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Fast and Furious 5?
If we were making the next one, it'd feature Paul Walker doing all the driving himself. Turns out, he really can drive. Here's Paul and a few friends, sliding, spinning and smoking tires at Willow Springs. Matt Farah from G419 joins us in...

5 years ago    465,613 views    bikinidrivingschool
fast furious 3
fast furious 3

8 years ago    468,352 views    guest
Porsche GT3 vs CBR1000RR vs R1 - INSANE VIDEO!!! car shirts! Click the link above or below in this description! My favorite is the Porsche One. I like to wear it while I'm tearing up the roads like this.Porsche 911 996 GT3 vs HONDA CBR1000RR vs YAMAHA R1na...

5 years ago    437,567 views    KingCoin22
Spy Footage of the new Fast And Furious Tokyo
Spy Footage of the new Fast And Furious Tokyo uploaded by SideWayStarion

8 years ago    312,527 views    sidewaysstarion
Fast and the Furious animated in miniature
Fast and the Furious animated in miniature

7 years ago    288,682 views    Brian428
Fast and Furious 4
Fast and FuriousVin Diesel and Paul Walker reteam for the ultimate chapter of the franchise built on speed -- Fast and Furious. Heading back to the streets where it all began, they rejoin Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster to blast mus...

6 years ago    192,412 views    TheBoz
The Fast and the Furious 4 filming
Spy video taken at the Fast and the Furious shoot. Check it out!

6 years ago    164,794 views    CarDomain
The Fast & The Furious Supra won't start after a s
The Fast & The Furious Supra won't start after a show...

8 years ago    142,778 views    guest
Clip from Fast and Furious 4
A friend told me he took this from the set of the new Fast and Furius 4 set. Not sure if it is true, but it is a great wheelie.

6 years ago    128,931 views    ReducedSpeedAhead
Pixars' Fast & Furious
Saw this vid yesterday and i watched it about 5 times its funny =)

5 years ago    86,226 views    KingCobra046
Fast Five Trailer 2
The Second trailer from the all new Fast and Furious movie, Fast Five with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker

3 years ago    20,657 views    Daily_Commute
3 fast 3 furious
3 fast 3 furious

9 years ago    102,209 views    dilvindergrewal
Fast and Furious 4 Trailer
June 9 2009

6 years ago    76,263 views    Chevyblue
fast and furious 4 street race scene
4 hot cars peeling off the line. Chevelle (vin diesel's car) has some kind of ballast weight in the rear to make it do a giant wheelie

6 years ago    68,802 views    CarDomain
Here's a funny cut-up of the Fast And The furious.
Here's a funny cut-up of the Fast And The furious.It's called The Fast and the Curious.

7 years ago    59,439 views    fatman2k4
cars IMPORT STREET RACING MOVIE The Last Race - Like FAST and FURIOUS More street racing CIVIC INTEGRA

6 years ago    45,547 views    speedboy
Back To The Future vs. 2 Fast 2 Furious
pure awesome

4 years ago    26,195 views    GTRfanboy
Fast and Furious 5 Trailer
Fast and Furious 5 Trailer with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and lots of behind the scenes footage from the new Fast 5 movie.

3 years ago    13,819 views    Daily_Commute
Falken Tire 2009 Calvin Wan S15 Testing
http://www.falkentire.comWhen first describing Calvin Wan, a principal word could be multitasker. Calvin has already had a long and varied career in motorsports, starting in 1996, and running in such diverse series including drag racing, au...

5 years ago    44,805 views    FalkenTire
2 fast 2 furious!!!!!!!!!!!
2 fast 2 furious!!!!!!!!!!!

8 years ago    49,597 views    114504
2 fast 2 furious event in Qc City
2 fast 2 furious event in Qc City

8 years ago    41,462 views    QuebecStreetRacing
VW Bug-powered R34 Skyline
This was used as a stunt car from the Fast and the Furious. The sheet metal is covering a tube chassis and a rear-mounted VW Bug engine. Wild stuff.

4 years ago    43,110 views    JohnnyMayday
Fast & Furious Drift driver Samuel Hubinette & the
Incredible exclusive footage on the car of Sam Hubinette- stunt driver for Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift. Catch unique on-car angles as Sam hits double 360's in his Mopar modified Viper.

6 years ago    33,621 views    StreetFire
The Fast and The Furious eclipse at the strip
The Fast and The Furious eclipse at the strip

8 years ago    36,289 views    RPR
trailer for fast and furious tokyo drift
trailer for fast and furious tokyo drift

8 years ago    43,269 views    348180
2 Fast 2 furious 1st Race
2 Fast 2 furious 1st Race

6 years ago    15,936 views    bikercc
Fast and Furious Supra vs Charger (HQ)
900hp vs. 544 hp + nos

6 years ago    20,838 views    emrEvo8
FIRST Nissan GT-R on US streets: in-car & in FnF4!
We had the chance to capture video of one of the first running GT-Rs in the country courteous of jspecconnect dot com. Brought to you by speedandmotion dot com...the only source for HD videos/Hi-Rez pics of the hottest cars, including the n...

6 years ago    35,399 views    speedandmotion
2 slow 2 Furious
2 slow 2 Furious

8 years ago    24,926 views    suprafreak1000