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Garage Professor Oil Filter
The Garage Professor talks about using premium oil filters.

2 years ago    2,117 views    RoyalPurple
Viscosity and You
The Garage Professor hits the streets to ask questions about viscosity and gives the breakdown about what it is.

3 years ago    1,774 views    RoyalPurple
Garage Professor Oil Change Interval
The Garage Professor takes to the streets to find out what you know about oil change intervals, and sets the record straight.

3 years ago    1,397 views    RoyalPurple
Garage Professor Fuel System Cleaner
Check out the Garage Professor talks about Royal Purple's new Total Fuel System Cleaner Max-Clean. Available this winter!

3 years ago    1,333 views    RoyalPurple
Royal Purple Max-Clean
The Garage Professor checks out Royal Purpleā€™s New Max-Clean is a state-of-the-art high performance synthetic fuel system cleaner that maximizes the performance of your fuel system. Max-Clean restores fuel economy and deeply penetrates and ...

3 years ago    261,523 views    RoyalPurple
The Garage Professor - Cooling Additives
The Garage Professor tackles the topic of your vehicle's cooling system and cooling additives in this latest installment.

3 years ago    736 views    RoyalPurple