    159 views    Autoline