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First Look: 2014 Acura MDX - Episode 1148
NHTSA wants Chrysler to recall 2.7 million Jeeps, but the company says the agency's conclusion is based on incomplete analysis. Porsche pulls the wraps off a special 50th Anniversary Edition 911. Garmin is starting to focus on getting its s...

3 years ago    2,873 views    Autoline
Ram #1 in Diesel Pickup Take Rate - Episode 1168
Ford, Chevrolet and Ram all sell diesels in their heavy-duty pickups, but who does the best job of selling them? Garmin introduces a portable Heads-up-Display for your car. At the Goodwood Festival of Speed this Friday, Jaguar will debut it...

2 years ago    1,903 views    Autoline
Is Porsche Losing its Way? - Autoline Daily 1264
- Best of Both Worlds- Garmin's 3D Nav System- Autoline This Week Preview- Lux-SUV and Car Buyers like AFVs- Is Porsche Losing Its Way?Get more video everyday at

2 years ago    1,430 views    Autoline
Garmin Ecoroute HD OBDII reader & diagnostics tool
Garmin Ecoroute HD is a wireless OBDII-dongle that I have connected to my car's OBDII-diagnostics port. It connects to my garmin NĂ¼vi 1390T via bluetooth and then I get a lot of engine data directly into my GPS. Air mass flow, coolant temp,...

4 years ago    1,145 views    Racetwin2
How to Adapt / Mount A Car GPS to a Motorcycle 100
Here's how I used my existing Garmin car GPS for a quick, cheap, temporary, & occasional solution. You'll lose a mirror, can't hear audible commands, and it requires running off batteries, so it's not for eveyrone. A motorcycle GPS would be...

6 years ago    459 views    Spencerian
350z topspeed run 180+mph or 300km almost
350z topspeed run 180+mph or 300km almost street run verified by my gps garmin at 182mph or 294km. plz check my album to see pic of topspeed run 350z 6-speed manual with stock final drive 3.5 and uprev rpm to 7200 redline from 6500 350z twi...

5 years ago    319 views    350z900whp
nuvifone scenario
This is a quick video showing you just how cool the new Garmin Nuviphone is. Is this going to trump the iPhone? It seems possible.....

8 years ago    84 views    CarDomain
Garmin Super Bowl Spot
This spot had the best soundtrack of any of this year's Super Bowl spots. Good luck getting it out of your head.

8 years ago    467 views    CarDomain
nuvifone intro
this is a quick presentation introducing the new Garmin Nuviphone.

8 years ago    91 views    CarDomain